How long are trem claw screws on a fender (I think it's a fender vintage 70's). I was wondering if you can unscrew them too far and they'd fall out. If so waould this damage the holes thread when you screwed them back in and would you be able to screw them back in?
I'm just adjusting my tremolo floating bridge. I was wondering how long the nails of the term claw are as I'm raising the bridge and I don't want want the screws to come out?
Also I have some rust on the term claw, what's the best way to remove this, should I spray it with dw40
I was figuring this song out and originally thought the chords went

Lenny Bruce - Bob Dylan live youtube - click the second one from the google search, it's better quality,
My links don't work on here for some reason

C,F, C
F, C, G, C
C, G, F, C, F, C, Dm, C, G
F, C
F, C, Dm, C, G

But after watching the vid when it gets up close at a few certain points, what I thought was a C he appears to play a G/b and I can only think he is playing it fingering the D note on the second string because it's followed by a G chord,
When I played it first with what I originally thought it was with the C, I was sure this correct until I saw his hand position at about 2 min 50 secs onwards, I'm Thinkin is this because the band or bass player is playing a C note
Any advice would be appreciated, cheers
This pattern seems too tricky for me to decipher but I wanna nail, please help

Live version btw
Yeah for sure, I play guitar and i imagine if I was to have a go at the piano I would be as good as Beethoven
Because when I submit them from an ipad notepad app, they get declined because the format becomes all messed up when I submit them

Actually, does anyone know of an app I can use to make tabs on the ipad which ar in the right format to submit here on UG?
Cheers mate

I read your thread yesterday, great post, glad to know someone else is in the same boat as me, im thinking it would be easier for me to use my folks pc, copy what I've got to word as my iPad app doesn't seem to be in A4
I submitted a tab the other day and just discovered it was declined, when I then clicked on it, it was not how I submitted it, 'twas in a different format,
I created the tab on my ipad using Ido notepad. When I submitted it first, some of the lines where out slightly, I then fixed these using the update tool, which I updated about 20 times if this makes a difference,
Anyway it looked fine but the rejected tab on my profile was nothing like wha I submitted, it was a mess

I've resubmitted it if smoeone could look at it for me and see if it looks ok now, it's called the indifference of heaven by warren zevon, tabbed by skilly1, I just resubmitted it 5 mins ago if that helps

When I new to guitar, I learnt hundreds of songs, id learn one then move onto the next as soon as I'd used it up, guitar playing is very exciting at first, still is, but now there's less new songs I try to learn, rather improve on my favorite songs to play, which is cool
Yeah, that's right, but I think artists I like followed a certain musical structure but also must of made stuff up without following an existing path to make it original
Cool, that's what I thought
I've started playing a few chords I like, but don't really know how to set out a structured song with a beginning chorus bridge and ending. Do I really have to stick with a proven song structure which most people use and have used in the past, using keys and chord progressions.
Should I study this and listen to songs or can I just make it up as I go along
I have a song called stagolee in my slide guitar book which is in open G, he shoots someone called Billy
Have a look at this, I found it very useful when I was struggling with rhythm guitar, there's a short demo which you can watch down the page
What are the questions, maybe ppl can still help you, I have a few Hal Leonard books but not this one
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ohai. I searched UG and Google and even Bing and couldn't find anything. I was experimenting with alt tunings tonday and I stumbled across CGCDAC.
I had discovered it after I tweaked another tuning (I can't remember which).

Does anyone know of this tuning? I'd at least like to know the name of it, although a link to a chord chart would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Tonday? Is that in between Monday and Tuesday
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To be honest I don't listen to much music with lyrics. Too be honest again, most I find sound very cliche to me. Not to say I don't listen to stuff with lyrics but most of my favorites are purely instrumental. The genre isn't going anywhere for me at least. I like how its not in the limelight.

TBH I find music with lyrics makes me think to much, whereas instrumental music, preferably quality instrumental music, I can just happily listen to without reading into it
Gigging in coffee shops, that sounds wild
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this post made me throw up.

