I have been summoned.

All donuts, bru.

Just a few reasons - I could give you so much more, but in the interest of my time, here you go:

1) The overabundance of taxis here - I think you'd understand if you had to commute here on a daily basis. Wherever you go, you will find them. They will not have any regard for other people on the road, including the passengers in the vehicle.
2) My country's mentality regarding the emergency lane - Without fail, you will find these lanes being used by assholes who don't have the capability to comprehend that this is for people who have broken down, need to stop urgently, paramedics, police officers, etc. If there's traffic, they bunch up in the emergency lane and congest it too. I wonder how they'd feel if their family member needed urgent medical attention and the paramedics weren't able to get there on time.
3) The South African postal service - I don't really think I need to say much here. It's just fokken kak. My dad has said that people might start getting their packages if the workers' wages/salaries need to be posted to them, which made me have a good chuckle.
4) Expensive, sub-par internet - I pay around $65 p/m for a 10Mbps line with <1Mbps upload speed. Third world problem, but highly annoying when there's daylight robbery taking place.
5) Racism - Yeah, no surprises here. You will find this everywhere and it's not just directed from white people to black people.

I fucking hate my country.
Surprisingly in a relationship
The sad thing is that I've never posted here that often.
- Start cooking at least twice a week.
- Start playing guitar again.
- Actually record some music.
- Keep my gym routine more stable.

Not too difficult, I reckon
Are you guys just begging for athlete's anus? xD
I don't know about myself, but I bought my friend this dope Darth Vader mug.

Hal-Sephira Go watch some porn or something and catch a wake up call.
Been going to gym, finding some new music, playing some games, doodling, photoshopping, spent some time with my girlfriend and helped her make a marshmallow tart

When you let your significant other play with your hair :P
I am a senior associate at an auditing firm.

Edit: Fast shoop, it's a bit rough xD
Fat Lard I just changed the file extension to .png whilst saving and it came out perfectly fine.
I'll be sure to update the QR code to the link of the release thread

Willing to do some album art for this again

Technically released in 2016, but only really been getting a lot of exposure right now.

- Melkbosstrand, Western Cape