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^ trent reznor, im not an awesome singer.... speaking of which - i just posted Orestes - if anybody wants to check it out. i didn't spend time tweaking the vocals like i really should have (i could've studio magic'ed myself to sound f#cking awesome, but thats not me) i still think they sound ok.... emphasizing OK

im gonna smoke a little and then start to work on hurt.

It's good; I'd say work on your pitch and don't use so much vocal multitracking (I feel like the main reason you have so many tracks is to approximate the correct pitch, though I may be wrong ) Your vocal tone is better than I expected, so if you just worked on nailing the pitches I think that one spot-on track (or spot-on edit) would be more effective than the smudged effect of so many vocals. I do think that your voice is interesting and has potential, so you should put in the time to really present it well
lawlz you're my boy freep.

Since I'd rather not re-submit previous recordings I've done, I don't know that I'll have time in March to take on learning a new piece (I have too many projects that need to get done as it is). Looking forward to seeing what everyone does, though!
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Not really, the guy wrote only a few songs each week. Most of us write more songs than he did in a single week. The most intensive thing he did was read Fux's Gradus Ad Parnassum every night and sometimes do the exercises.

People seem to think hard work+intelligence=genius, but I'm starting to think it's a little more and a little less than that.

Hard work doesn't guarantee genius, but you're not going to get there without work. That's the difference between the composers I know who are succesful, and those who aren't; the amount of useful time they put into it. But, take it as you will.
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Guys, I just realised that I'm a better musicologist than composer I wanna be like a modern Bach, not like a modern Salzer.

If you want to be a modern Bach, you must work like a modern Bach... though, to be quite honest, most of us are unwilling to put in that level of work (even when I'm working hard, it's not at THAT level).

Also, I have seen initially terrible composers actually manage to improve their writing over several years' work to the point that it becomes good. People always struggle at the beginning, of course, but these were composers that I thought were utterly and totally hopeless even after a long period of study! It seems to be a question of time spent composing, time spent studying compositions (and learning how to take ideas without stealing them), a little guidance from some experienced composers, and the mental strength to keep composing even after you've made countless sucky compositions.

I don't want to fill your mind with false ideas: if you aren't satisfied with your work, you've got work to do. However, it is good to know that there is hope, even for people who imagine they aren't naturally inclined to composition.
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Just uploaded two Concertos to my profile (both just started). Any thougts would be appreciated

To be honest, the flute one is too much of a throwback for my tastes. Even a well-done classical imitation still will just be perceived as an imitation. Plus, I'm not particularly fond of this particular style anyways, with the more or less standard use of tonality, and relatively square, exceedingly polite form. You do try to spice the rhythm up a bit with some time signature changes, but it's not enough of a stamp to distinguish the piece as your own style.

The piano piece is perhaps a step in the right direction, but to my ears, the piano part so far is entirely flashy figures or accompaniment, without much attention towards melody, or some other interesting gesture to build on. It sounds like you started a bit of a melody at the beginning, but it's swallowed up by the scales and arpeggios and disappears quickly.

I'm sorry for being a bit harsh; the pieces are not poorly executed (my only technical issue so far is the accompaniment in the flute concerto at about 1:18, it sounds a bit dissonant and muddy). These sorts of pieces are great learning experiences, but ultimately you must learn to express yourself in a unique way (since it seems that learning composition is a goal of yours). Not that you need to move in a totally atonal, arhythmic direction: Minimalism is relatively fresh, and it's extremely rhythmic and tonal! You just need to offer a perspective that is fresh and has enough distance from your influences, which should happen the longer you continue writing and the more you challenge yourself.

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Seeing as this thread is alive again and people are responding... I'd like to hear a crit on this piece please... Its not mixed properly or anything, there is still guitar noise in the background and the track is not faded out either... so right now it is very listenable with some noise in the background. A mood was attempted to be invoked, and I think it may have worked.

This was an experiment nonetheless, and I really would appreciate feedback of any kind. Pretty please?

