Do you think that could be why it isn't working?
I have been repairing a guitar for a few days, and I just got to the electrical parts today. What happened was that, in the guitar, 4 wires had become unattached. I resoldered a few, but I couldn't get the solder to flow nicely, because my solder was plumbing solder.. I was having a real tough time with it. And understandably, I know you're not supposed to use that in electrical, but it was all I had. It seemed to be working at times too, because it was working for a little while. I was suggested by someone that using flux would help with getting the solder to run a little better. This worked wonders while I was working with it, but then I noticed that there was no output. Absolutely no sound coming from the guitar. Tested the cord and the amp, both fine.

I did some research, and I found that (from a non scholarly forum post) that plumbing flux is non-conductive. This is why I think that it isn't working. Any thoughts?

P.S. I used a wiring scheme from Ibanez (it was an Ibanez Rg 170... VERY old guitar, and it quite rough shape), and I am 100% certain that everything is where it's supposed to.

I've done this with other guitars, without the flux and with the right solder, and never had an issue. Do you guys thing its the flux? or maybe something else?

I think this is the best place to post this? I think?

Thanks for all your help!!


I am aware that I am playing the violin in an incorrect position, I am playing it like that so you can see exactly what I'm doing. Why is my violin making such a horrible sound when I get to the higher notes on each string? also, it doesn't matter where I bow on the strings, it has the same affect.

Any help???
Quote by StewieSwan
"The character dies."

That`s a correct statement. He`s in a state of dieing. Now later on in the story when he is actually dead, I could say "the character is dead". Technically both are correct.
I'm writing an essay on a story we had to read for english class. I was never told ever, to write in the present or past tense... I would normally write in the present, but the character dies in the end of the story. I don't know if that means that it should be written in the present tense, or the past tense now that the character I'm discussing is dead.

Can any english pro's help me out quickly here?

I work at a music store... We carry peavey...
noone has ever wanted to try this amp in the 6 months ive been employed part time...
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Because. It COULD happen...
the amazing taylors are the ones that cost over 3000, so I mean, yes a 1000$ taylor still sounds fantastic, but the seagull Mosaic for the money is a better buy, imo.
Hey, i'm 15, and I have to sing at my exam in January for my guitar class... idk why, but I do. But whenever i sing, i sound really really airy, and i cant do anything about it... I don't know how to fix it. And I'll be mic'd, so I need to fix this. Any vocal experts here that could possibly help!?!
Art&Lutherie antique cedarburst.. its a 12 string. I'm putting in a fishman Neodo2. I've already cut the end off it, because it came with a male end. since i'm putting it into the hole, that i put my previous pickup in(itsounded like shit so i took it out) I'm converting it to a female end..
I got the drilled the hole, and thats fine. I got the pickup, and its installed. I'm on the last step. I'm putting the jack into the hole, and before this I thought about this too" How am I going to tighten the nut?" There is no way to tighten it from the outside of the guitar. I can't reach inside to do it by hand, and No tool I find can do it. Any suggestions on how to tighten the danm nut holding the jack inplace?
I experienced this, and I kinda still do. It used to be much worse for me about a year ago...
From what i've experienced, it kinda just goes away in time. Also, breaking down what you're playing, even if you can already play, will help.
I can't get the strap pin off... it sounds lame...
but yeah, it doesn't have a nut to loosen so I could slide th pin out. Once i get beyond that i'm fine...
I just really don't want to drill another hole in the guitar, when its not necessary.
Any ideas how to get it off?

Also important, the screw that I believe is holding it on doesn't turn no matter what screwdriver I use... its a phillips screw, and im using phillips screwdrivers... and even tried some others. I'm so lost

Can you help?

Yes, I posted this 3 hours ago... I got no responses... so I'm trying one last time!
Your time is very much appreciated
I can't get the strap pin off... it sounds lame...
but yeah, it doesn't have a nut to loosen so I could slide th pin out. Once i get beyond that i'm fine...
I just really don't want to drill another hole in the guitar, when its not necessary.
Any ideas how to get it off?

Also important, the screw that I believe is holding it on doesn't turn no matter what screwdriver I use... its a phillips screw, and im using phillips screwdrivers... and even tried some others. I'm so lost

Can you help?
I replaced power tubes about 3 weeks ago. that can't be the reason
volume is mostly there. not 100%, but, a lot of the volume comes from gain, which explains that.
I'm at a jam session with my buddy, and suddenly my amp got really shitty.|
I qwas playing it at home yesterday, and it sounded absolutely normal. I have a peavey Vypyr Tube 60W.

