It's in A minor

i III VI(first inversion) iv v i

--7---5---x---x---x---- 0---------------
--x---x---x---x---x---- x----------------

So basically my question is does is work theory wise?
Does it work musically?

AND what chord is this?
One of our volleyball players has had her vertical leap measured at of 36in. Before jumping, she sinks down far enought to lower her center of gravity by 14in. from her standing position.
a. With what velocity must she leave the floor in order to reach that height?
b. How much time does she spend in the air altogether?
c. When she hits the floor, she bends her knees to absorb the shock. When she comes to a stop, her center of gravity is 15in. below its position when she's standing upright. Assuming that her acceleration during the landing phase is constant, calculate it. Give your result in ft/s^2, m/s, and units of g.
Alright I thought this would be a cool game. I'll start off with a sentence and the next poster will copy mine and add theirs and so and and so forth. Make sure you include the story before yours otherwise this could get messy. I'll start it off.

Tom snuck in through the back door of the restaurant, for he knew that if he walked through the front door he would surely be shot.

It was kinda weird watching them sing "teenage wasteland" now that they're 80 years old
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Lighten up. T'is a joke.
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We do have good methods for treating anxiety disorders like PTSD. CBT has been shown to be effective with many patients, and there are a number of other treatments that can be used. The problem is that all of these things are expensive.

Damn you. Do you have to shut down all my posts? I quit!
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What's cheaper: treating them for PTSD and then integrating them into society or paying the costs when they go off the rails?

I doubt it's a simple matter of expenses. PTSD is a neurological disorder. Considering we know very little about how the brain works, we probably know nothing on how to effectively treat it. It's not a smiple matter of buying Band-Aids and handing them out to soldiers when they get back.
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If you were to have PTSD you might not have complete control over your actions in the same way that you do now. Re-experience and hyperarousal alone can make one do things that one would not do under other circumstances.

There wouldn't be no consequences, but clearly what this guy needs is help. What will locking him up achieve?

Fine, he needs help. I'll give you that. He might have PTSD. If he does he needs help, but he still needs to be punished. Whether he has PTSD or not god knows he's going to use it to his advantage.

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This. I didn't say to let him run free! I said he, the person, would not be to blame. He doesn't deserve death, if he truly has mental effects from his experiences in the military, and this caused him to do the torture to his daughter, do you really think he would've done that on purpose in his right mind? He's not to blame. Not saying to let him go free.

My mistake I misunderstood.
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You people are so ****ing ignorant. this is what half of you are saying.

"Oh, I knoooow he might have had PTSD and not be mentally responsible for what he's doing, not controlling it, not meaning to do it, but he is so messed up and it's all his fault he should die!"

Does that not make sense to anyone besides me? If he really does have a mental problem after serving, then he didn't do this because he wanted to, he wasn't right in his mind. If he is as normal in the head as before he served, then he deserves to be severely punished.

Also, I don't know if the girl was in danger of death. I can't really understand what it means; did he dunk her head in backwards with the back of the head in first, or face first?

Oh so you're saying that if I were to suffer some sort of horrible accident and watch my family die it would be ok to do w.e. I want with no consequences?
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A U.S soldier.

Don't try to pin this on the U.S. or the military. There's psychos out there everywhere.
Check out the forced listening thread here in the pit. It's awesome I found a lot of cool stuff there.
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well for vectors:

/a\ /c\ /a+c\
| | + | | = | |
\b/ \d/ \b+d/

In this case let the 3.3 mile vector be (3.3,0) now work out the 7 mile vector.
Drawing a triangle with angle 30 and longest side = 7 you can see x=7cos30, y=7sin30. Therefore the vector is (7cos30, 7sin30)

adding together= (3.3+7cos30, 7sin30)

That is ONE solution, but since you're not told which direction the first vector faces or which direction you measure the 30deg from you can't tell any more than that.

Ah I'm sorry bro that made no sense to me....

The 30 degrees is supposed to be north of east. The angle between the 3.3 mi and 7 mi vector should also be 30 degrees. What I did was the law of cosines to get the magnitude of the resultant vector it came out to 19.88. I have no idea how realistic that is. I'm pretty sure 7, 3, and 19 do not make a triangle. FvCK I hate phyisics. lol

EDIT: If it will help here's the problem.