My first thought was, this reminds me of Mike Oldfield, and the drum sound totally confirmed that. I'm not crazy about the chimes (cheesy, as noted), or the arpeggiated string samples (the sound quality of the midi is quite lacking relative to the rest of the piece, even in a rough recording). Otherwise it's generally good, I just had to comment on the striking Oldfield resemblance.
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I noticed that you list your location as Michigan. Normal colleges offer music programs. Look into U of M and MSU. I like the idea of staying in-state (despite the fact that I don't go to school in PA) as you're not really at any kind of advantage if you go to a state school elsewhere and it's markedly less expensive, but other nearby schools are probably good as well.

I know several people who have come out of the music program at UMichigan and had good experiences, although they were studying composition rather than performance. (The performance program may be good as well, but I don't know anyone who's done it).
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In the words of Trey Anastasio "No one wants to sound like a second rate version of their idols"

Well, they shouldn't want to...

Also, I'm not crazy about the "increased speed / technicality = heavier" argument. I especially think too many bands overuse the double-bass to the point that it totally loses its effect (the last Nile release came to mind). I like my share of technical metal, but for heaviness I like something that gives just enough time for the sounds to impact.
"The first question I ask myself when something doesn't seem to be beautiful is why do I think it's not beautiful. And very shortly you discover that there is no reason. " - John Cage
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But for the purposes of my understanding what it is, it is an A? no point in trying to learn theory if noone will tell you what it means in the way you understand it.

The reason for calling it Bbb is a voice leading thing... Cdim7 would normally be used to resolve to Db (or Dbm), so the Bbb would actually be resolving down by half step to Ab, the fifth of the tonic chord. Flats tend to resolve down, sharps up, and naturals depend on the situation... in Db, an A natural would imply that the voice is resolving up to Bb (as part of a secondary dominant, for instance).

You still play the same note, the notation implies the different ways they're used.
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My Schecter seriously isn't a woman. It growls and it likes polymetal. If it's a woman, then I'm moving to wherever the women are like that.

Hmm, maybe there's something about Schecters, since I don't get any feminine sense from mine.

I guess the closest thing I compare it to is that I'd like it to be a really big, pissed off bird, like a moa or something.
Bass clarinet... now there's an instrument.
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I've got Aqualung and I love it, what albums should I look for next?

Thick as a Brick and Benefit would be good ways to go.

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My brother says Sultans of Swing is by Jethro Tull... but I don't think it is. Is it?

Whatever, it's an awesome song anyways.

It's not... but if you're on the internet anyway, this is something that would take two seconds to find out, instead of asking on a forum and waiting for an answer
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^^When isn't he?
I suppose it was an impromptu kind of thing, of all my other '73 shows I don't have another Stand By Me anywhere. Though it was entertaining
I also loved when they busted out Louie Louie once

Mmm, but I didn't just mean Page. Bonham came in completely all over the place, and Plant's voice isn't terribly hot. JPJ escapes my judgment just because I didn't hear him well enough the first time.

Now, I do like some of the things Page was playing... they just weren't always in time! There were nice moments overall, but yeah, it seems (really) ((reaaallly)) impromptu, haha
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Just because they can, Led Zeppelin performing Stand By Me:

Good lawdy, is that sloppy
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Wolfmother - that's the path rock should have stayed on. Perhaps not overly original or innovative. It seems they have tried to take the best parts of the classic rock bands of the 70's and fused it all together. But how is that anything to look down on? They are bringing back everything good about rock and it's ****ing awesome!! - Just listen to the song Woman. That riff is a million years old but it works everytime and this song rocks the way rock should.

But it's not like you can't take the energy and the phrases and whatnot and put them into a fresh context. There's nothing wrong with people liking bands like Wolfmother, but that's not a direction for music, because there's nothing moving forward musically speaking when the music is so derivative.
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i haven't been in MT for over a month, and now holy ****! i'm so happy to see we have a singing & vocals sub-forum! when was it added? yay for MT.

