mendace Could you please remove the acoustic tag on this request?
Great song! The tab that's there is close, but a little off because the chord timings are not precise and some of the voicings could be better.
I can't get the chord names to go right over the fingerings here in the forum, but try this:

Dm  C/E  Bb/F

   Bb  C   Dm


   G   Gm   Dm  Am/E
maguri Wizardshred It's in The Author's Community forum.  Users who don't have a published tab don't have access to it.
Sweet satisfaction O Lord please be mine
I wandered this world so long
Misunderstanding will plague my unrest
As long as life has breath

So hold me up don't hold me down, take my life
Take my life and sing me the song of a sad sad year
Leave my mind at peace
Lay my mind to rest

Sweet emotions run to my side
I've stumbled through life without you
O'er the oceans, o'er the hills
I will run to you

Hold me up don't hold me down
Take my life for what it's worth
Take my life and sing me the song of a sad sad year
Leave my mind at peace
Lay my mind to rest

When I'm you'll be my guide
Through the toils and snares laid before us 
When I'm gone you guide me home
I will run to you anytime I start to wander aimless
Anytime I start to wander aimless

Hold me up don't hold me down
Take my life for what it's worth
Take my life and sing me the song of a sad sad year
Leave my mind at peace
Lay my mind to rest
Joreggy528 It would depend on the song, but it could indicate one of two things.  

Most likely you would strum the chord with the missed string muted. So even though your pick hits the three strings only the notes of the two shown are heard. The same as if it were alternately written like this:

Or it could be that you are meant to use a pick on the 5th string and your finger to pluck the 3rd string, a technique called hybrid picking.
xbouncer927 Maybe some kind of time stretching effect.  Audacity has a thing call PaulStretch that is interesting.  Here is a short sample of what it does.  I strummed the chord a few times and stretched that to 15  - 

Or possibly the Spectral DroneMaker or Spectral Weave effects here - 

Not sure if you want that kind of thing because it doesn't have the same pure sound as an endless strum, but I don't know of anything closer. (Not that I'm an expert)
              1   2  3    4   5   6   7
C minor:  C, D, Eb, F, G, Ab, Bb 

             1   2  3    4    5   6    7
F minor:  F, G, Ab, Bb, C, Db, Eb
                         1   2  3    4    5   #6  7                     1   2  3    4   5   6   7
F minor with #6:  F, G, Ab, Bb, C, D,  Eb  =  C minor: C, D, Eb, F, G, Ab, Bb 

F minor instead of C minor for all intents and purposes because if you were rarely playing the D note then you were rarely doing anything with C minor.
mdelpaz3 Something like you have posted would just be played by muting the string in between like if there was an x.

On the other hand something like this would be played by plucking the indicated notes (with fingers or fingers + pick)

shawwei76 There are some other Soundgarden songs that use an EEBBBB tuning. So you could play them a half step up or tune to that and put a capo on the first fret for "Seasons". The ones I know about are: Somewhere, My Wave, The day I Tried To Live, Been Away Too Long, Worse Dreams. Plus it looks like he's playing Seasons in this video tuned EEBBBB -
Hammer-ons plus volume swells. 

He's hammering the strings with the volume off and turning the volume knob up to make the note come in.
bootcutboy Here is what I have come up with for this




| /// Tremolo Pick
| / Slide Up
| \ Slide Down

AnrBjotk It makes it harder to play, but you can keep it in standard tuning and put the capo on the 2nd fret instead of the 4th.




Oops it actually is in a different tuning. Drop D with the b string tuned down to A.




AnrBjotk It's in Drop D, but otherwise regular tuning.  I can do this tomorrow (~12 hours from now) if you don't get it or somebody else doesn't post  it.
mreis3010 It is.  At the bottom right after the "suggest correction" it says  "Give kudos to tab author, rate the tab!" and you can rate it from there.
Folkling_  I can't, sorry.  I'm not strong in that area.
UGMKZ, h0spid Strange, this must have also happened to me a few days ago for a Tyler Hilton tab.  I got an e-mail and a notification that I had been asked to a Tyler Hilton tab and I really had no idea why.  I didn't recognize the user who asked and I'd never heard of Tyler Hilton so I was just confused as to...why me.
I was just playing it in a simplified way, strumming once per chord along with the words.
I do think I hear the low note in there. Maybe A#º7/F# (212020), but I'm not sure.
I'm not 100% convinced with this, but I took a pass at it. I was thinking that this might by half step down, but I just went with the capo one like you did. A lot of the time I found it to work better higher up the neck though to get some higher notes in there.

