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That guy in the 2nd pic isn't Nacho is it?

I think the girl and guy one is great =]
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yeah them politicians in Australia... damn them!!

First page

agreed for sure. =]
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You amuse me.

That is, sadly, the conclusion of many people. I was just pondering, really. If something were to exist outside this universe, be it god, the flying spaghetti monster or a unicorn, we would ever know about it. It's just funny to think about.

EDIT: God can't exist only outside of our universe. That would be contradictory if he was infinite and/or omnipresent.

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We can't. Therefore god is real and evolution is a hoax, as is all science, it;s just there so people can pretend to be smart and make loads of money for doing nothing.


Umm no. Not necessarily. No-one can prove whether things DO or DO NOT exist so you can't automatically assume that your correct because you feel as though your opinion is higher than everyone else's. Think about it.
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name calling does not make your right...

Yeppp You have a point. Name calling won't help prove anything, apart from the fact that you have a short temper
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I'm ready to do it with my bf (we're both virgins), but i'm paranoid about the condom breaking, or it hurting a lot and lots of blood from the hymen. Also how do we build up to actually doing it? Also what do we do if the hymen does bleed a lot?

Hey I remember when i was a virgin i went through the same fear. Bleeding only happens AFTER sex unless he is really rough. So make sure you tell him gentle.

Bleeding isnt huge... only a few drops if it even happens.

Condom breaking is a common fear. Check the use-by date and use lubricant. Make sure its on properly and the right size and you should be fine =] If it does break, there is always the mornimg after pill

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So do any girls actually notice the effect of ribbed condoms?

Yes!! Of course we do. They're great

Haha. Aww thats sweet your discribing it all... in such 'nice' terms :P

Its true with the first time sex tho.

Be gentle boys! It does hurt :x
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