I honestly didn't think that would happen... but kudos to Danny and probably Chris for getting off the ground
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i could send a perfectly legible text message no matter how retarded i was

i figured out what went wrong with acid, i didnt edit out the silence from the drums and it was giving acid hell during rendering (i dunno why) but that fixed it. i also reinstalled so im back on track

I love software issues... a few months ago, one of my windows updates totally screwed up my computer; couldn't access most audio programs, the network center, couldn't shut down the computer properly... I thought I had some crazy malware, but I finally managed to undo the update and it worked fine. Then Internet Explorer 8 made it impossible to run Pro Tools... and just yesterday when I installed iTunes the new Quicktime screwed up another program and I had to do a reinstall

I mean, I really don't like getting into the PC vs. Mac thing, but there's just so many of these damn stupid problems that only seem to happen with PCs...
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I love 'scary' music, especially horror film soundtracks, aswell as Atonal stuff.

One of my favourite Debussy pieces

The chords in the lower register at 1.27 really cut through you when you have the volume turned up. Same with this at about 3.20ish, might sound like random notes but after listening to it for a while it sounds rather expressive.

I'm more of a prelude 1 guy

Mm, I like them all, I just think some are gooder than others

I wish I had a bit more piano chops to play a few, but there's only so much time during the day.
For piano music at the edge of tonality, (though not entirely removed from it) I like Debussy's second piano prelude:

Also, John Cage's 5th sonata for prepared piano is grooovy:
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Has anyone tested out the Wizard of Oz thing? I always just dismissed it as a coincidence, but my stepdad's friend argued otherwise. I've never tested it, but I am thoroughly intrigued.

If you're looking for coincidences, you'll find them... that said, there are some neat coincidences, and it's an amusing experience, if nothing else.

Also, Exile on Main Street is a fantastic album... because it consists of fantastic songs. I don't think the structure of the album really effects the quality of the experience for each song, for better or worse. (Well, maybe I'm a bit fond of the transition from "I Just Want to See His Face" to "Let it Loose")
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I just got that in an email from a friend; the subject line was simply: "Haha". I can normally read, but I'm much too furious to do so. Can someone explain the way the ranking was computed, preferably in 6-8 sentences? Thank you.

I mean, really...West Point? I appreciate what the military does, but, really, they're better than everyone?

It's a complicated formula that involves class offerings and student achievement, divided by the position on this list

I took my GREs this Wednesday. Aah!!! Did well on the math, but I'll have to wait to hear about the analytic writing parts...
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I'm doing my (now-normal) once-per-year-check-in on the forum I used to moderate...

How is things?

Oh, still all modes and such. How's aeronautics or whatever it is you do?
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^^Yout thought it was Rage Against the Machine? That's...unexpected.

There's only a slight similarity in the riffiness, but I've thought that Kashmir sounds a bit like "Wake Up".

Now, of course, I have to go relive one of the more epic soundtrack moments from my middle school years...
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No, really, it's really good forums
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if you guys had a choice would you rather try banjo or violin???

I love violin, but realistically, banjo is more up my alley. You'd have to use a cello to start tempting me.
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That's got to be the most expensive shopping spree I've ever heard of.

On an unrelated note, the intro to Not For You by Pearl Jam is a little Lydian vamp and I never noticed.

From the same album, parts of Last Exit and Satan's Bed are in 5 (I think the verse and chorus, respectively). The whole cd's a little weird, actually... I used to love Ten, but Vitalogy has slowly become my favorite Pearl Jam cd over the years.

edit: I don't know if anyone else here is into this, but I am so pumped for Dethklok / Mastodon / Converge / High on Fire in October. That is going to be such a sweet lineup
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I seem to think this remark might possibly have something to do with an experience related to this forum. A recording of some song about an animal. A sheep, perhaps?

I don't have those files anymore

I don't either, thanks to a bit of thievery from a couple years ago

Actually, the sheep recording was edited in Pro Tools, but I just had less knowledge of editing so I did a number of things the hard way. I'm thinking more along the lines of a few mashups I did, where I had to sync up every beat using Audacity, which took absolutely forever since at the time.

The beta has some improved features, though, like you can actually drag audio samples to position them, and can draw in envelopes to control the volume and whatnot.
Are you using the 1.3 something beta or the 1.2? The beta is so much easier to work with (I don't use Audacity much anymore for fairly intense projects, but 1.2 is really not fun at all if you have any kind of cutting up to do)
Anything from Wetton/Bruford/Cross era of King Crimson... so you're looking at Lark's Tongues in Aspic, Starless and Bible Black, and Red for albums. There's a few softer numbers in there, but a lot of pretty heavy stuff.

