I wouldn't go for smoke on the water. It's too well known and's not very impressive when you play it, because, honestly, that's the first song that people gear towards when they first start out guitar. Master of Puppets is a neat one though
Well, I'd say any Pentatonic scale would be a good one to learn. It really comes in handy with improvising and jazzy type stuff. Anyhow, it's a neat thing to learn just in case you ever want to play that sort of thing.

And of course there's your basic major and minor scales. Go through your book and work on some different complimentary major and minor scales. You can mix those up and create some pretty cool sounds.
lol, dude, don't compare yourself to youtube people. Some of them aren't even real. And if they are, then they're just really good. Us normal people just have to work hard enough to get to the point where we can play all those riffs and stuff. Just find your own songs to play. Find something unique, just enjoy it bud.
I suggest you get a basic knowledge of, you know, how to read tabs, chords, and notes but don't get too into it yet. MAKE SURE YOU LEARN NOTES. Trust me, it helps you later on, anyone can read tabs, but notes you really have to work at.

Just keep learning songs and developing your knowledge of chords. Keep it up.
I was trying to do some slap guitar and snapped my E string
Help me out guys.
Can you take people's mp3's and put them on your profile?
I need some advice.
What do you think about SE single cut guitars, are they any good?
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click community at the top of the page and a page with a search bar will come up, click 'groups' type in something related to a group you want to join.

then it'll give you a list of groups click on them and have a look around. if you want to join there's a 'join group' link underneath the groups picture. you'll only be able to join if it's a public group, a private group requires someone to invite you.

Thanks Lemon
I think the story behind it's kind of weak, needs some work
how do you join a group????? how do you find them too?

if I could get some help that'd be great
Alright, let's just go straight out here, who's the best guitarist?
Crap, thanks man
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