dude.........that glar is so wrong......I can see you're junk under the back plate
Bump. price drop $170 plus the shipping
You would need to pay shipping.

if you're sereious about buying PM me.
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you have a PM

comeon UG throw me a les paul
are you asking a question or looking to buy one?
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Shipping to the UK? If so, how much?

as much as it cost, if you pay shipping I'll ship anywhere
maybe, Send me some pics, I could really use a hot bridge pickup tho.
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Epi Les Paul Custom, in Alpine White?
Brand New, not even a fingerprint on it (that I can find). =P.

stock pickups?
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I'll take it off your hands in a few weeks when I get paid, if you still have it then.

keep in touch
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would you trade for a
ferrington electric/acoustic
and a metal muff!

need another eletric after this, sorry.
Ok UG......don't let me down here.

I'm putting my SG back up on here before I'm off to harmony central with it, Just thought I'd give it one more try.

I'm looking for les pauls (nothing too heavy weight wise) or HSS strats of = value (no low ballers). prefure something with hot pickups.

cash wise I'm looking for $475 shipped.


-Mahogany body

-24" Set mahogany neck with a rosewood fret board

-EMG 81 in the bridge

-EMG 85 in the neck

-18v mod

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well i hate when people are so ****ing negative... while ur at it might as well say my guitar is crap and i suck and besides ur rockin out on one also u AFI tard... god go choke on a razor

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Two weeks for a set of batteries? Holy cow, the lifespan for the battery should be average 6 months. Make sure you dont leave your cable plugged in when not playing because that will kill the battery.

I just change them to make shure, I've never had them die or lose tone from starting to die, not really a hassel.

and I leave everything unpluged when I'm not playing
These are alot better with heavy tone, they have good cleans but not as good as passave pickups. they really do scream, if I didn't want a set of burstbuckers so bad, this thread would not have even been made.
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How often do you usually change the pickup batteries?

ha, not much really.

probley once every 2 weeks
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It's an Epiphone though right? And what are the modded pickups for? I don't know much about this stuff, but I wanna learn.

yes it is a epiphone.

And the pickups have a 18v mod to make them a little hotter and make the batteries last a bit longer.
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You're just selling the pickups? You got rid of the guitar? (finally )

I've been trying to get rid of it on here but no luck, I might try harmony central, if not I'm gettin some burstbuckers in this and keppin it
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Any chance you would sell the 85 by itself?

Sorry, Looking to sell the pair.
check you're PM's
is that a glare on the neck or is it the paint?
Body, neck, frets, any ware

I might have something to trade.
Any more pics?
is that a apple on the 1st fret?
Trade the PH-3 for a GEB-7 and a line 6 ubermetal with adapter?
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Never played one of those before. How is the distortion on them? I don't have a cab I could use it with atm though. Also isn't that a bass EQ?

killer distortion, and yes it is a EQ
trade for a one month old B-52 AT100 plus a Boss GEB-7?
I don't have a tube screamer, but how about another pedal ontop of it