I Love them, their live shows are amazing. They from the same city as I am so thats also a plus.
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If you're talking about the "only after the last tree is cut" part, i agree with you that part takes away from the song, but the rest of the song is so awesome I can put up with it.

are you kidding me thats like the best part of the song! Wrath is there most impressive cd so far for me. They upped the ante musically on all instruments, including the vocals.
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I need to correct this common mistake: You cannot tune down to a sharp note; Thus, that note should be called Db, not C#.

When you're dealing with the chromatic scale, you ascend to sharp notes and descend to flat notes. This is purely an issue of nomenclature - the sound is not affected - but that is a fact you all should know.

OK so by what your saying here, If I was I tuned to Drop C and then tuned up a half step, then It would be Drop C#? But if I tuned from Drop D down a half step it would be drop Db? If that's the case I believe you can call it whatever you like. Especially if no one knew what you tuned to Drop Db/C# from.

Sweet local band Ive heard a few times. Just thought Id share some good music.
Sounds like your overheating.
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No, they definitely have the same notes, they just play a different role in the key. For example, the A is the 2nd, or supertonic, tone of G major, while it is the 4th, or subdominant, of E minor.

I would say the most commonly used keys in classic and 80s rock are:

-G major. Who hasn't heard the G-C-D progression at least 8,125 times in their life now? Besides that, the first song at least 60% of guitarists learn to solo over is Every Rose Has Its Thorn. It's one of the easiest solos, yet sounds amazing. Kockin' On Heaven's Door is also in G major, but the song is played half a step down.

-A minor (mostly pentatonic). The first scale 99% of guitarists learn to apply nowadays is A minor pentatonic. Just about 99.9% of online lessons about the pentatonic scale are taught in A minor. It's a pretty neutral hand position, plus there are no sharps or flats.

-E minor (or Eb minor, Eb tuning is common for a lot of 80s bands). The ideal key for the guitar IMO. Not only are all open strings in key, the bass-iest note on the guitar (open E) is also the tonal center of the key. It gives you the opportunity the darkest tone because you can heavily use the open E in your riffs and licks. Think "Whole Lotta Love" by Led Zeppelin. Plus, it's so easy to get coordinated with for beginners.

-F# minor is somewhat common in shred. You hear Batio using the open E string a lot but still reverting back to the F# as the tonal center. "Scarified" by Racer X is in F# minor. It gives you one note below the tonic center to use as a bass note. You canwrite some cool riffs in this key.

thank you
tune your low e string to d?
I have this guitar and I like it. Make sure you get it set up by a pro to start off with.
Find a Torrent of it, its seriously the craziest guitar oriented CD I've ever heard.
Its really a must have if your a fan of guitar music.
What ive found is using one as an over head and the other right out in front of the kick works decent.
Yeah I know thats exactly what I meant. Same notes just starting in a different place.
I find that funny. fyi e minor and g major are the same thing
I use it to roll off a bit of the highs when playing clean. It really can round out the sound. Pretty useful in certain situations.
Whole doesnt mean just 4 beats, a whole note or whole rest will take up the whole measure. so say you had a 17/4 measure, the whole note or whole rest would be 17 beats long.
The real point of Meshuggah is odd time signatures. Its the music of the music gods.
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If this is the wrong forum, mods either move or close it please, so you can redirect me

Well, here's the deal.

I've been playing a year and a half now, I can sweep pick to an extent, I'm an ok soloist when it comes down to it, and I'm a decent riffer. My problem is, I'm always trying to create riffs that match up to my idols, like John Petrucci, Jeff Loomis, and Guthrie Govan. My problem is that whenever I write music, if I dont like it, no matter how long it took me to write, I'll toss it. I've been told by many people that the songs I write are incredible music wise, but I'm never satisfied with what I write, I always feel it's too fast, not fast enough, doesnt have the right melody, it doesnt fit with this, and so on and so forth.

I need a way out of this, or I'm afraid I'm going to end up losing my lust for the instrument in my quest to out riff and write my idols....this is a stupid thing I know, but for me it seems to be subconcious, and I never really try to do it.

Anyone know how to get out of this?

You sound like your a clone of me. This is exactly how I felt a few months back. What I did was I started to jam more often with friends (1-2 times a week), always with a drummer and another guitarist/bassist. Just through some of your more jam worthy riffs out there and go with it. This might not work at all, but hey it worked for me.
The FR on the Damien isnt hard to tune at all, it just takes longer then a normal bridged guitar. Take your time and tune the strings. Then lock the nut, then fine tune. EASY! plus now youll stay in tune for a lot longer.

It just takes time.
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between the buried and me - selkies the endless obsession <3

btbam plays in C# standard
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you say you can hear the harmonics acoustically?

usually, if the note is being choked dead from low action, then you wont hear it acoustically either.

but either way, check out the green link in my sig.

talks about pup height, action adjustments, and chipmunk screwdrivers.

all in the first post. look it over then repost.

Yep your right, I guess I didnt read clearly enough. thanks for correcting me.
Dont lower the pickups, sometimes pinch harmonics dont ring out well when your action is a bit too low. Try raising your action a little bit at a time until the harmonic rings out.
Thank you for being a total douche bag. (Element)

I like the tone of my amp, I've tried it over tube amps and I prefer it.

And how the hell do you know I don't play jazz? It's completely beyond me how you know me better then I do?

I'll rephrase what I said, I'm looking for affordable pickups.

Edit: I live in the USA.
I really like the playability of my Schecter Damien FR but the passive emgs arent really cutting it. Id like some new pickups that can give me a really good solid tone. Id like to replace both pickups but I can live with the neck pickup. Im also looking for the pickup to be relatively cheap. I play anything from Thrice to Bury Your Dead to Jazz, through a crate gx212.

edit: passives are preferred
Practice as relaxed as you possibly can, then start playing more aggressively. I personally like the sound of more aggressive picking. Like really digging into the string. It adds more clarity and cuts a little better.

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It really depends on what tuning you play in. With out asking Id say since you play classic rock youd want a little heavier of a string so you can really dig into your guitar. Id go with a 10 gauge, maybe 11 if you feel like using anything lower than drop D.
7/10 good solid guitar

Schecter Damien FR
My fingers just became permanently hardened at the tip after like 6 months of playing. Its been 2 years since then. Maybe this is whats happening to your fingers? I would say if it hurts to play then take a few days off of playing.
Sweet dude my marching bands going to.
I have the same pickups in my Schecter Damien, I really like them. Very soft, fluid cleans.
Well naturally I'd say get the schecter but thats because I play schecters. If you dont plan on upgrading your amp to a tube amp then go with the Ibanez. If your gonna upgrade to a high-ish gain tube amp, go with the schecter and the active pickups.

All in all I think these two guitars in your situation are pretty much equal. Its really the way the guitar feels when you play it.
I cant believe no one has mentioned COLORS!!! Between the Buried and Me are talented.

Or Thrice's Alchemy Index
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what would the action have to do with it? Youre just hitting the string RIGHT after you hit it..

I could be completely wrong with the statement but whatever. I think because the action is so low the string isnt vibrating properly. When its happened to me my action was so low that it was on the verge of fret buzz. So maybe when he try to hit the harmonic his thumb is pushing down the string to the point of fret buzz.

But once again, I could be totally wrong.