Sup bitches.
Mike Scaccia died tonight. Had a heart attack or a seizure on stage with Rigor Mortis, they were playing a show for Bruce Corbitt's 50th birthday. I'm ****ing bummed, Rigor Mortis wrote some of my favorite metal ever and nobody could play guitar the way Mike did. RIP.
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Jesus ****ing christ, Metal forum anniversary or something?

Oh, and Diamond Plate went to the shitter real fast. Shit sucks.

Glad someone agrees (oh hey Slaytanic fancy meeting you here). I don't mind generic thrash here and there - I gladly hold the title of UG's one Lich King fan - but Diamond Plate bores my balls dry.

EDIT: So who still hangs around in the thrash thread anyway? I see Verm and a couple of the newer guys... WBAT, Fred, Posty? Do I have to bust out the Municipal Waste Bear Bong picture to stir up some thrash thread nostalgia?
Diamond Plate fucking sucks.
yo frash thread

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Megadeth and Pantera are two of my favorites. But if your looking for some new age thrash you all should check out Lazarus A.D.


Which one of you fucking morons started this Voivod versus Razor argument? DURRR THEY'RE BOTH FROM CANADA THEY MUST BE COMPARABLE RIGHT? Two different bands with two totally different sounds.
S.C.U.M. is one hell of a song. Makes me wanna start barfights and be a badass. Plus that solo, my god man.
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Does anyone know if Millie does the last solo on The ancient plague on kreators enemy of god album?

No, that one was Vanilli.
A compliment for Mustaine, considering he probably never gets laid. Unless of course he was jacking off, I imagine with his guitar chops, giving himself a particularly violent orgasm isn't too difficult.
Zetro has a new band:

He ****ing named it Hatriot.

In all seriousness, the song is decent. Sounds like a leftover track from Tempo Of The Damned.
Threads like this are the reason I hardly post here anymore. Jesus fucking christ.
satan's henchmen ruleee the niiiiightttt
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Malakian, Morello, Tremonti and Malmsteen.

... this sounds like a law firm.
Anybody who doesn't like WASP needs to get the fuck out.
Welp, put me on the list of people who don't give a flying fuck about this.
When Death Calls is a brilliant song. Tony Iommi's riffs combined with Brian Fucking May's shredding? You can't go wrong.

I'm surprised I hadn't already heard about this. I'm not really sure about how I'd feel about a new Rigor Mortis album, but if it opens up the door for more extensive touring...
I'm currently studying television production at a tech school. It's cool stuff and I would love to have a career in that field, though I'd also like to work in the music business at some point.
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Hey guys, look: black metal.
I actually agree with Posty on this one. No idea why the forum's been sucking on Excoriate's dick so much lately. Booooring.
Prong is good, if you like shitty music.

That Mr. Bungle song is mindblowing, though. One of my favorites.
I'm more surprised that Posty knows a girl at all.
Savage mix, wbat. Only bands I wasn't familiar with were Old, Funerary Pit and Armoured Angel, but everything on this mix is pretty goddamn good.
I can only compare Mortal Sin to watching paint dry. White paint. Unbelievably boring band.

Flaming Metal Systems live last year. Boner-inducing.
rome you gon' take dat shit niggy?
Thread was over once Manilla Road was posted.
Dude. I don't even know how Vio-Lence aren't catchy. You're breaking my heart, wbat. </3
Eternal Nightmare is one of the all-time greatest thrash albums. The riffs, man. The motherfucking riffs.
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I remember buying Last One On Earth on a whim, and instantly went for the title track. **** that riff kills everytime!

CHUG CHUG CHUG CHUG CHUG daaa na na nahh
I was reading the new article, thinking "Man, whoever wrote this DemoHammer bit described them pretty well," only to realize that I wrote it.
For someone who calls themselves an 'Elitist Döuchebag' my top 5 sure is boring
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Hmm, I like that whole album. I honestly think it's one of their best, almost on par with BbB.

This. There's a couple of silly moments on it but overall it's my personal favorite Exodus album.

For fuck's sake, what is it with this goddamned forum lately?

For the record, Decameron is an immense album. Better than anything Evile have put out, that's for sure.
Bleck Feeeyooctahhhh
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Yosemite Stalin is now a band

Yeah our album drops next month.
Oh god, Jason's vocals. How I love them. Dude needs to get off his ass and front his own band so I can jerk off to his voice more often.
I always thought Aspid's vocals sounded like a pissed off Russian cartoon character. Like, imagine Stalin crossed with Yosemite Sam.
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usually when I think of patches I think of old school thrash/death/grind and some gr1m black metal ones.

Exactly! I love vests that are all covered with old school style thrash, death, trad, doom, black and grind patches. Aesthetically, Opeth just don't fit the "patch band" category, if you ask me.