Well some shizno went down and we decided we're going to try and start something, but i might be able to find someone else for you.

and yeah I play guitar haha. I've been trying to start a pop punkish band for about 3 years now. But i should be able to get someone for you.
The last one is Rock Island. i'm a Bett local. I'd join if I had an amp, but there is a kid I know in the local area. I could give you his facebook. He plays guitar and can sing almost exactly like billie Joe. Big Blink fan.
Ok. I need ideas for a song. I have writers block and need help.

all i need is an ideah of what to write about and i probably come up with something.

Thanks for any ideas you can give.
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It's not even a Gibson thing at all. The Tronical Powertune tuners had been available since february last year, so it's just the simple matter of having a Gibson LP Studio with some third party accessories fitted to it if you don't wanna shell out the big bucks. There'll be literally no difference, except you'll probably save a million billion smackeroos.

Edit: I see the ones at Guitar Center are already sold out... How much did they actually cost?

i have an lp studio. its a good guitar but the robo thing is a prototype.
i dont think that its that big a deal. the quality is thrown for somethin odd.

eventually they will make the quality amazing. like their other lp modles
hey i may be a newb on here. but im a really good guitarist.

and thx for the talk
fine dont give me opinion. im just a newb
i saw it. but i think its unneccessary (or however u spell it) what do u think?
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only a gibson is good enough

i have a lp and a spider 3 75
[quote=""[It's Alex"]"]I'm going to be getting a Les Paul soon but I would like one that has more than 22 frets. Some of the material I've been playing has notes up on the 23'rd fret, while my Gibson SG only has 22. I usually replace those notes with harmonics.
My question is, is it really worth getting an electric with more than 22 frets? Or should I just stick with substituting with harmonics and get a Les Paul Standard Faded 50's?

gey a lp studio. i just got one and it has i think 24 frets. what style of music do u play
Alright I read and i would say go with one of the spider3's i have one and it goes good for everything. check out the website line 6 .com and there is more info. later.
have one? its an amazing upgrade from my squier strat. I beat the heck out of my strat.