just curious glen, how many votes were accumulated for each group, including the current group so far?
Funny how some voters results are strangely similar, or identical to, the voting results
from other voters. What a coincidence!!
Nice work jakd. You seem like a good guy.

I forgot what the final category is? Anyone remember?
Good luck to all. Tough competition here!
he said he was going on vacation about a week ago.
sometimes thats how you get a good seat, by buying 1 ticket.
OK, here is my voting. I'm having playback issues so I will vote based on my notes from my first listen through.

I really did think there are good qualities in each of these tracks.
This is of course only my opinion. No offense to any of the artists who score in the lower end of the scale!

rq= refers to recording quality, which is important to me,
on a scale of 3/3 solid-2/3 ok-1/3 could be better.

Vocals Group #3

This Cold War - 16 catchy, good groove, rq=3/3

You Can be Saved - 2 rq=2/3 lots of reverb

A Half-Step Off Perfect - 10 rq=2/3 soft acoustic, good vocal/lyrics

Flash of Memory - 15 rq=3/3 live drums?, like the strings

Washed Out 17 rq=3/3 nice progression, good vocal

Components of a Broken System - 8 i liked it rq=2/3

Time Seller
Vote for a Voice - 11 rq=2/3 rough vocal, kicks in later

Divine Culprit – 5 rq=3/3 loud vocal, harder to listen to for me

Fans Off - 6 rq=3/3 short song, I wanted more!

Holding Up the Roof - 3 rq=1/3 decent song however

Dance - 18 rq=3/3 great groove! I really liked this one!

Untitled Ballad - 14 rq=3/3 nice vocal, and chord prog.

Jack Carael
Orchids - 13 very dark, loud at times, rq=2/3

Sasquatch - 1 sorry, someone has to get a “1”, not my thing

Monkey Man - 4 tough listen, rough drums

Hate Everything - 7 nice piano, good gtr. lots of hiss,

Crash - 13 good song rq 3/3 solid vocal

Lost for Words - 9 sounded good rq2/3

OK, once again this is only my opinion and it was'nt easy.
remember - "the only criticisms that are useful... are the ones you believe are true"

Good Luck!!!!
this voting thing is difficult for me (having recieved 1's and 17's for the same song in another group!)
i will be posting my votes in the next day.
i think they are all good songs.
Thanks for the kick in the pants Glen!
I need to listen and vote. I should get through the first 8-9 songs tonight,
and the rest tomorrow. Then I will post my votes.
hey supralightning,
nice comments after each track! it is good to know why people vote the way they do!
an informed opinion is always helpful.
Yeah, Helter Skelter, from The White Album
Thanks JJK. I wish I could sing like Gilmour!
Sorry about posting too many Floyd covers.
I should've read the forum rules.

Can anyone advise me as too how to post the 2 songs per week?

Thanks in advance.
*mod edited*

Hey you should check out the rules.

Only 2 songs listed in this forum per every 7 days.