One woed - Scrumpy
Fake? This guy begs to differ...

Wake Up Call - The Prodigy
Punk Is Dead - Crass
Chartered Trips - Husker Du
The Gnome - Pink Floyd
Don't Go Away - The Hotknives
so its on two seperate tracks or just the one stereo track?
Go Compare

Rundgang Um Die Transzendentale Säule Der Singularität by Burzum

Here's part one:
All - Decendents - Three seconds

Charles Mingus and Eric Dolphy - Meditations - 31:20
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I have only two questions: DID the taxman take all your dough, and ARE you now left here in your stately home?

Well done! Was gonna make a Kinks joke myself...
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Needs moar jazz.

Be specific, dammit! Are we talking cool jazz or more modal stuff here!!!
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Why do you want one? You'll look like a prick.

You want one of these:

Why would he want to look like a greaseball???!!!
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can i just say gangreneuk, gomez are still making absolutely excellent music.

well ill have to check em out . i thought liquid skin was not a bits pants compared to bring it on.
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Careful with that axe, Eugene!

For the 50s, this guy:

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OK. So I assume that we all know Elvis pretty much started Rock and Roll back in the '50's.

No, he didn't.
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A lot of coen brothers films have unsatisfying endings. like burn after reading.

The Big Lebowski had a good ending i thought
No man does
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I believe I have Russian, German, and Italian blood. Mussolini, Hitler, and Stalin. Sweet.

Hitler was Austrian, dude....
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Never heard of them.

Think Brass Eye, The Day Today.....
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Weed > Beer

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Higher Ground by RHCP

How dare you insult the greatness of Stevie Wonder
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he took the piss out of our news themes.

The BBC remix is all kinds of brilliance!!

Also a great skit on Portishead:
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Booker T & the MG's are an excellent place to start looking

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steal my gag will you

Sorry, couldn't resist...
Yes I've heard rumours too.......

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Newton discovered gravity!
Hey Johnny Park!
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I'm appalled that you would ask such a question!

THE people of this forum do not endorse torrents or Illegal software, people here do not PIRATE software a do so to keep the piracy epidemic at BAY.

Thank you

well played
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Tune down the low e until it sounds the same as your 4th string (d). You don't need a tuner for this.

Great minds, huh?
You could also tune it to the 4th string (D)

Nah, just kidding. Welcome.
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Use Cubase

QFT Go Cubase!