First Utterance, by Comus, is folky but dark, and was apparently a big influence on Opeth.

Rocks by Aerosmith is a pretty fun album.

For some hot guitar stuff, you might want to check out Mahogany Rush (and guitarist Frank Marino).
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Boston? Nice! What kind of stuff are you playing?

Fusiony improv stuff with some experimental electronic elements mixed in... so basically, nothing that's going to attract many (any?) fans, but it gets fairly regular gigs and we bring in some really great musicians to sit in, so I can't complain; it's good experience and it's fun.

How's your folk stuff going? I've been meaning to do a bit myself, but maybe more along the lines of comus, faun fables, things like that. I don't know if you've heard of her, but if not you should check out Joanna Newsom... her voice takes a bit of getting used to, but I looove the lyrics.
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Anyway, Has anyone heard from psychodelia lately? I haven't seen him post anything in a long time. Then again, I don't really leave the CR section... the MR forum has too many threads I have no interest in (and I gave up on attempting to bump the Black Crowes thread ), and I always got bad vibes from the bl00z section.

Still alive... just busy, haha. If I'm posting in CR, it tends to be in the King Crimson thread lately. It's 3 am, and I just got back from playing in Boston, so I'm effin beat.
I'm partial to some of the music from Oblivion... I actually don't care all that much for the FF music that I've heard, but I haven't played many of the games, so I can't say for sure.
It's the first track on the Lark's Tongues album, so yes, you are missing something
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I loved your Ambient song.


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So what's you guyses' favorite improv-based Crimson song?

Hmm, probably still Providence. I just love the way it builds, and the fact that it was recorded in my town doesn't hurt either...
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for a mac I recommend anything from MOTU.

I need to get a MOTU... my current interface is not cutting it for live performance.
Over the past few months, Red has kind of dropped to my third favorite studio album from that lineup. I still love it, but it's a tiny bit too slick for my tastes compared to their other material. I do think that Red is a more cohesive album than Starless and Bible Black, but lately I've come to like the slightly disjointed feeling I get from it.
As the George Harrison album goes, all things must pass, and it's time for me to step down.

I don't expect to leave the community, but I'm no longer available every day to help clean up, and the forum deserves someone who can consistently be around to keep things running smoothly.

I am quite happy to have been able to help out the forum. It (and its lovely users) helped guide me through my initial interest in theory and composition, and I'm grateful to have been able to give back to it in some way.

So, this isn't as much a farewell as an alert to the changes that will be taking place. I hope I've been of some help to you, and I'm looking forward to enjoying the community in retirement, with a collection of tacky shirts and cool drinks.

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Does everyone here have a favourite concept album?

Thick as a Brick, perhaps... depends on my mood.

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freak guitar camp? what's that?

Does it have to do with Eklundh?
Not that I'm a huge Clapton fan, but I've never heard anything by Winwood that would make me say that he's better than Clapton

Thinking about Traffic, I have to say that I'm disappointed with most of "When the Eagle Flies", except for "Dream Gerrard", which is fantastic. Perhaps it's no surprise that the lyrics were written by someone else; I just can't get into the lyrics on the rest of the album.
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Though I disagree with the rest of your post, this is absolutely true. Why a great artist would team up with someone like Phil Collins is beyond me

He's a pretty tight drummer. I know his pop stuff is generally lame, but even then there's a few good things.

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That is actually one of my favorite tracks from Joyful Noise.

Indeed, I would go so far as to say I am not a particularly big fan of any of the vocal material on Joyful noise. In general, they just don't work for me.

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I have always had trouble getting into Led Zeppelin's In Through the Out Door. "In the Evening" has always been enjoyable, and "South Bound Saurez", "Fool in the Rain", and "All of My Love" are listenable (that listen occasionally contains "Carouselambra", if I am in "the mood"), but "Hot Dog" was a mistake, and "I'm Gonna Crawl" has never appealed to me.

I actually really enjoy South Bound Saurez and Carouselambra, and enjoy Hot Dog in a "so bad it's good" way. Fool in the Rain and All of My Love have maybe been played a little too much for me to enjoy terribly. Either way, I agree that it's not as solid as other albums.