I left work 3 hours early one day and still got paid for it.

So I guess thats sorta like stealing.
Scared the **** out of my dad once when he was looking at porn, he thought no one was home.

Walked up behind him and said 'What are you doing?!'.

To this day he still denies it.
7 White Castles!?

Hope your near a bathroom dude.
I'm a comercial trumpeter, this was taken from "my" site.

"This cat added such a flair with his shiny brass horn, people were just speechless. Having never heard us before (we hadn't heard him either) he came up and jammed three songs with us, four if you count the Led Zeppelin encore we did, and it was phenomenal.------Brian Sanders, you kick a** my friend!"

Quoted by Groovement in Baltimore Rocks.Com, 6/29/98.

I also, aparently look like a retard.
What about the men's opinion of facial hair on women?
Quote by aliceinnirvana
I love how it has "Cartoon Characters" down as Jewish...

If you click on the link it says that the Thing from fantastic 4 is jewish.
I buy most of my band shirts on ebay.
I did however just use this site, and I thought they were pretty good.
He just says what people want to hear, it's all a bunch of BS. Just like with every politician, they're worthless once they get in the White House.
Boston Rain Melody by Steve Vai

Also, Riviera Paradise by S.R.V.
I wish my dad cared about me enough to tell me when I look like a jackass. He usually just laughs.
Someone in one of my classes stopped talking to me; because, I don't like Radiohead.

I also seriously hate Nirvana.
I signed up for an account when I was 16.

The cops were at my door in 5 seconds.

Pork is kinda chewy...
I did one last semester on legalized gambling. Got an A

Just pick a topic you have some feeling on, Homeschooling vs. public school, gun control, price gouging of left-handed guitars, etc. It can be virtually anything in the world.
July 9th

1887 - Reportedly paper napkins were used for the first time by John Dickinson (stationery manufacturers) at the company's annual dinner.

How swanky

Jack White
Frank Bello (Anthrax)
Mitch Mitchell (Jimi Hendrix Experience)
O.J. Simpson
Courtney Love
Donald Rumsfeld
Bon Scott
Fred Savage

Thats a strange mix of people...
Damn, I thought I had alot to worry about
Quote by guitarslutxxx
i moved away from my home town to go to community college. all my buddies stayed at my home town so i dont know anyone here. nobody at this college is really interested in meeting new people and friends because nobody wants to be in that college, they are all just there with their buddies from highschool tryin to pull their grades up to go to a better school. i am developing a drinkin problem...again... i am on here, so thats my social life for the time being. i should be able to get into a good school in the fall, if i dont, i dunno what im gonna do. aint life grand.

I am in almost exactly the same spot.

I just started community college, and everyone wants to hang out with their highschool friends and would rather text on their damn phones than talk to a real person. When did everyone turn into such nerds?

Aside from the lack of friends thing though, life is alright. I have a good job, and my college grades are pretty good as well. But i'm still unhappy, and i'm not sure what to do about it.
I just picked up House of God and Abigail 2 for 5 bucks each. Anyone listen to these albums? I haven't listened to Adigail 2 yet, but so far I really like House of God.

Got a terrible rating on the All Music Guide though...
I don't have a mypsace so maybe you guys can clarify for me..

Do people actually talk to all 12,000 or however many friends they have, or is it more or less a trophy case of sorts?

Also, are any of these people you have actually met or just random internet people...

Just curious.

Magero - Yeah, I get your point. But when you don't have a car, a town over is still out of reach...
Quote by technicolour
Corpse paint sells albums?

I mean, I could see some people going "well this band where's corpse apint, they must be grim". But at the same time said people (hopefully) realize that there's loads of grim bands that don't wear it?

I'm not saying corpse paint sells albums, having an image sells albums. If that image has some slight controversy(as black metal does), all the better.
Cook 'em and eat 'em.

Thats what we do in Texas.
I love COB, I can't believe on Gigantour they are going to Dallas, Corpus and Houston and SKIPPING San Antonio!

I may have to do some traveling...
Using corpse paint is just showmanship, they use it to make themselves stand out from other metal bands. It doesn't make you more satanic or whatever. It sells albums, it has since Alice Cooper's day.

Just pure marketing.

I'm a Black Metal fan though and I think the corpse paint is badass.
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Sit backwards on the toilet and your turd will land on the porcelain rather than in th water.

Sound advice.
I used to drink sprite, I stopped drinking soda about a year ago though.

And by the way, Fresca tastes like lemon pine sol.
Just laugh it off, it ticks people off.
2/10 - I don't get it...

Ha! Do your worst, my sig is the greatest!
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Mow a god damned lawn. I made 250 bucks mowing a lawn once a week during the summer.
Are you in Iowa? Because Idk what IA is, but if so, shovel some snow for your neighbors.
It's not that hard.

250 a week!?

Damn, i'm in the wrong job...
I can totally see that happening to a few of my college professors.
I don't have a myspace, iPod or cell phone.

Don't need it, so why waste the time or money?

Most people I know wish they didn't have their cell phones anyway, or at least the contract.
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Don't forget "Bill and Ted's."

Iron Maiden?


Sell it and buy a smaller iPod
I'd say Sheer Heart Attack. I own it, Brighton Rock is classic.
Schlotzsky's Deli

I still have nightmares about working there...
I've heard of Thin Lizzy referred to as a pub rock band.

Not Aussie, but still damn good.
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San Antonio?

I'm in San Antonio as well.

Texas kicks ass.
Take 'em to a pawn shop, you could probably get enough to buy a coke!
People used to say I looked like Jack Black when I was fat. Lost about 50 pounds and haven't heard it since, thank God.