I have an idea but I'd like to know if it's even possible.

I have a typical halfstack setup with pedals through the front and some through the FX loop. Now, I've bought another amplifier that I wanted to run with my rig at the same time, so i was going to buy an ABY box or something to switch between the two or run both together. But here I've come into a few problems that I can't figure out.

-I'd like both amps to share the same cabinet.
-I want the same pedals that i run through the front & loop of my halfstack to also run through the other amplifier.

It it too complicated (or expensive) to do something like this? Has anyone done this with some sort of switching system? I'd like some input.

I bought the 150SCE (Cedar top w/bubinga sides). For the money, it's great. I've compared it to my friend's Takamine which was way more expensive and to me they play and sound nearly identical. I'd buy an Xaviere acoustic over any other acoustic in it's price range.
I just bought an lpb-1 and I'm having an issue where anytime id touch it, it'd start buzzing. My cables are fine, however I am using a one spot with 5 pedals plugged into it (wah, micro chorus, lpb-1, carbon copy, and holy grail nano).

It makes a little noise when left alone but if i come into contact with it, it'll buzz.

It's brand new, i hope it's not an issue the pedal usually has.
My spider valve 212 has doubled its output volume since the last time i used it. Basically I didn't mess around with the channel volumes, so when i jammed at my buddy's place i'd have the amp around 10-11 oclock on the master volume and it was plenty loud. Now a few days later, the same volume is achieved at 8-9 oclock.

Also, when the master is turned all the way down, I can still hear my guitar through the speakers, and sometimes it sounds like its repeatedly going up then down in volume. Also, if i tap the master volume (literally tap it on the face of the knob), it crackles and does the up and down volume. Sometimes it crackles when turning it up normally as well.

I don't know what it could be, but is it that my master volume knob is going bad? The tubes are fine and all, so I have no idea.

I'm selling my Adamson 10MX loudspeaker. It's a pro grade loudspeaker, built rugged and is top quality. I do not use it, so i'd hope i can find someone who'd be able to use it instead of me keeping it in my studio.

They retail for $2100 CAD, and I'll be selling it for $700 CAD.

Live in the GTA/Durham Region? email me at and we can meet up!

anyways, here's some pictures, and a link to the spec sheet on their website.

Thanks for checking this out!
I'm selling an Adamson MX10 loudspeaker. It can be used as a floor monitor or a front of house loudspeaker. It is a professional grade piece of equipment, much higher quality than Yorkville.

I want to sell it because I don't use it as much and I'd rather someone else take advantage of it, as well as get it for way less than retail!

Anyways, they retail for $2100 CAD, and it is canadian made (right in toronto!). I'm selling it for $1000 and it's mint!.

I'm located in Bowmanville, so obviously a meeting can only be made with people living in the GTA. If it is to be shipped, PM me and we can talk about it! Also PM me if you want pics.

Thanks for checking this out.
Well, When it goes even 1 octave up, it makes a weird digital like jumble of noise sound...I cannot explain it very well i appologize lol. I've tried mixing with the wet/dry signal and still not much of a change.
I think i'm starting to fall out of love with my boss gt-6. I got myself a line 6 spider valve and its awesome, and with the 4 cable method and the boss, well i can say it was perfect for me. However, the one thing i am disappointed with is the pedal bend. I've been experiamenting with it and it sounds awful. I wanted the whammy tone, but it sounds weird to me. I've tried moving it up and down the effects chain, and so far putting it in front of the preamp sounds the best, but not great.

Anybody have experience with boss GT pedals and could possibly shed some light on my issue? Should i let it go or should i sell it and get the real deal?

theres a preamp out and power amp it, which can be used as a series effects loop. Found that on the line 6 website.

ok thanks all! i guess i'll try to get myself a spider valve, it good for its price, and ill sell the boss to get a floorboard!
Ok so i'm signed on to gig weekends at my local bar with my buddies, but guess what, i have no amp!! I got a blues junior for now that im borrowing, but i want to get my own.

All i have is a bass stack at home and a boss gt-6 that i use to play around with. I want an amp that i can use at home, at gigs, and at practices (like i did before i sold my amp in the first place grr)

Anyways, long-mcquade slashed the prices of the Spider Valve amps, and the 212 is appealing to me for 599 CAD.

Does anyone know from experience if the valve has crap tone like the normal spiders or did they do a good thing with the tubes?

Also, if i did buy it, should i keep the boss to run through the effects loop or should i just sell it to buy an FBV Shortboard or something?

i used them on all my guitars. feel nice, good tone, and they last a long ass time. I think on average they last me 8 months or more, and usually i replace them only when i break a string.

