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I used to post a lot of my dreams in that lucid dreaming thread.

Most of the time I think what is happening is real, until I reach lucidity or simply wake up or have a strong sleep paralysis that scares me out of the dream lol. Usually wet dreams are the most realistic.

I'm so glad you enjoyed my thread

I just signed in for the first time in a long time the other day and found out I was the mayor of it. Pretty cool to see.

My dreams always seem real, but never seem to take place in anything close to reality, physics and stuff work differently. Had a couple false awakenings, but besides that the closest I've got to anything 'real' is being in a video game in one of my dreams. First person style, it was really fun.
Yo, what's up folks, it's been a while since I popped in here, cool to see it's still going strong and providing advice for the more adventurous folks out there. I've cut down my smoking dramatically, as when I get too out of it I experience some nasty anxiety, has anyone else had this and know ways to combat it? I love smoking and everyone I talk to says it helps with their anxiety but I'll often pass so that I can hang out and actually have a conversation. Not a bad thing, I suppose.

Been trying to find some mushies so a friend of mine can try them for the first time, but they seem to have disappeared in the spot I'm at. Shit sucks.
Cool to see this thread still going here and there, I haven't signed in for quite some time. I've kind of accidentally stumbled across the effectiveness of Wake Back to Bed's lately, I recently moved to a new place (without roommates, woo!) and I'll wake up at 6:00 before work, have a cup of coffee and nap on the couch until 7:00. I've noticed I have incredibly interesting, vivid, and memorable dreams during this period. Next step is to start up my dream journal again and see how my recall is affected.
My first job was beekeeping, that was a fucking cool job. Got stung on a daily basis (my first summer in I calculated an average of 7 stings per day) but it was nice to be outside every day driving around the countryside.

Since that I've done construction and renovation for six-ish months, then moved on to warehousing. Worked at the Brick distribution center for a year and a half, then at an expediting company on the airport grounds that took way too much red tape, and just recently found a warehousing/fabrication job doing pipe insulation. Great pay, and I never thought I would find a company that treats their employees this well. Loving work these days.
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Same as this dude, plus beer and bills. Gonna set some of it aside in the coming weeks for a thinkgeek order. Thinkgeek (merch website) has some of the coolest knicknacks I've ever seen.
The best thing about Fridays is looking at the clock and realizing you had no idea what time it was. During the week I watch the clock like a hawk for work the next day, but today....

That doesn't matter.
I'm so glad others have heard about the Kraken. It's pretty expensive as far as rum goes, here in Alberta it's usually just under $40 for 750mL. Tastes great for a dark rum, good for shots but better mixed with a stronger taste like Dr. Pepper as opposed to Coke/Pepsi. Has a unique drunk like Jagermeister too, it'll give you a good buzz and then send you straight to Smashville.
Drunk, pissed off, and inspired. You guys know what I mean.

In other news, got to smoke weed after a break in case I got tested with a new job. Turns out I didn't get tested, but I didn't get nearly as high as I thought I would after a 21 day break, feels like I didn't even quit smoking. Could be shit weed, but most likely I've just gotten used to the mindset.

Got some LSD on the way, high price at 16 a hit, but it's incredibly tough to find in this place so I won't complain. If anyone is in Edmonton and has connects give me a PM, we'll meet up for a coffee.
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alcohol 1
me 0

Last weekend I managed to piss off somebody I'd just met and come home with one shoe of mine, and one that belonged to somebody else.

I didn't even intend to get drunk that night.
I lost myself on acid last night. Then I found myself. I was in my bed, right where I left me.
Hey guys. I just tried acid for the first time tonight. Still kinda tripping. It was fun as all hell
In my past experience having that one or two a few days in is a pretty terrible idea. It's always ended up in me going back to half a pack or more within the next couple days of doing it.
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True, but she's exhibiting classic manipulative behavior designed almost wholly to destroy poor irondevil's sanity.

Most teenage girls are way more subtle about that shit


irondevil, gtfo and stay out
Or she could be a teenager. Tough to tell the difference sometimes
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If she tries to come back to you, make her meet you in a place like 4 hours away but don't show up.

She's 16, just let her parents deal with her until she grows up and realizes what's going on.
Come chat everybody

edit: Jay, I see you're online. That means you too
If he's still sleeping you should totally call an ambulance, cause that's a coma. If he woke up tell us what he thought of the carrot.
Quitting smoking. If at first you don't succeed, try, and try again. Doesn't matter if you go back to it a hundred times, eventually you'll get there.