Where you have Em's, I didn't really hear that. If anything I'd guess it was the low E string, but still pretty much just the A7 chord.
For me, I felt that most of the G's worked better as what I called A7*. (x02023)
The E7 on "Once you were gold" sounds much better played as 0799910.
Hope it helps some.

The sky's as deep as it can be
Bend down the branches

Close your eyes and you will see
Bend down the branches

You're like a willow
Once you were gold
We're made for bending
Even beauty gets old

Climb the stairs they're not so steep
Bend down the branches
Close your eyes and go to sleep
Bend down the branches
Quote by h0spid
That_Ship, what tabs do you want to submit?

Right now the ones I had done are:

Pat the Bunny Schneeweis - Teenage Anarchist
Swans - Little Mouth
Tilt - Berkley Pier
Jennifer Rostock - Der Gartner
Jennifer Rostock - Schlag Alarm
Jennifer Rostock - Zwischen Laken und Lugen
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stargazer1701, no, only requests from 2017 are visible at the moment. The thought behind that is that it's better to have 200 requests that actually have a chance of being completed than having 5,500 that no one will look at

I was working on a handful of old ones. What' s best for that? Just submit them and forget about the request aspect or wait for something to change again?
You don't need to suggest a correction to yourself, you can edit your own tab from your "My Contributions" page if you need to correct something.
Here are the lyrics:

If you want to meet me come on down

If you want to see me on the town

I will bring some of my mistakes

And you will bring a smile right to my face

How am I going to find you in the crowd?

You going to wear an outfit that's so damn loud

You could put the peacocks all to shame

I'll try to find a shirt that's got no stains

You go window shopping down the lane

Me, I'm always singing in the rain

Someone threw a kiss off the balcony

Someone else is bended on one knee

Why don't we go drink up all these lights

There's no place that I'd rather be tonight

There's an angel appearing in a small cafe

You make me feel like I might float away

Oohh Oohh Yeah

Oohh Oohh Yeah

Oohh Yeah
UG Support
Yes, it worked now. Thanks for getting it straightened out.
UG Support
It still doesn't work for me. I tried to reject this one -
I wrote "Spam" in the field which is what the other reject voter wrote.

I have Windows 7 and Firefox 47.0.1

I see from my earlier examples my vote is now there on the Amanda Seyfried song and it isn't/wasn't there on the John Cougar Mellencamp song.

EDIT:: I just tried it with Chrome and it worked with the example I just posted -
UG Support
The one I voted to approve and it included my previous rejection comment isn't there now, but it was the The Good, the Bad and The Ugly theme.

The one's that I could find and/or remember that I wanted to vote to reject were:

John Cougar Mellencamp - Small Town -
because "Hayseed" is the correct word.

Amanda Seyfried - Little House -
because the song doesn't end on G the way the correction wants it.
In the new correction voting queue from "My Contributions" it is letting me approve corrections but not letting me reject them.

Also after I tried unsuccessfully to reject one I voted to approve a different one and it worked, but it also printed my rejection comment, so it looks confusing now.
Hello, I tried this for you.

I actually saw your first post in the New Members thread and gave the song a try but I couldn't get it to sound right so I left it for maybe somebody else to do. Since you asked again I took another look at it and what I came up with is basically power chords with a flat five rather than regular power chords for much of the song. That's what sounded the best to me and you can see if you like it that way or with just regular power chords.

Unfortunately I didn't know there were different versions so I made my tab from this version -

And then just right now I found out that the Landshark / Where The Wild Things Are Version is not the exact same. It sounds similar so this tab might be close enough to show you the song.

Anyway, I put it as an attachment text file.

I hope it helps.
Maybe something like the Boss eBand. Not sure how much you are looking to spend. The JS-10 is kind of expensive. You might be able to find an older JS-8 still.

There seem to be a number of others that you can plug a CD or MP3 player into, but it didn't sound like that was really what you were looking for.
I noticed this yesterday in the approved list. It stuck out to me as I am a fan of the rock band Belly.

This song -

is by a different artist named Belly but who is not currently in the system.
Something that I always thought would be helpful.

