Get a good setup. Then if you have problems, blame it on the guitar shop.
I'm going to have to say Austinator. Or Zor, maybe vor. It was pretty sweet.
They use photoshop because they wouldn't want to spend the extra money on a professional photography service. Just one more way they can cut their costs and somehow charge more for their guitars.
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So is it good quality or is it an entry level type thing

Any Jackson Professional is amazing. Don't listen to these asshats they don't know shit. Please let me know if you don't purchase though.
just wait for something on cl to pop up. It will happen, just wait.
If you don't contact that guy right now I will.
still available
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OK, so I want until the end of August to get enough money for a custom guitar.

Now, some guy said me that he could built a guitar for that price because he doesnt seek profit in building but it's a hobby.

No, is it possible to build a guitar for 1K?


Mahogany body

Mahogany set neck

Ebony 24 fret fretboard

Jumbo frets

Pickups...still looking...Dimarzio or SD, HS setup

Wilkinson tremolo(not recessed)

PRS Santana body style, arched

Vol/Tone(with coil split)/3 way

For yourself you could build that for way under a grand. Given you have all the tools. Personally I'd sell a guitar like that for around $800-$900. That's a lowball offer though.
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whats your price? im very interested

I'm taking offers. I say look on Ebay for what they are going for and knock a couple bucks off. Yes it has a nut slot on it. Email me at for more pics. Thanks.
Sorry for the double post but those scuff marks are completely gone. I wiped them off with a cloth.
A little late with pics

E-mail me or PM me for more pics.
Sorry not to spam but if anyone is just starting, I'm willing to sell them a mahogany neck blank for really cheap. If anyone is interested PM me, I'm not likely to check back here.
Good condition. It's from an RG320. A few scuff marks on the side of the fretboard but nothing that you can actually feel. Will ship internationally on buyers expense. Will get pics tonight. Name your price that you think is fair. Won't turn down reasonable offers. Looking to trade for truss rods and fretboards (preferably maple). Thanks.
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no, i dont.

Ah thank you for making this. Hopefully people can "catch on" and the useless "is mahogany or particle board better?" threads will come to an end. Also, LP, do you have an account on project guitar and what is your username? It be easier to follow your builds there than here.
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where did you do the mock-up, i remember doing that like on a japanese website but i forgot the website; and $20 worth of wood? nice.
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couldn't you just take the lock off the nut and just have the strings sitting in the grooves?

Yeah but I think that's ugly.
Yep, so the plan is to build another body for my RG because the current one has various chips and dents. So I went to the infamous local Curtis Lumber and pickup up $20's worth of Paduak. I think it's gorgeous but why wouldn't I when I just spent $20 on it?

So I'm debating to either keep the crappy low TRS trem on and upgrade later or make it a string thru and deal with the locking nut. I think whether I buy a drill press or not will decide for me. Here's the wood.

And here's the mock-up.
[quote="'[VictorinoX"]']If you can't tell by simply looking at them or playing either, you don't deserve to play guitar That was extremely ignorant. Anyways, everyone else covered it prefectly.
still lookin
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Is it possible to get a quality Jackson fot $450 usd?

Yes. Look into 90's professional models. MIJ and awesome guitars.
Trans green> white> anything else. The trans green will look so nice though.
$700 is a bit high. The guitar is $750 new and cases don't add that much value. If you want to get $700 out of it, you mines well just keep it. But if you need to sell, you may want to lower your price.
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Am I the only one who thinks this is wierd?
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Yeah, and ESPs Indonesia/Korea factory is really pumping out the golden gods tehse days

Jacksons own you, admit it.

Alright that's going a little far. It's all opinion, can we all agree on that?
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Oh do tell why my posts are filled with bullshit?

I edited it.
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He spoke his opinion, nothing more. I advise that you shut up.
There's absolutely nothing wrong with criticisizing Jackson. I, for one, think they don't make particuarly good guitars anymore. The one Jackson I've owned is terrible in fact, the trem has worn out far too quickly, the neck is horribly thick and it has become unplayable because the trem system is so awful.

No, actually he came in the thread, with zero contribution, going off with some snotty remarks. If he had stated his opinion against Jackson in a manor of which he didn't make himself look like an asshole, I would be fine. Instead every post of his (including yours) is filled with nothing but bullshit.
Edit: No I'm wrong, your post has contribution where you stated a fair reason on why you don't like Jackson. That I am fine with.
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Wow, black. Real creative.

No one asked you to come in here just to talk trash, if I came and talked trash about Ibanez or Schecter, you'd start PMSin' all over my ass. Get the fuck out.

TS that is a good idea for the KV and KE. I would love to see a KE5, especially hard tail. I'd like to see a lot more maple fingerboards and different pickup configurations. Maybe an HS deal?
For the price you can always switch the pickup if you don't like it. I'd buy it though.
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think it may be the best option, im getting close to smashing it already

Well you're going to smash it send it to me first, I'll give you a couple hundred for it
Hey look an 09'er!! Welcome!! I've played the one with EMGs and it was alright. I'd recommend to try it first though.
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When i lock the nut on my RG, my strings haven't gone sharp that i can remember. At least, not enough for my 20$ tuner to notice.

Besides, didn't the original Floyd Roses (not OFRs, i meen like...the first few Floyd Roses made) not have fine tuners? I remember reading something like that in an interview in Guitar World once.

Yeah I'm pretty sure they didn't. But why do you think they were added? O_o
Take it to a shop bud and have them fix it. Ask them if they can walk you through steps to fixing it so you can do it yourself next time.