All of a sudden, around 80% of my gain just vanisghed. We're playing Maiden. Or trying to...
|I replaced the preamp tubes, and changed the batteries for my emgs, \i honestly am at a loss to why this isnt working. And the gain on the amp is maxed, under the heaviest gain channel on the amp.

why doesn't this work?!?!
i've seen the title in 4 different categories. I have seen that before...
The way you have it listed(Hofner, Acoustic /electric, Jr.) is probably the correct order of the value of these instruments. I could be wrong, because I'm not an expert on that era.If I had to guess I'd say the value of the Jr. is 600$ or less, but its just a guess.

Also, do you see the mis-matching headstock?
It says Les Paul, but it's clearly an SG model.
I know this is kinda a weird place to be posting, but I kinda have an issue with my KHS.

Every revolution or so of the front wheel makes a high pitch -squel- kinda sound, and I have no idea how to fix this. I'm thinking it might be the disc brakes? But I honestly have no clue.
Any help is welcome

Thank you in advance,
what the.... no y variable?
For me, the slash model decreases value XP
I only get it on start up, on my Vypyr 60 watt.
any ideas? I think a bad tube. But I'm new with this stuff, so...
That pretty much says it all. I have HP standalone Revalver, and that picks it up, but Audacity can't record through my Vypyr, and when I go to preferences, the Vypyr interface isn't even an option. any suggestions?
I have a peavey Vypyr, 60 Watt tube, and I think the preamp tube is dying. I've only had it for under a year, maybe... 9 months or so.
Whenever I turn it on when the tubes are cold(room temp.) I get a crackling sound for about, 30 seconds or so. I thought it was the cable, but I even tried this with 3 different cables, and then with NO cable. Still the crackling sound.
I don't normally have standby on for too long before I turn on the tubes. Normally under 10 seconds. I know I should have it on for longer but I don't get much playing time anymore so I try to get as much time as possible.
I'm thinking the preamp tube, because the power tubes don't come into contact with the tone section of the amp.
any other thoughts?
Quote by Somekid94
Yes it is. All you have to do is make sure the body is routed for it and get an HSH pickgaurd.

What do you mean, make sure the body is routed for it? I'm sorry I'm very new at the whole gear customization thing.
I have a strat copy that is just lieing in my basement doing nothing, and I should be getting about 200$ soon, so I'm just wondering if I would be able to replace the neck and bridge pickups on the copy, whilst leaving the middle single coil as it is( without making any significant alterations to the configuration of the wiring on the guitar).

Is this possible?
sorry to hear about the fam!
and isn't there an output on the back of that thing for a cabinet, anyway?
but if there isn't it should still be fine.
okay, so I learned this tapping riff and it sounds really awesome when my guitar isn't plugged into my amp ( Tempting Time - Animals as Leaders ) but when I plug it into my amp it sounds really gross and messy, it's the strings after I tap them, they don't immediately stop vibrating, what do you think is a god way to prevent this from happenning? slipping a hair tie over the first or second fret?

Thanks in advance!
I doubt it, when I turn the volume down on the guitar to zero the ringing is still there
My tube amp has a sound that sounds like obsessive feedback, but not increasing in volume. I know it's not feedback because the amp is turned down low, less then 1, and the pickups are facing away from the amp, towards my bed which would absorb some of the sound anyway.
I know it can't be the power tubes, they don't come into contact with any section of the amp that has to do with sound, so could it be the Pre Amp tube( theres only one)
I'm thinking?

You guys got any other Ideas? But like, the amp isn't that old, I bought it in April or May of 2010.
Peavey Vypyr?
I'm satisfied with it... Just... if you're into looping, or having delay pedals ,with a dirty channel... then throw the amp in the garbage.
My looper doesn't like playing what I recorded, into my Peavey Vypyr 60W tube. I might be getting a 2x12 cabinet soon and I was wondering would that **** up my DD-7, having it after the amp, but before the speaker? Thank you!
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does this make absolutely perfect sense?
no mistakes at all?
Didn't know where else to put this, so I decided this is good enough.

I have 2 problems(I have GP5.2)

How do you do the flats for individual notes on the staff? like, before the time sig. and clef?

secondly, I accidentaly deleted one of the sections on the top screen, the one with the play button. I know to make it play you hit spacebar, but I want it back because theres other stuff there I need.

Thank you!
Petrucci is it man....
besides he has way more schooling in music, and thus might help you a bit more.
#1. My peavey vypyr 60 tube sounds great, genreally. but howcome when I put my looper(dd-7) into the mix and then start playing on top of the track that was just recorded does that track fade out and sounds really bad?

#2. Howcome on my Peavey Revalver software, my playing and the sound coming from the speakers of my computer aren't synced? the cord i'm using(USB) to hook the amp to the comp. is high-speed.