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So my Peavey 6505+ combo came in today. It's my first tube amp and I'm totally confused on how to use it. What do the resonance and presence do and whats pre and post?

I don't mean to be an a$$ but come on, you should at least know what the knobs do on an amp before buying it. And not just specific to the amp you bought; presence, pre and post are on a huge range of amps.

Seems like you bought it because it seemed like a cool purchase rather than having an idea of how it will help your sound and guitar playing.
I don't really drink wine, I find most of it unpleasant, but I do find Blossom Hill nice. So give that a shot if you want.
U can buy 2 rammstein pedals, the distortion combo emulator and the "du hast" pedal which will help you. Also they record the guitar parts around 7 times with different tones, timings etc, layer them, and create tone none of us poor folk can obtain
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The only thing that got raped here was the English language.
Should I ask the skin colour question, in the hope of bringing back some gangsta rhymes?
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Don't do anything. The best revenge is when the guy who screwed you screws himself.

Letting him go means that he can screw up the lives of countless others before he screws himself. An example would be the underage girls. Getting them pregnant, introducing them to drink and drugs, etc etc. This guy had time in jail and he still hasn't learnt anything. Put him back in the oven, he's not done yet.
Why would you be nice to this guy? call the po po!

Also I'd like to state that 4 years younger in this instance is ok, 4+ is not.

Half your age plus 7 rule people!
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to cut to he chase my local(national) storage of amps/effects/ are very limited and pricy(50%-100% increased price).
should i buy an amp\effec without trying it if many people praise it?
one of the good sides is tha i can try it and if i will go terrebly wrong in the tone i can still sell if as mind condition for about that listed price tha i bought it.
btw, the imporation is from germany to israel via my reletives.

That English tuition book you bought without trying first proved to be bad. So shall this.
There is, it is automatic, you can't turn it off.
From looking at the pedal where it says model: Zoom player 1010, I have deduced that it is a Zoom player 1010. Typing this into google gave more information, conveniently in relation to my search query.
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Twn - Fender Twin
Dlx - Fender Deluxe Reverb
Plxi - Marshall Plexi
Brit - maybe another Marshall, or a Vox AC30
B-Kat - Bad Cat
Classic - Peavey Classic 30
XXX - Peavey XXX
JSX - Peavey JSX
6505 - Peavey 6505
Rec - Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier
K-Stein - Krank Krankenstein
Dzl - Diezel Herbert (or some other Diezel)

The Brit's an AC30
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What I wanted to say: Hey, comin' in town?
Predictive text said: Hey, bonin' in town?
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Alright, I need a new guitar anyway, something that has a lighter tone.

A lighter tone? what?
I use my index finger and thumb. It feels better, and I can tremolo pick faster. I play better than I do with a pick, including playing metal songs.
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am I the only one who would be genuinely interested to see an alien species perform unbiased tests to see if any of our race stereotypes are true from an outside point of view? For example, black people are physically superior, asians are mentally superior, etc.

Oh very no.....
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1. I wasn't even trying to troll anyone. I didn't intend for anyone to take it seriously.
2. How did you know that's the only thing I'm any good at? Are you watching me?
3. I can (and have) troll(ed) more than three people when I (have) chose(n) to.
7. "n00b"? I joined a month after you...
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Slack jawed yokel + computer = Efforts to be funny which only seem to vaguely amuse the writer
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Hawking. Not Hawkins. Not Hawkings. Hawking.

It's only a matter of time till our species wipes ourselves off the map with that creation.

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8.4 years = more than our lifespan?

They've already killed us. So yes.
The dude in avatar was initially wheelchair bound..... I think stephan "The Sly Snake" Hawkins has plans afoot!

Also I'd place a fine wager that he watched Avatar in 2D; he would be powerless to counteract 3D glasses tendency to slide down your nose needing repositioning. Discuss.
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So I decided to cover my favourite Rammstein song the other day and wanted to share with you guys for comments and crit.

I need to apologise for the noise after I strum at 21-27 seconds... I kept hitting the string with the makeshift pick I was using.
I couldnt find my pick so I used a 2p piece that was conveniently in-front of me.

Thats the worst of my mistakes I think but other people may see more than that...

thanks guys.

The playing itself was largely fine so well done; your tone however was a bit off, it sounded a bit 'clangy' to me, I think more bass would help.
The Vypyr 30 is pretty amazing for the price, best amp I've had. The line 6 spider is pretty crap though in comparison
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Power cut.

At this stage I was pretty spooked, so I grabbed a torch and the biggest knife in the kitchen.

There's an empty house

I looked out the kitchen window and thought I saw light coming out onto the road from that house's driveway, so I went back outside to go over and take a look.

Have you NEVER seen a horror movie?
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In fairness, knowing what the Irish government are like... this is probably the most likely explanation

Them words, sir, be fightin' words
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Yeah it sounds "too good" to be true.

I dont think 200 dollars is too good myself....
Thor himself recommended it to me....

But man paying 200 quid for something with such a cheesy name; dont do it
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I recently found some notes from Business class when I couldn't give a flying **** about business last year. Still don't, didn't take it on again. They read:

Yes I have matured, and yes, I have been paying attention to school now.

Anyway, have you ever found anything that made you reminisce or something that has made you very nostalgic?

You write the "lol" in notes? WTF?

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Gaming Thread, please and thank you


GOD YOUR SO COOL !!!11!1!1!!!!!11!!!!
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Yeah, it'll sustain fine.

I'd have to disagree, the noise gate on the vypyrs have gotten them alot of negative comments.
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it's the Phase Inverter - I don't know what it does exactly but it's necessary.

Inverts the phase it seems
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well im actually playing with two other guitarist who both have half stacks a LOUD drummer and a bassist

Well then obviously you wouldn't be able to hear a 30 watt
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To be honest I didn't expect that kind of thing from Peavey though, they've always been highly spoken of by pretty much everyone. Whereas Line 6 have always been talked of as having poor service as well as amps.

I just think it's ridiculous that the amp was released with so many problems. It must have cost them a fortune in recalls, repairs and reputation.
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Been 2 weeks today since I took my Vypyr 75 back to the shop. Phoned them up about an hour ago and got told that they asked for Peavey to pick it up ASAP, Peaveu collection guys turned up 2 days later (monday) but they had the wrong paperwork for my amp (Peavey ****ed up and gave my amp details to another collection team), so the store owner wouldn't let them take it because it might never be seen again with the way these drivers treat the gear. So he complained to Peavey who sent another team and it was picked up this thursday just past. Hopefully I can get it back this week but what a ****ing joke on Peavey's part. I was hoping to get it back soon as currently I havn't been able to properly practise for 3 weeks.

While I like my amp when it decides to work (you know the usual with the vypyr, when the sun is at a 43 degree angle to the nearest mongoose and the temperature is between 12.4 and 12.6 Celsius, and when you dont need it to work), peavey are quite the awful company
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So I heard that there is a new firmware that s better and you can change the voicing of the amp, or something like that. What number update is this and is it good? Sorry if this has been covered before, I havn't checked this thread in a while.

You can change the voicing to be brighter or darker, but from what I hear from others it's very hard to hear the difference. I think the number is 1.66 or 68, cant remember. There's a list of the improvements and feedback on the peavey forums.
Google ARE releasing an OS, Chrome OS...
That means he's faking :P