1. Save up
2. Buy AxeFX ULTRA
3. ???
4. Profit
Keith Merrow used them for the longest time but recently switched over to Bernie Rico JR. If you haven't heard of Keith Merrow you're missing out.
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remember that when recording what comes out of the amp cab, and what the gets recorded usually sounds pretty different. Use as little as possible (gain and bass especially) maybe boost some mids to add a bit o' clarity.
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just a little teaser of some stuff I've been working on lately, take a listen, comment or not whatever. just listen
You dont even need that ^^ All you need is a DAW on your computer. Just connect the Line Out/Headphones to the input on your sound card and your DAW should pick it up.
Quote by MatrixClaw
You'd still need an interface with the RedBox.

Buy a nice interface and an SM57. You can do what the RedBox does for free by just running a regular instrument cable out of the Effects Send (or Preamp Out) of your amp, to the input of your interface and then running a program called KeFir inside your recording software (which is free) and using impulses (which can be found free as well). You will get similar results.

I've had great success by doing things similar to this. Impulse are the key to quality recordings for cheap.
So you dont want to buy a POD just because of how it looks? You dont necessarily even need to buy THAT pod. I use a Floor Pod Plus and get great sounds out of it. I think new they run about $200. Plus you have the advantage of having both a recording interface AND a live switcher. If your looking to go for the best possible DI "box" look into Fractal Audio's AXE FX, its expensive but 100% worth it.

But if your on a budget, a cheap 2 input interface would be a good thing. You can record your dry guitar signal and re-amp once you have your guitar digital. LePou plugins are great for this. their ENGL amp sims are spot on.
1. Guthrie Govan
2. Misha Mansoor
3. Marc Okubo
Name: Jared Faubert
City/Town: Grand Haven
Preferred Music Style: preferably something heavy, technical, experiment, and not generic
Looking for a Band:Sure
Previous Experience:Was in a pretty straight forward rock band, played a few gigs, band broke up
Additional Information:Heavily influenced by Meshuggah, Periphery, Dillinger Escape Plan and any other bands along those lines. I know theory. I would prefer a band that has already gotten off of its feet. Once I learn something on guitar I don't forget it. Dont have an amp thats gig worthy right now but I have a multi effects board that I get all my tones out of. I am also semi experienced in recording music and if needed I am pretty quick when it comes to programming (drums, samples, synths, strings, piano etc..)
best way to get at me is email.

self recorded/mixed/produced

what do you think?
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just because.
Between the Buried and Me never sucks. ever.

Crate SS amps are good for metal. I've also heard that the Ibanez Toneblaster head is good, and its relatively cheap.
Boosted Mids, Bosted Treble, Cut Bass, High presence. emphasis on quick muting and upstrokes. High compression and a very tight noise gate is essential. all of this equals DJENT DJENT DJENT DJENT DJENT DJENT DJENT!

Edit: also tuning your guitar anywhere from A standard down to F standard helps alot, Bulb uses Drop Ab on a seven string.
Dick Lovgren, Matt Halpern, and Marc Okubo
if the pod doesnt have a "heavy enough" tone then you are probably using it wrong. mess around with different settings and look around the internet and educate yourself about home recording.

Learn how to use compression and cab impulses.
oh you must have bought some new flange-strings. Take them off your guitar and make sure you buy "non-flange" guitar strings.

Problem solved.
12's will probably be fine, as long as you dont leave your guitar in Bb for a long time. Just make sure before you set your guitar down tune it back up to standard.
Power chords are pretty blah, their purpose is to be kinda blah sounding. try different kinds of chords.
The chords you listed only include the Root, 3rd, fifth, and 7th. In order to make the chords sus2 or sus4 you'd have to include the 2nd or 4th.
Thanks for the comment!

the whole song is in straight 4/4, just listen to the cymbal and snare work.

And I agree about cleaning up the recording. We wrote a riff at a time, recorded it, then went on to the next one until it was finish. It only took us about 7 hours to write it all. And we don't have a bass so we just tuned an acoustic electric down to A and ran it through a POD.

new song 'Housing the Dead'

add us as a friend on myspace or something.

Djent djent djdjdjdjdjent

Let us know what you think, just a few clips for now.


some stuff we've been working on with Logic Pro and DKFH.
Let us know what you think! We appreciate all comments and what not.

any tips, criticism, or random bull shaft is much appreciated!

tell us what you think!

Some djenty stuff we made today, tell us what you think.
Every song has the exact same structure. The first riff always sets up the breakdown in the second riff, etc..
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Rational Gaze by Meshuggah
ahh I remember seeing them before there first cd came out... very unique band.
Ace Combat! every single song is just shred after shred after shred.
you can do any tuning with a floyd rose you just have to take the time to adjust the springs to level the bridge of.