IMO, the only reason it's so difficult to quit is because tobacco is so readily available, and people are always smoking in public places. If you can limit your time spent around smokers, or ask those you know personally to light up away from you, it becomes that much easier. Just try not to quit with the mindset of "this is gonna suck, withdrawals are shitty, etc.". Toughen up and realize that no matter how uncomfortable a craving can be, it's over within minutes. Nicotine withdrawal is intense for short periods of time, but if you keep yourself busy and focused, the majority of it is a breeze.

edit: @ Saints - Lucky Strikes are my favorite smoke ever. So sad you can't buy them in Canada

Go, Oyface, and become a menace to society and a taxi to all your friends.
24+ hours without a cigarette and I haven't even had a craving yet. What the fuck's going on, is life playing a joke on me or something?
So my friend is trying mdma next weekend and want's to know what the DT'ers think is a good first time dose.
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We can always incorporate it as a part of Edmonton.

So it'll stay above the water level when it rains again, amirite?
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If you're bored enough to lurk you're bored enough to post.

You made me do this.
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Thank you, but is it commercially available? Also, for the 12 hour drive down, I have to take Dramamine for my motion sickness and since I want to sleep through the whole thing, I plan on taking Zzzquil as well. While dramamine is half antihistamine/half stimulant and Zzzquil is all antihistamine, will that combination knock me out and prevent me from barfing for the whole trip or will I start hallucinating?

Well diphenydramine hydrochloride is the active ingredient in both of those, and being characterized by effects of extreme sleepiness and hallucinations at large doses, it could bring either one, depending on what scale you consume them on. It will definitely knock you out if you let it, but if you struggle to stay awake you will hallucinate. Have a little bit of both for a total of 100mg or so of DPH and just start napping.
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chaos bro

Burg, bro guess what? Weed is a good thing, cause I was gonna drive drunk to McDonald's to get a couple McChicken's, cause I was hungry after smoking a bit of weed, but then I was like maybe I shouldn't drive, so I toked up again and then I was like I'm way too high to drive now, so I ended up here telling you this story.

And now I'm droned.
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Bro Miss talking to you, man. Hope everything's going well!

I didn't end up dexing cuz I got hammered.

That's my plan for the night as well lol. What are you up to these days?
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Well, yeah. It's not great when compared to hydro/oxy, but it's better than nothing.

I'm thinking about dexing tonight. I'll try and score some booze first, but if that doesn't happen I'll probably dose. It's been so long since I've done it. I'm not sure yet if I wanna go for 300 or 600.

Been damn near a year since I dexed last. Have fun with it

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Never, I live in Canada :P

Obviously not in Edmonton then

Once or twice a week is about average for me.
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Dat avatar...

I know, right?
Spray bottle. Cats hate that shit and it is the one and only way to train them.
He's not angry anymore! Somebody make another thread!
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why is this made into a thread every ****ing week?

For the sole purpose of pissing you off.
Here's what my schedule has been looking like lately.

5:15 am - 7:15 am: Coffee
5:00 pm - 10:00 pm: Marijuana
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Good man, life is good, how's it been?

Awesome, new job, new place, new weed. Just busy trying to save up for another trip to BC this summer.

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chaos you sexy beast

legit thought you died or something gogo

C'mon man, I'm not that easy to get rid of. I'll still scumhunt the shit out of you. Could be you'll see me roaming the streets of Failsville sometime soon.
Almost couldn't remember my password it's been so long since I've been here. How's everybody doing?
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Anyone have any advice for not waking up prematurely once becoming lucid???

I've tried spinning in circles once lucid, but I've really found it to be counter-productive. The first time I tried spinnig it discombobulated me & altered my perception so much that once I stopped spinning I forgot that I was dreaming and was no longer lucid.
Then last night I tried spinning once lucid and had one of the worse dreams. Once I started spinning I could not stop. I spent the rest of my dream (which felt like forever) spinning into walls and falling over, trying desperately to stop spinning but couldn't. It literally felt like a bad trip where you just want it to stop but it doesn't.

So any tips for maintaining lucidity, & not waking up prematurely once lucid, would be appreciated.

As soon as you become lucid, relax and remind yourself you're in a dream. Examine things around you in detail, and get close to something and feel it's surface. I find being close to walls or objects in the dream helps me get past that rocky start, as it narrows my field of vision and I'm not as distracted by everything going on around me. Take a close look at your palms and rub your hands together. Engaging your senses in the dream helps solidify it. Take as long as you need in this stage to really get into the dream, as it will greatly prolong the length of your lucidity.

I've also read that doing a few math equations in your head engages the logical side of your brain and helps with recall, but I can't verify the validity of this, as I haven't noticed a significant improvement with this technique, but it's worth trying out.
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of course you do...

youre a mental zero/retard

Something about the combination of your join date and your attitude tells me you're in for a ban before too long.
And then I was stoned.

And then I was stoned.

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And then I was stoned.

And then I was stoned.

And then I was stoned.

And then I was stoned.

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And then I was stoned.

And then I was stoned.

Ever been there before? I'm there.
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what man i'm being serious i used to get west by proxy but he went uni in chile and now i have to move if i wanna get west yknow what i mean

I have no idea what you mean. Try speaking English. You know, the language with rules for grammar and punctuation.