But i don't know if its me but if you plan on using them on a tremolo equipped guitar don't bother because for me the strings broke within 2 months of using them and doing light tremolo stuff. happened maybe 3 times? trem is set all properly, maybe just my luck
aww i guess that'll be an issue then. with 2 cabs i have been loud enough to play a small dance floor sized gig without being ran through the house PA.

so i guess i'm better off keeping the 2 cabs then? Money isn't my issue right now, it's just i don't have alot of space for the cabs, but i do need the power for possible gigs.

would you guys suggest me getting rid of the cabs and getting possibly a 4 ohm 4x10 cabinet or a 2x12 or something? they'd take up less space in my place and easier to lug around i guess. Also at 4 ohms.
Hi guys.

I'm a guitar player playing bass in a band and recently i think the band isn't going anywhere. However, i still like playing bass and want to keep my bass rig. But my only problem is that i have no room to keep a bass stack. I have a 1x15 cabinet and a 2x10 cabinet (the 2x10 sits vertically ontop of the 1x15, pefect fit). If you find that weird, it's because i have a Gallien Krueger 400RB-III bass head that runs 240 watts at 4 ohms and to save some money i bought my cabs second hand.

I want to get rid of the 2x10 because its worth the most, not as loud, and so i can use that money to get a tube combo and continue playing guitar. My only problem is that i still gig sometimes, and i want to have my full 240 watts.

Can i take out the 8 ohm 15" speaker from my cab and switch it to a 4 ohm 15" speaker? or is there more to it than that?


PS - this is the 1x15 cab
I want to buy a keyboard, and after playing guitar, bass and drums for a few years, i thought i could try it out and expand my musical abilities.

I am stuck between either buying a midi controller or a portable keyboard (I'm into learning alot of the 80s type keyboard songs like jump by van halen lol).

I'm deciding between: M-Audio Oxygen 49 midi controller
Casio CTK-3000 Keyboard 61 keys

I have some midi software on my computer from a mixer i bought awhile ago (hypersonic 2), and i was wondering if the Casio CTK-3000 could be used as a midi controller since it has usb? If it can't, then I still am stuck in what to choose, because it'll be my first keyboard that i would like to learn on.
Ok, hopefully this is the right area to post this.

I have a friend that broke a guitar, because he's careless with his stuff. So the sincere person i am, i lent him my first guitar i bought with my own money. I am worrying that i might not get it back at all or worse of all, the guitar enters the fate of his old guitar.

the reason? well he keeps his guitars out of its case, on the floor, on the amp, etc. He's not a close friend, just a guy ive jammed with a few times and we go to the same school. So one day i went to his place to watch the game when i happened to notice his spider crap amp upstairs, with my guitar sitting on top of it (over a hardwood floor).

Am i just too paranoid or should i really get it back from harms way?

awesome thanks for the replies! i guess ill go look into trying out a guitar head with my cab and seeing if its good enough for my liking!
Quote by Casketcreep
It would not sound bassy unless you EQ it that way.
Think of a bass amp as a guitar amp... but better.

If a guitar amp was a Ford Fiesta, a bass amp would be a tank.
(In terms of it's ability to handle frequencies.)

Watch out for the tweeter if it has one, it can make some ridiculous highs if you don't turn it off.

Awesome. Damn problem is that the cab's tweeter is always on, like theres no switch to turn it on or off, probably explains why if i use the 2x10 alone with the head and gt-6 the highs are tooo high (have to turn the Global EQs fully down).

I'm the type of person who likes to make multi use of things so i don't have to either spend more money and save space in my house. So will a guitar head produce a super high frequency type of tone or am i good? if someone whos been in this situation please share!

thanks again
Well its not really help that i need, just a suggestion.

I play bass in a band, and i have a full stack as of now, a 1x15 and a 2x10 with a GK 400RB-III head. I had to sell my guitar amp just to buy the bass rig, and ive been playing guitar for 5 years now (but i was a spider so who cares).

Anywho, i use a boss gt-6 to play guitar and i plug it into my full stack and the tone resembles a guitar halfstack (4x12). I was wondering since i want to start playing more guitar now, and im stuck on a budget, is it possible to use a guitar head with a bass cab? or will it sound absoulutely horrible?

im saying this because i noticed that with the bass amp, when i turn the volume up, it just gets distorted more instead of gaining volume (and btw all eqs are 0).

Been playing for 5 years

Own 5 guitars (3 electric, 1 acoustic, 1 bass)

17 years old
they're dead notes. just downpick the strings, muting them on the fretboard.
awesome, ill buy some rubber casters then! i'm buying them so i dont have to remove the handle.

thanks again, cant wait to rock the stack at my gig.
well the only way i managed to stack them is to put the 1x15 normally (its like a rectangle shape, short in height, long width) and what i did with the 2x10 was turn it on its side so the speakers are vertical, and put it on top of the 1x15.

it sounds great, better than the 1x15 on top, but the only problem is that the handle for the 1x15 cab doesn't allow the 2x10 cab to be stable stacked.

when the 2x10 is on bottom and the 1x15 on top, it loses the mids and highs at ear level, and it just sounds boomy but lacks colour.

