Pit, i need your help. I'm doing a talent show, but all the songs have to relate to 60's political type music. Most any type of music will work and we have a wide variety of instruments (guitar, trumpet, bass, drums, sax, ect) . and we have a fairly long amount of time to learn the songs , so they can be difficult also.

imma just leave this here >.>
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not a big fan, but i think it was from an old peralta video, there was some sick sliding in it. and if anybody has seen gravity's flow, theres a lot of good longboarding parts/tranny skating

haha where im at there are some nice hills where we can do stuff like that. probably not as crazy but nice none the less
anyone into longboarding?
if banjo is an option ,and hell even if it isn't dueling banjos!

EDIT: Damn it beaten
i Suck At Guitar
sorry i should have said give me 349 seconds sorry

webcams don't take that great of pictures , and neither do i.
ok give me just one second
i got a Gibson SG recently its my favorite guitar Ive played so far
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Snickers - 11
ButterFingers - 9 HEAL
Twix - 13
Kit Kat - 9
Three Musketeers - 11
Milky Way - 10
Hershey - 10
Almond Joy - 6
Mounds - 10
Baby Ruth - 10
Crunch - 10
Cadbury Dairy Milk - 11
Cadbury Caramel - 10
Cadbury Fruit and Nut - 10
Cadbury Whole Nut - 11
Maltesers -9 HURT
Mars - 10

Snickers - 11
ButterFingers - 9
Twix - 14 heal
Kit Kat - 9
Three Musketeers - 11
Milky Way - 10
Hershey - 10
Almond Joy - 5 hurt
Mounds - 10
Baby Ruth - 10
Crunch - 10
Cadbury Dairy Milk - 11
Cadbury Caramel - 10
Cadbury Fruit and Nut - 10
Cadbury Whole Nut - 11
Maltesers -9
Mars - 10

crappy ms paint attempt...
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i wanna set fire to my guitar whilst playing a solo. i would burn, but man it would be cool.

this would be fun....
Blues-75 heal x5
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Does it make much of a difference that I dreamt about writing my Grandmother's will last nite? My Grandmother already died. No, I don't remember what happened in the dream but I was with 3 or 4 family members discussing the death of my Grandmother.

No, I didn't get to revisit Heaven.

maybe your grandma was the woman in the heaven dream.

i feel that you need to go to church..

get in touch will the lord..

maybe he will reveal his message in scripture?

not a priest just stayed at a holiday inn express last night
you see the end of the dream on your death bed. Except this time it wont be a dream it will be real
probably on some sort of music website. might but i dont know
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Heart Breaker.

this its easy and fun
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Duct tape. Fixes everything!

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What spirit????????

The spirit of giving me some money?
im semi in the christmas spirit does that count?
there called shutter shades

dont like em' just know about em'
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buckethead rocks, hands down, not many better, other than slash or kirk hammet or someone along those lines xD

Buckethead is an AMAZING guitarist and has lots of feeling in his songs. Not a lot of people take him seriously though
feels good man
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id add the 100 to yor amp fund... buy a 5150 used

your adding money to funds?

how about mine
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I had one at Game.

Basically, it was in a windowless, cramped room at the back of the store. I sweated, a LOT. I mean to the point where my white shirt was dripping, there were patches collecting under my tits, my back must've had a patch on it the size of a continent, and because I was aware of this I got more nervous and displayed a COMPLETE lack ability to communicate.
I was an ideal candidate for the job really, sweaty and socially inept.

I didn't get the job

ive been wondering the same thing.
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have someone bar it with their finger for as long as you need it.

like so
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It hurts!! It hurts!!

Thats what she said >.>

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Yeah, I've tried that approach, of course it dosen't work, I think I've about got her to listen to some Opeth

try rap rock?
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I was actually kidding

Though more like being facetious, she's already a narrow-minded bitch but she's become more of one ever since she started listening to that filth, though we've been dating for like 2 years now so I've learned to not pay attention to her annoying antics

K but has there own musical opinions ....

maybe turn her on to some different music but dont be all like " YOU CANT LISTEN TO THIS !!!!!!!!"
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You are 100% concentrated idiot.

No joke man.

You stopped loving your girlfriend over music?

Music is awesome but still thats just wrong
i read the thread title and i was thinking it was for me ....

i was sadly mistaken