An Olympic marathon course runs 3.3 miles in the direction of 30 degrees north of due east, then turns due west for 7.0 miles, then heads southeast for 9.2 miles, then turns south for 6.7 miles to the finish line.
a. Find the vector displacement from the starting point to the finish.
b. How far does a runner travel over the entire course?
c. What is the significance of the vector displacement in this situation?
I have homework due tomorrow and thanks to my amazing procratination skills i have no idea what i'm doing. Help.

How do you add vectors?
I have one vector 3.3 miles and another 7 miles long with an angle of 30 degress between them. What's the resultant?
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Choke is one of Palahniuk's better ones. The other being Fight Club. Would I recommend it? Not really but it's good if you want some mindless fun.

Haunted is another good one.
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hey no worries man were all here, and so is the hugging thread, we've all been through alot of shit.

most importantly, do what you feel is right tho. oh and report back for teh scoop

So she called back the next day and apologized. I went over to her house later that day and we hung out some. Everything's good now i guess
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Here's another one of the creature thing from the 2nd pic:

*weird milk pouring rape

No idea what they are from but they are freaking weird.

I've spent hours trying to decipher this one. Still don't get it...
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But where is it plugged into?!?!?!
My girlfriend and I have been fighting quite a bit recently. She told me she didn't wanna talk to or see me again. I thought it was just something she said out of anger, but she still hasn't called back....
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Yeah, I actually consider two of my friends more or less best friends. Although now that they're both dating, they've kinda been a little more occupied with their respective significant others.

For a sec, I thought they were dating each other.
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hey no worries man were all here, and so is the hugging thread, we've all been through alot of shit.

most importantly, do what you feel is right tho. oh and report back for teh scoop

haha will do.
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sounds like you should give her some space over the weekend, sounds like you two also have a few issues with not being able to see eachother on the drop of a feather, its tough.

i would give her some space over the weekend(or depending on when you go back to college) and then ask her to dinner(if you have the funds, doesnt have to be a 400$ meal, girls just like going out) and maybe appologize for not calling her when you said(even tho its not your fault)

explain to her that you will get her the camera when you have the funds, tell her that college is kinda where your money is going, and you can get it to her when you have extra funds.

try not to let her control you like that dude, its not healthy for a lasting relationship, there needs to be some limitations on to what she can control you on.

TLR give her space, invite her to dinner.

Thanks for taking the time to read through my post. Yea I guess all i can do is just
wait it out.

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I'm sorry, but I couldn't help laughing at this. But in all honesty, wait it out a little and let her simmer down, then call her and see how she's doing. Don't push anything on her right away, she won't be in the mood to deal with it. Anyways, she may have just been having a bad day before you didn't call her and she may have just ended up taking it out on you.

Nah, it's cool brah. I threw it in there for the lulz. Yea it seems like she's been taking quite a few things out on me lately. She got in a real bad fight with her sister, and she basically got her face beat in.
Okay. So, I came home from college from the weekend to see my girlfriend. This morning she called and told me to call her at 5pm. I ended up leaving the college around 4pm and fell asleep on the way home (my friend was driving) Anyways, I woke up when we had arrived at 6pm. I called my girlfriend and her sister said she wasn't home. So I said ok I'll call back later. I called her about an hour later and she still wasn't there. I called at 8 and she still wasn't there. Finally she called my back at 9pm. First she gets mad at me because I didn't call at 5; I explain to her that I fell asleep. Then she asks if I'm coming over to her house, and I tell her no because It's already late and my little brother wants me to hang out and play games with him. Then she gets even more angry and starts going on about how I should have never said I was going to come over if I wasn't going to. I tried explaining to her that I really wanted to see her and meant to go over as soon as I got home, but she went to the hospital to visit her brother and there was really nothing i could do. She says, "Well you could have called me at 5 like I asked you to."

For christmas I gave my girlfriend a digital camera that didn't work, no not on purpose, so I promised to buy her a new one as soon as I save up some money. Now, I don't even have money to pay the rest of this semester at the moment and she keeps asking me for like $300 cameras. Anyway, after she said the last thing about me not called her at five she says, "So are you gonna buy me my camera? How much are you willing to spend?" I told her I wasn't sure it would depend on what is available that way we can get the best deal. "WTH! If you weren't going to get me a camera you should have never said you would." She says goodbye and hangs up.

Then my house phone rings and I answer and she asks why didn't you answer your cell phone? I told her, "Sorry I didn't hear it." Then again she's convinced that I don't want to talk to her. We start talking about me falling asleep and not calling her at 5 and her going to the hospital. I keep trying to explain to her that I'm sorry and it was just a series of unfortunate events, but she is totally convinced this happened because I don't wanna see her at all. Which is completely untrue!