I'd like to put the 2x10 vertically, because it makes my stack look bigger and the controls are at better reach, but the handle is my problem. Can you buy rubber casters for cabs and should i screw them into the sides of the cab?

I don't want to be gigging while clueless that my stack sounds horrible lol.

Thanks again.

PS: here are what the cabs look like

1x15 :
2x10 :
yeah, i want to have the 1x15 on the bottom too, you can really feel what you're playing. But the only thing stopping me right now is that its awkward to stack the 2x10 cab on top because its actually bigger than the 1x15 cab.
i have a bass stack, just bought the cabs. I have a yorkville 1x15 and an ashdown mag 210 cab. The 210 is basically a bigger cab than the 1x15 so i have to put the 1x15 on top of it.

It sounds good to me either way its stacked, but i noticed that the 210 is softer than the 1x15 (the 1x15 is 300 watts, the 210 is 200 watts, and my head is 240).

Does it matter if the 1x15 isn't on the floor? i'm going to use it at a gig sometiime this month and i dont know if it'll sound good.

I've put together my gig rig. its a stack, made up of a yorkville 1x15 cabinet and ashdown mag 210 cab, with a Gallien-Krueger 400RB head.

The yorkville cab has a silver grill, and the ashdown has a black grill, and it looks kind of funny when the two are stacked, they don't match.

Has anyone ever attempted to paint a grill before? I have tremclad black paint ready to go and wanted to know if anyone ever did it and ended up looking alright.

Oh ok, so if even if i stuck the amp on top of a 6x10, 600 watt cab (ampeg 6x10 for example), it'd have the same volume and sound like a 240 watt amp?

If thats the case, the it's easier for me to find a cab in my area. I thought if the cab has RMS substantially higher than the output of the amp would have a big effect on the total volume it can produce.
Awesome thanks!

But if the cab has substantionally more RMS than half, would that increased headroom make the amp sound quiet?

For example if i paired up a 300 watt 1x15 cab, and maybe a 200 watt 2x10, thats 500 watts so would the amp being underpowered make it sound quiet if i turned it up almost full before clipping?
Thanks for the replies!

I was planning on running two 8 ohm cabs in parallel. The only question i have is what wattage should the cabs be? I wanted to have two 1x15" cabs because i want the boom lol, but also i would rather have a 2x10" on top of a 1x15" cab to cover the full spectrum of freqencies.

What wattage do the cabs have to be. The head will push out 240 watts with 2 amps in parallel, so does that mean each cab has to be 300 watts, or can one cab be 200 watts and another be 150 or something so in total it exceeds 240 watts .

again im still unsure about how a cab and head combination work.

Thanks alot!
i've bought myself a giggable amp head, a GK 400RB, and i'm new to using head & cab setups. It says i can run 1 cab at 4 Ohms or 2 at 8 ohms. Now it also says that the amp will produce 240 watts @ 4 ohms and 150 watts @ 8 ohms.

If i used 2 cabs (not sure what kind yet) and ran them at 8 ohms, would i then be pushing out 240 watts or only 150? would i only get 240 watts from running into only 1 cab at 4 ohms?

I've wanted a cab and head setup for awhile, since im gigging and practicing on a regular basis now. I have a boss gt-6 and after 6 months or using it, ive gotten very sweet presets, but they they dont justice coming out of my line 6 combo.

i actually want a 4x12 cab, but i don't want to buy a head because i dont want to deal with tubes or a poorly sounding solid state amp. Would buying a power amp, like one from yorkville, and using it with a cab sound good? the power amp would be like a PA type of power amp.

Would it sound good or should i buy pa speakers and a power amp?
I emailed guitarfetish, they claim that their version is the exact same thing, just doesnt have the name wilkinson on it. Same size and such. Just going by with what they told me.

Thats the link to the tremolo on their website.
Im refinishing my first gutiar ever owned and just wanted to know how well the wilkinson floating strat tremolo performs? i'm not sure of the model, as it's from and it says it's exactly like a wilkinson. I'd like to know if its actually full floating, achieving enough range to play some evh type stuff.

i have a schecter omen 6 guitar and a 1970 ibanez les paul. I've always wanted a tremolo, but i dont want to shell out on another guitar when i already have a decent one.

I had the idea of getting a luthier to router and install a floyd rose tremolo system on my schecter (has a TOM bridge and strings are through-body), but i don't know how much it costs.

Also, if that isn't really a good idea, would putting a stetsbar my les paul be ok? I play alot of metallica and van halen type stuff so i dont know what to get.

