Epi '56 Gold Top
I agree on the Fender however they do have an HSH model,, specifically the Dave Murrary model since you like playing Maiden styles. Dave's backbone is in Blues so this configuration is a good way to go. But also the HSS is the logical choice since it's cheaper. I haven't seen any other HSH model except Murrays.
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I've only ever played one Schecter, it was a Diamond 006. It sounded good, and felt pretty comfortable, but it was way too sensitive. I was getting a lot of extra noise just from touching the strings at all. I have no idea if the C1s are the same way, though, and its possible that the particular guitar I played just wasn't set up well.

Agreed militant ... I had the Hellraiser FR ... while I loved the dark tones from the EMG's the guitar was way to sensative ... every touch of the guitar brought noise from the amp ... however aside from that I loved the slim fast neck and playability ... I'm still inclined to buy one again since feel and construction were top notch
Anything infused with Blues/Rock/Punk ... semi-hollows are great for this tone, for example U2, The Cult, Blink-182, etc.
Hey guys ... has anyone used the GearBox Plugins from Line6 yet? I know its a PC program, etc but I wanted to know if anyones used it and if they have, what can you do with it?
Hey Guys ... glad to meet all of you ... I've been a regular visitor to this U-G but never registered ... so today, you've popped my proverbial U-G Cherry!
Hey guys ... sorry if I'm beating the proverbial "dead horse" here ... I'm a new register to the site and I'm trying to find how to recommend a tab to the site ... can anyone help me out ?