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New Game Of Thrones is some heavy shit.

I would watch it but I don't have HBO.
Wow fb stalking Clyde? New low
I am so in on that group. Now you all get to see my pretty face more often.

... Please approve.
I have no friends
There were some stupid german kids that actually were sitting on the steps of the house we lived in in 2008. Like, sitting on the steps! We shouted at them.
I love germans, but most german teenagers are idiots.
^HAH I'm 19

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And RG is like 24, so old...
Oh I was 15 when I started posting here.
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Haha shut up, I'd only have 2. ;p
I'm just severely upset because apparently there aren't a lot of apartment complexes/houses up for rent where I'm moving that allow pets. I'm going to have a hard time transitioning as it is, and now it's going to be even harder without cats. I'm really upset.
Haha I would drag rg and Justin in but they're out. Sorry ladieeees, night!
I would come in, but it's late and I have no makeup on.
We'll see about that fingers, but when half the folks in there agreed that you were the new mags, there is something wrong.

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Oh god, we've turned into the modern rock forum, circa 2008.

Ohhh but that's how I migrated here

But for reals guys, we have to do tinychat again without 'fingers' before I move to the new place. Somehow I doubt Josh would like me doing tinychat with a bunch of dudes =|
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What the fuck is going on around here?

A new mags has arisen
He was harping on about how since I'm on EST and he's on PDT or what then that makes him 18 which makes him a year younger than me which means sexing is okay.
Yeah clyde just took his shirt off. =|
Someone else get in here
Nobody is in stupid tinychat, too bad for you guys cos I look super cute.
Actually I look kind of gritty.
Wow are you serious? I would be scared. =|

And now what is this ho doing
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You must be speaking from experience

Not my experience, but I've been having that problem with my current bf already.
Clyde must have one of those golden shower fetishes.
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Oh, and in case any of you did not get the update my name is Zach.

Yeahhhh sure Clyde.

How long did that take you?
Well, I don't really care if someone smokes green. Hell, give me some while you're at it. The thing I have a problem with is when someone smokes so much that it disrupts their life and their relationships.
Notting Hill was a good film.

My results were how do I look, how do I love thee and how do I know if I'm pregant. =|
Someone solve that algebra.
Worth a try, meine suesse ♥
He likes the sprache!
It's like... Well... Schatzi is like sweetie and lein is added onto the end to make it sound sweeter. There's no better way to explain it anyway.

Also, I went in to the demoniac thread and all those people who like that band should be reported for derp. My ears hurt after listening to that one song.
Ich hab dich immer noch lieb, meine schatzilein ♥
Maybe, if they're really derping like half those people in the pit.
^I wouldn't fall in love with myself.

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I'm not sure if i should quote you and italicize "apparently" or congratulate you on your confirmed power.
Remember what now?
That home-school dude?
It's the last time I remember you being here

Ohh, I thought you were talking about maggy. Okay yeah, I didn't remember you being here a couple years ago but I thought my memory might be bad.

And congratulate me, he thinks I'm great, for some reason. No one has ever been so nice to me

Butt Rayge must not be stimulated because of the lack of nazi sprache.
^You are smart.

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You stimulate lonely dudes is what you do.
Like that one kid with the social anxiety and self esteem issues who fell in love with you in a matter of pages.
Neat superpower, that.

The current boyfriend apparently fell in love after just meeting me once.

Wait a minute, you remember that?
I stimulate conversation apparently.

I can speak more nazi sprache if it turns anyone on haha
Yeah, on the topic of not being able to buy groceries, I am so afraid of maybe having to go on food stamps when I move, even though I honestly don't eat much. Back in germany I lived on noodles, orange juice, and protein bars. The rest of my money went towards booze. >.>
How do you know die sprache der nazis... Oh duh google translate, you nonbeliever.
Ich habe schnitzel seit ein paar jahre nicht gegessen.


^^Yeah taco bell ist niemals 'sehr gut'... Nur 'ehh gut... Ist was zum essen einfach'
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Pretty much why I stopped taking raiding and pvp seriously. I hear back before any expansions were out and shit it was completely different, and once you got to the max level it was super crazy hard and you had to actually be really good at playing the game to be able to do anything.

this is why i hate wow discussions, I'm already sick of it and feel like we've alienated everyone who doesn't play

I can't pvp at all.

Yeah so who likes cocks?

I'm talking about roosters you guys
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Gear is the only thing that makes a good player. At least it was back when I played. Everyone with the top gear looked down on everyone with shit gear because the people with shit gear were always dying and doing very little damage.

It's pretty pathetic.

Actually, it's really really pathetic.

It's still the same, but I do the best with my gear. I suppose I'm an average player. But they're always buffing one class and nerfing another which is annoying cos I have to relearn my class etc.
Cata didn't do much for the game either.
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Sounds like you're more like me. I use a private server and pretty much just level random characters whenever I'm stuck in/bored of whatever real rpg I'm playing.

I have ally chars on Icecrown and horde chars on Shadowsong, and I'm in a guild on both servers with my fam. ;p
A WoW subscription is still a necessary cost for me though hehehee