Cost is my issue. Thanks
i wish long and mcquade employees who help young players buy their first amp DONT SELL THEM ****!! 3 years later, im stuck with my line 6 spider 2 amp, no one wants to buy it so im stuck.

I bought a gt-6 a while back, and now i can only gig with the house pa system and leave my amp at home cuz it sucks. So to eliminate the crap sound, i turned all eqs on the amp off, and used the green clean cuz it has the least colour, and used Global EQs on the boss to even the sound.

i have to mess with it also because i notice if i use a heavy preamp (5150, mesa red) and i palm mute, i notice a huge bass rumble after i play the note. Will the speakers break apart if there is too much bass?

any tips on making the line 6 sound good?
Quote by Darkflame
i got an ibanez pre-sue thing, doesn't look like it
headstock doesn't have the diamond and has the vintage ''ibanez'' on the top
tuners are bell-shaped
buttons don't look like this


(oh and mine has a set neck)

cool cool. ive changed all the parts on the guitar because the knobs and tuners that were on it were rusted or broken (top hat knobs were broken in half).

now its fixed up i think it sounds decent, heavy as hell but thats what les pauls are all about.
Quote by jimithrash
5 bucks .. you're kiddin rite?? i woulda payed 50

nice LP, dont sell it, you wont get much.. if i were you i'd refurbish it, it seems sturdy although its bolton which sucks a tad.

maybe new gotoh tuners, gotoh bridge, new pickups, full setup, then itll be a gem

funny you'd say that, i went to and got me some parts. I have a GFS VEH pickup in the bridge, a GFS crunchy pat in the neck, and one of their tune-o-matics. i have the grovers and they keep it in tune.

I have a small problem though, i had to raise my bridge up so that the studs are approx. 1/8 inch over the body to eliminate the fret buzz. its very high action which im not used to so i dont know if thats right or not. Also, my bridge pickup is also raised u 1/8 inch over the pickup rings itself because the strings are so far from the body that the pickup doesnt make a sound lol.

ill get a picture of it up soon, but is this normal for a les paul? i play a schecter so its different to me and i dont know if its "normal"
Quote by Flaming Chaos
did someone bite the headstock?

i have no idea lol but thats funny. Oh, i wanted to mention that the tuning pegs are grovers too, before them they were a vintage style tuning pegs, like they matched the binding which was cool but they were plastic.
Quote by lefthandman9876
some generic jappy les paul copy for cert, i have one and i love it

there plywood but there pretty nice, i doubt thats an ibanez though

worth 50-100 bucks at the most

just keep it, there pretty nice guitars

yeah im definatly keeping it, its close enough to a real les paul im probably gunna get. ive played my friends epiphone les paul custom and this guitar is heavier and has a better feel than that.

Also, it does have plywood but the guitar body is 80% mahogany, the top is plywood, but it doesnt matter to me.
So i recently bought a pretty nice les paul for 5 bucks from a friend of mine. It's black with creme binding all around the body and neck. The neck is bolt on, and the headstock ressembles the shape of a gibson guitar. The body is also solid mahogany, and the neck is maple with rosewood fingerboard.

The only problem is that on the headstock, and also anywhere on the body,. there is no name of the brand nor the model. The only hint is that the truss rod cover says "custom"

My friend believes it could be the ibanez les paul copy from the 70s prior to the lawsuit (does anyone remember that??)

here's some pics that maybe could help anyone help me figure out what guitar i have!

Edit: The bridge is missing in the pictures because when i got the guitar, my friend sold me the bridge without the saddles which made no sense so i just took it off.
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Forget about watts, how many 15'' (minimal size) cabs can you cram in ? That or some of the old crazy 9*8'' cabs traynor made (yes, nine 8 inch speakers in a 4*12 sized cab). Anything to grant you plenty of low-end headroom, if the ground pummels it's good without the PA, but are you playing a TUBE AMP ?

100 watts of tube crankiness is plenty enough, transistors (if your amp responds well to being pushed) may pass the test also, but keep in mind to have a big-ass cab to give 'em the shakes.

In need of a new amp ? Go to pawnshops and do yourself a favor by buying a working tube amp head, reliable even when going down to hell.

I spent exactly 325 $ for a 50-100w bass head (not quite sure, not said anywhere on it and dating of the 60's) and a 4*10 traynor cab, both work quite amazingly, and when you speak of tone, there'S plenty in there, using it for guitar, volume at 10 equals grindy distortion, as sabbath, led zep etc.

For three times the price you might get a head that would top the sound, but in terms of durability if your oldie still works it's got through the roughest of tests. Not to forget 3x the $ still means no cab with it, unless lucky. At the very least a mod or two to boost lower frequencies in a used tube head will make it your very workhorse.

I did post this question in the "bass guitar" section, but i guess i should be more specific.