ok metaldud536, you're a dick, but that was funny as hell
OK, here we go, I've decided to make my old mini-amp into a light seeking robot. I'v done this stuff before, but I need some opinion on better tools I can use. I have a good soldering iron,good solder, and the wires+some parts. All I need is a good set of wire strippers, some that will last a while. My other ones broke in the process of fixing the broken victim amp, which is why its broken.

PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS! If any responses could come im before X-mas that'd be awesome, cuz I dont feel like paying for it.
banned for being not...near...damn, I don't have One. BANNED.

god damn generic ban... *walks away angrily muttering*
banned cuz I have a toothbrush
banned cuz I saw puxsatawney Phil yesterday. (Groundhogs Day)
banned cuz i'm probably late, but I got diagnosed 2 years ago, so I didn't really get the chance to say that.
Quote by Skullbolt
banned cause i have add and i love hitting things thus my problem would be solved

banned cuz i have ADD too, and wouldn't be able to be a drummer. I would mess up all the time just cuz i felt like it
banned for misunderstanding my sig.
double ban cuz it says "just cuz YOU assrape spider monkeys"
banned cuz your right, and eminem suks major spider monkey raping mooses....
double ban for banning him because of his gay generic avatar
triple ban for a double ban
quad ban cuz' I'm awesome.
5-tople ban cuz' i can't think of a new reason due to writers block...

bannd cuz wut?
double ban cuz i spelled Banned wrong .... ha...
banned cuz' Im a n00b and don't know how to see what number banners people are.

(don't make fun of me, I'm new...)
ban cuz i just got back from doing that
Banned for having a computer....

oh goddammit... I banned myself ****.....
banned for being number 25962

Double ban cuz I ran out of Ideas, and had to use a generic ban

triple ban cuz you got double banned.
banned cuz bob could have asked, but Nooooo, he had to go and steal it. haha bob...
Rob Zombie (2)
Lacuna Coil
Bullet for my valentine
banned cuz you rape cattle and molest your cousins...
banned because you have a small pen-

*I said penalty for being banned. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Im tired and giong to bed

****** whoever banns me next.
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Banned cause you can't be a ninja AND zombie spawn!
Banned cuz you wanna bet? You should fear the Ninja zombie spawns...they could kill you and turn you into a zombie in a second, just cuz they're ninjas
banned cuz your a dumbass
banned for fondling yourself while watching Top Gun...

double ban cuz' cupcakes
banned because I got cut off from finishing this pos-

*dammit, they cut me off...
banned cuz I already sed "I'm a nerd" *goes back reads other post* so ha.....wait a second...
oh well. Septople ban cuz' Im tired, and gion to bed

*its like 10:00 here. (PA) *yawns* "F*** you, I'm goin' to bed..."->to the next person who bans me
Quote by shakes23
It's implied that he would ass rape you.

Banned for not posting a ban and banned for being ass raped.
assraped like a spider monkey!! banned for using the term *Interwebs*
banned cuz wyou do now. look behind you...*closes eyes, crosses fingers, hopes for fishtank to magically appear...*
banned cuz' im in a box next to your fishtank...
banned for bein' a ninja

*****.....I banned myself...Oh well
banned for not trippin'
banned for having a trippy avatar
banned cuz thats creepy *mutha fuka
Quote by Trëv
banned becuz u dont know what ture fine cuisine is!!
they taste tangy, and chewy, and sweet, and salty, and ooo-soooo-goood delicious!!!!!!!!!!

I like ninjas, of course, i cant finish a whole one by myself........

Banned cuz' you piss me off. *mutha Fuka
*look at may title

(above)Banned for calling him a n00b
banned for assraping spider monkeys
banned cuz' that sucks
banned because I didn't see that one coming

Banned for not knowing simple algerbra.

banned because I know simple algebra...I am in advanced math...and yes I'm a nerd...

*and I do expect "banned for being a nerd" coming, so don't try and be clever.
banned because

6x+17=7x+4 -> when x equals ___?
un-banned because I sympathize you.
my friend rob dumped his girlfriend *seriously* because he got bored one day.
banned because that sucks, and me too, because I suck at guitar...
banned because my name is Zombie Spawn