what do you call a dear with no eye?

No eyed dear
Katy Perry - I Kissed A Girl
Amanda Seyfried - I Have A Dream
Nickelback - Far Away tab
I got in to a fight at school once with this girl, she was a lot bigger than me so she hit me. So then i went nuts on her n pushed her down some stairs and then i got taken away by security people, it was ace.
Family Guy &+ Sponge bob
For me its 13/14 because one of my best friends killed her self and i've found it hard getting over it.
GREAT BRITAIN because we are ace :P
I'm from Cwmbran
Llanduno is so i cute i love it there
Well how do you think i'm on here then?
I think the title sums it up lol
I can never find people from the same place as me on sites
steal it
i'm on level 6
wales Rocks
I'm from Cwmbran in South Wales!
i'm form cwmbran lol

Is anyone elese here from Wales, UK.
I'm normaly the only person from wales on sites like this lol
I don't get it .... lol
That must of been a great laugh lol
Umm ... Don't crash lol
:O whats wrong with the red one? its a nice colour and it looks hot!
i would personaly pick the red one but it is up to you
Far Away - Nickelback

I love that song lol
I get Nervous ...

but only sometimes
like when i'm asking for something lol

I'm abbi! I'm 13 years old 14 soon lol I have been playing guitar for about 3 months now and i have just got my first electric guitar. Its bright pink because i love that colour lol

Well thats a lil bit about me
Thanks guys

(nice people on here )
Hey Hey!
I'm new to this and haven't got any friends so add me please i could do with some help :]

i haven't been on here long, thorught i would say hi!