Lol, +1
Two words, Joe Satriani, nuff said
But you still get the benefits of learning without being bored :-)
Mines usually a different technique which I practice enough until I remember so I don't have to keep going back to a book or other source, then I can practice whatever it is whilst watching a tv program,
At the moment I'm practicing arpeggio triads with the corresponding major scale and cage system whilst watching 'Soprano's
I apologize, I meant my ring finger, I've amended my post, thanks for responding
It's a Dunlop brass No222 ring size 9
I was intending to use it on my ring finger at first but it doesn't quite fit, only goes as far as the middle knuckle of my finger, I probably could force it fully on but it may get stuck. It does fit on my pinkie though but seems loose
Is it a good idea to use it on my ring finger but not all the way(is this common practice) or should I use it on my pinkie even though it's a little bit loose,
I was thinking of buying another slide but the next size up to fit my ring finger

I'm brand new to slide playing so any advice would be great, im looking forward to jamming with this new technique
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For example, the simple act of moving the minor pentatonic scale down 3 frets opens up an whole new major sounding scale

Does this mean what ever position your playing in the minor pentatonic scale, play that shape/position three frets down and it will be 5 notes from the relevant major scale,
I know if you play a major A then go 3 frets down, its the relative minor being F# minor, I think
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(Sorry if the title wasn't clear, i'm not sure how to word it.)

Ahhh, I thought you had a blocked guitar. Yeah take it one step at a time, I'm sure most ppl had the same thoughts when they where starting out learning new things
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My problem is not being able to get what I hear out right.
Because when I'm trying to figure out the notes I often get distracted when I hear a note that isn't what I wanted and I change what I was hearing in my head and I hate that.

That's the same with me, I guess im not familiar enough with the fretboard yet, and this is distracting if you don't know where the exact note is when you hear it in your head and then it's gone
As said above, music is a language you learn but sometimes you don't always have something to say, so keep on practicing till you are inspired to play something you hear, that's the way I look at it

I posted that in a hurry, just reading it back, it wasn't intended to sound that way
How do I know if this will fit
I have quite big hands
What's medium wall, medium knuckle
Looks like they only have the Dunlop 222 in this shop

I wanna order one tonight so responses are appreciated

Future for guitarists I would say is whatever you want it to be, there's so many great songs out there to learn and play that you would never get bored with it, as for getting a record deal, if you were good enough, I don't think you'd have a problem
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Something else is that instead of resolving all of the licks after a set amount of time, expand on some and shorten other phrases. It'll help, maybe not alot at first, but when you start getting some natural minor scales in there, and then can travel all over the fretboard, it'll help. Also, hold your ending notes sometimes, if you want it to sound more connected that's always a good way.

This, keep hold of some notes for a while, also try and mix low notes with high notes in to some of the phrasing

It still sounded good though, I thought
I'm gonna have a go at this soon, I imagine having a few drinks before hand would ease the tension
My guitars both acoustic and electric certainly aren't lapwob(although in the past I've alway wanted them that way), does this mean I can play them with a slide
How would I play like this
What tuning is it in,
Also should I buy a glass or brass slide
Are the slides one size fits all but the thickness to do with the actual thickness of the slide

Hope this makes sense,

Many thanks
Ar cool, I really don't need all that stuff , Im gonna order me a slide then, I know it's not going to be easy but at least I can start learning now,
Yeah I will use the open tunings, I've read a bit about it all, Open G being one that I read about
So I wanna play slide guitar. What I want to know is, do I need a specially set up guitar for slide with the raised action and whatever else and where could I buy one in the UK ( do guitar shops sell specific slide guitars)
Also, I've been looking up on the web about it and hear some ppl use these nut extensions which I could apply to my existing guitar, they get good reviews but I don't know how reliable they are
Im thinking of having a go at an open mic night some time in the future, I've been playing a while now and feel im getting quite a few full songs nailed,
Any tips or stories of your personal encounters with playing to an audience live for the first time