Anyway we keep talking about it and she's just not understanding, and when I get fustrated, which I was, I start getting really sarcastic and it started to hurt her. She says she's just gonna hang up and let me go and I said ok, because I had already given up on explaining things to her, and figured she could work it out on her own. Then a few seconds later she calls back saying that I don't care at all and that she doesn't want anything to do with me anymore. She said, "Don't call, don't text, don't come over. I don't wanna see you, or talk to you anymore. Goodbye."

I've tried calling her back multiple times, but she just won't answer any advice pit?
I know I was in the wrong for getting sarcastic and mean, but did she overreact?

EDIT: And I had just gotten her a version of LeafGreen so we could play together.... now who am I going to play pokemon with?
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Smoking cigarettes is like killing yourself and the people around you slowly. I feel bad for the people that die from secondhand smoke but the people that know the consequences and still smoke kinda..I'm not gonna say deserve it but..they know what they're doing their bodies.

Has anyone actually ever died from second hand smoke? I mean what do you have to do to die from it. Go stand outside with your mate everytime he has a cigarette? Second hand smoke can be harmful sure, but I doubt anyone has died from it.
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get new hands lol
Find out said chemicals for the hands. And rats lots and lots of rats.
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You guys have Berklee Collage of music. Your city practically bleeds good bands. (usually)

Really? A Collage of music. That must be pretty cool. All different types of music mixed into one.
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I really hope that's not a prototype, seeing as we're so close to the first test.
If they run with that I'll be happy, it looks really good. And as I don't really know what I'm talking about when it comes to Areodynamics etc, I'll have to go on looks.

I'm sorry that was hilarious. It made me laugh in the middle of a crowded room. Now I feel stupid

Also, I neither know anything about aerodynamics or engines.
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Yeah I use to watch house episodes so i use up my 72 minutes per hour on that :P


OMG. I've been watching that show non-stop I love it!
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just finished Chronic City by Jonathan Lethem. pretty good in that winding, go nowhere post-modern way. 3.5/5

but wait! no breaks in the reading schedule for me. begun The Sun Also Rises. blasting through it at a pretty quick pace. Hemmingway always seems to be a joy to read. everything is so lean.

I loved The Old Man and the Sea. Awesome story.
YES! My Leafgreen version came in the mail today. So now me and my girlfriend are gonna battle it up!
If you don't like it, don't listen to it.
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What is that?
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I found "Holes" to be one of my favorite books, ever. I've never watched the film though. I also want to get round to finally reading "Northern Lights" aka "Golden Compass"

Holes is awesome. As usual, the book was much better. A lot of the humor was left out of the movie just because it wouldn't work as well. They did attempt that one bit where they introduce the yellow-spotted lizard, but it ended up sounding so ridiculous.
Alrighty, Pit.
Decide which book I read next:

House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski
The Road by Cormac McCarthy
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It's like midnight and the internet. Sorry if I'm having trouble deciphering jokes.

I like how whenever someone fails to pick up on sarcasm, they always fall back on the excuse, "Oh... Uh... Uh... It's late and I'm tired.... Yeah, that's it."
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It was very confusing honestly, the book lacked any coherent storyline till the end. I'm not gonna lie, some of it was interesting, but as a twentieth century Lit. book it just didn't appeal to me or the rest of the class. It was also a very difficult read, and after just one semester of using it our teacher decided to drop it from the schedule since reading it took almost three times as long as expected. So Idk why I hate it so much, it was just one of those books that tortured me reading it.

The movie on the other hand.... that was pretty interesting.

It wasn't that hard....
I personally loved it. It had me laughing the whole time. So much that my family started to think I was weird.
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Just finished Kafka on the Shore, somehow that string of seemingly chaotically-related subplots came together so powerfully. I'm probably going to have to read more Mukrakami after this, if I don't read Lolita next.\

Speaking of essays, I'm supposed to be writing something about August Wilson's Fences, but I'm drawing complete blanks here. I read the play, and did not enjoy it.

Explain why it sucks?
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Damn, I have a Grass, a Poison, and a Steel team ready for this kind of stuff and I get here a few hours too late.

I'm confused do you have to catch and train your pokemon as in the original games? Or do you simply select your team from a list like the pokemon stadium game?
How does shoddy battle work? I tried to download it, but it was a weird .jnlp file. Help?