cant read any of them
yes its in 4/4
1 2 3 4
triplet e e triplet
He's way better at piano than guitar. IMO it should be Guthrie Govan or Paul Waggoner.
It's not really that hard, just unlock the nut. Tune your guitar to Standard with the low E strings fine tuner almost all the way tightened. Lock the nut then loosen the fine tuner and it should drop to D. NBD
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you wont get it using the fine tuners, you should retune the whole thing.

I disagree it is fairly easy to do so. The only problem is, is that the other strings get a little bit out of tune. Luckily its manageable, just a quick once over and its back to normal.
A Aeolian is the Relative Minor of C Ionian (or Major) in order to turn C Ionian into C Harmonic Minor you'd need to flat the 3rd and the 6th. If you want to turn the A Aeolian (Minor) into a Harmonic Minor you'd need to raise the 7th a half step.
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Pete's Petting Crew

New djenty stuff, kinda rough but whatever. all instruments recorded with a rockband mic and garage band. Criticize away!
Pete's Petting Crew

Check us out tell us what you think. Criticize at will.
learn it in every position possible, learn the shape and figure out the major scale starting from any note.
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Play the blues!

I find that funny considering the blues is boring, mundane, blunt, and repetitious.
Its legit. if you want an invite pm me
You will love a basswood bodied guitar. My Schecter Damien is basswood and it gets a great Djenty sound. Basswood resonates really well at lower tunings.
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periphery, bulb, meshuggah, veil of maya, born of osiris, irepress, animals as leaders, lamb of god, the bled, blotted science, the dillinger escape plan, keith merrow, textures. anything with good rhythms and grooves is good when your baked.
The musicianship in metal is way higher, alt/indie music is way too easy to play. any idiot can play a four chord progression and call it indie.
just adjust the 2 allen thingys on the sides of the fr.
Global Warming is indeed real, but not at the magnitude that everyone hypes it up to be. Its basically a way for the government to put a tax on carbon emissions. Every couple hundred, or thousand, years the Earth cools and heats. Its just the Earths natural process.
Id assume as low as possible, or maybe higher depending on how loud you want it to ring out.
Its only illegal if you mess up.

So if you don't screw up it shouldn't be a problem.
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try keeping your thumb in more of an upright position.
make sure all the strings are in tune before you lock the nut.
make it sound how you want it to sound
Judas Priest may have influenced todays metal, but todays metal is way beyond anything Judas Priest could even dream about playing.
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I see 4 passive pickups in that pic
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I had made my own backing track which was in the key of C major and i used the A minor Pentatonic scale with some other notes from the C major scale thrown into the mix. This will be my first real attempt at improvising over a backing track and I was wondering if i could get opinions on the matter.

Are there parts that were good, bad, horrible? What should i work on to make these improve? Any general, understandable tips on anything about improvising?

Please don't be afraid to be harsh or anything like that, yeah i'll probably think "oh man that guy hurt my feelings " but in the long run it'll help me improve as a musician!

and just as a side note.... its my 1 year anniversary playing guitar

btw i know it sucks so no need to say it does!

A Minor and C Major contain the same pitches.
Get a Rockband USB mic. It actually works well.

For people who like Meshuggah or anything that goes Djent.