thanks, i didn't think that there would be any
does anybody know of a small computer monitor (less than 25 inches) or HDTV that has an HDMI input?
this may not be what you're looking for but i was just going to say that brands like ibanez or ESP make basses more tendered towards metal and fender is more classic rock
the original friday the 13th or the remake? is there a remake?
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I don't know I think that the quality of horror movies has went down badly in the past couple of years and since CGI got big.

Are there any good horror movies that have come out in the last year? I'm in the mood for watching one today and i have no idea what to watch
I use google chrome and i feel like I'm the only one
you divide the Kbs by 8 to get KBs

and in case anybody doesn't know, 1000 KB=1 Megabye or MB
I just got a faster connection and I measured it using this

and i got about 1300 KBs-1500 KBs

please notice that there is a difference between KBs and Kbs

I was just wondering what everyone elses speeds were
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Freddie Mercury should be A LOT higher...

Replace Axl Rose with...I dunno...James Hetfield or something.

I agree
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I also hate lil wayne. I'll bare it when my friends play rap, but that guy... Makes me wanna punch babies...

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look into Ibanez, LTD & Jackson

your pickups are cheap. More expensive pickups Seymour Duncans wouldn't have this problem. Just be sure to have a certified guitar technician install them if you've never done it before.
I live in Wisconsin! No School! Dark Knight is definitely worth it
I'm 15 and I haven't had more than a sip of alcohol
I live in Wisconsin we suck this year
I'd say a Fender Strat or Tele
What's your favorite Metallica music video?
I would have to say King Nothing or St. Anger
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Yes, it is a pain in the ass.

I think that was the one that was in Guitar World about a year ago.....
I recently got my left ear pierced and I was wondering what I should get pierced next.
Thanks, If you guys got more ideas keep 'em coming
I was looking for a new solo to play. I was thinking maybe something a little faster/harder than sieze the day by A7X. Any ideas?
If he's like me then the people in his band are the only talented people at his school and he can't leave them.
I do that too...just watch the people around me and write about them
Its super a walmart guitar. I found it in the trash can of my neighbor and I didn't have an acoustic so I decided to keep it. I just don't really like nylon strings.
I usually play in Drop D and standard tuning and I tried to tune my guitar to Drop C and the strings were so loose it was almost impossible to play. How do I fix this and is it a problem with my guitar or my strings?
Somebody told me that you cannot put steel strings on an acoustic that came with nylon strings. I want to put steel strings on a cheap spare acoustic that I have and I am wondering if I can do this.
I've been wondering the same thing....
telecasters.....nuff said
I say ESP.

I own a ESP LTD KH-203 and it cost $420.
Compared to a Epiphone Les Paul it was a much better value for the same price so I'm saying the ESP LTDs aren't that bad either.