When you rate a tab it would be very convenient if that rating was saved in a way you could quickly see for later times you may visit it on the site. For example if the stars you chose were colored blue after you rate the tab like on IMDB after you rate a movie or YouTube after you like a video.

Especially now that it looks like if you rate a song that has fewer than five votes then it goes back to zero. So if it could still show you that you rated it even though it shows zero on the search results it would be a nice feature.
Quote by thewrongsondi
I can't be the only person who's cut up tabs to have all these parts in one playthrough.?

I have done that before.
You may be best off taking any exercise you know and adapting it to be about lightening your touch. I never really played with a heavy hand before, but in trying to further refine my technique I had some success with just a simple four fret in a row chromatic exercise.

The main part was for me to specifically concentrate and go very slowly using just enough pressure to get the note to sound clearly. It really doesn't take much.

I think that no matter what you play with scales or chords, if you specifically target lightening how you play that will do it. Like you say it's about reprogramming your muscle memory, so you have to be slow and precise for a while before you can do it naturally.
Sorry, it is Starting Again by Lisa Prank.

Edit - This is my edit page, but judging by the address it looks like it might go to the approval queue for others so I will post it as well -
Half an hour ago I tried to submit a tab. It shows up in "My Contributions" as pending but it is not in the Approval Queue. If I click on it from my contributions it says the page is not found. If I click on Edit it goes to the page of it but saving it doesn't send it to the approval queue.

This is the link to it that is broken (not sure that is helpful or not) -
I was the first person to vote to reject your tab. I am sorry because it does look like you worked hard on it. I don't like voting to reject anybody who tries to make a serious tab, but sometimes there isn't a place for them. (In my opinion, based on the circumstances not on the content of your tab)

The reasons I voted to reject it were the fact that there are 8 versions. Some of those versions are highly rated. 5 star 33 votes is a lot. Even 5 star 8 votes is a lot and there are two of those so there are 3 five star tabs of this song. And 5 others. The rules used to state that you should not submit songs that have 5+ versions unless you can prove they are all wrong. (Can't find that wording in the rules anymore)

Second, I felt that your tab was very similar in content to the first tab, similar enough that accepting your tab was not a good choice.

I see that you have appealed your tab. My part in the process is done, I can only vote once in either direction unless you get rejected again and resubmit. (Full disclosure: as far as I personally am concerned I wouldn't reject you again but neither would I approve)

There are still other basic formatting issues with your tab that would have gotten it rejected even if there were zero other versions. Here is a link to the rules outline.

For one thing instead of putting "now just repeat chords!" you need to put the chords over all the lyrics. That is the formatting standard.

You aren't supposed to have other characters with your chords like . and * If you edit your tab by hand so that your edit page looks like this [ch]G[/ch]. and [ch]Em7[/ch]* you *might* get to keep them, but some moderators may not allow even this. When you check "preview" the chord names should turn blue.

In your case I would leave them out entirely because if people listen to the song they can get that information with their ears, but I can see why you put them and I appreciate you trying to illustrate the song in detail.

As per the rules you will also be asked to label all the sections. You did label the intro but also put a label for the verses and the choruses.

If you fix these issues you will have a better chance of getting your tab approved, but I'm not sure how good of a chance. (Due to the 8 other versions)

I realize that it's frustrating and disappointing to get tabs rejected, so I'm sorry for that.

Quote by MyaShalom123
I think if a tab has too many one or two stars, they should be pulled. It would make room for new ones !!!

I agree, but that is not something that happens at this time as far as I know. By the way this is not the case for this tab. One 3 star and 2 no votes.
No answers yet, so I'll try and help. I may not be the best at trying to explain it.

The bottom line is that what your teacher gave you is right and they are really the same.

What you got from the internet shows all the notes in the scale up to the 13th fret.

What your teacher gave you are seven finger patterns taken from the big picture, each starting on a note of the scale.
G A B C D E F#

When you say there are extra notes...for example the picture your teacher drew for the 6th position at the 12th fret doesn't include the D on the 6th string at the 10th fret. It's because the 6th finger position is built off the sixth note in the scale so it is using the E at the 12th fret as it's root note for that position. It still has the D at the 12th fret on the 4th string.

There are other possible patterns to use to play the G major scale, but the ones your teacher gave you are common ones and a fine place to get started.