all rocks do is pee on carpets
which does the pit favor more, dogs cats or rodents.

lol some druggies got a ****ing sofa into the girls bathroom and hit like 10 pounds worth of weed and pipes in it. the funny thing is it took the teachers like 4 months to realize what was happening

oh and a really fat girl tried to kill herself by hanging herself with shoe laces in the girls room. long story short the laces broke, she fell and broke her tail bone
why would u let taht bitch throw ur guitar off a bridge if taht were my girl id make her "walk into a door"... ok maybe not htat but i would be pissed

lol jk that kicks ass
i never knew ur name was johnny thefishman92
?that do to want you would why
i thought somthing was up when he said "he picked special boys to go out to his toolshed"

it was still pretty funny
chuck norris once crossed a road. no one ever dared to ask why

harrison ford. never had any jokes that iheard about him

chuck wins
hes awesome and i like how the band just keeps playing while hes talking
the imperial march song from star wars
(dont fear) the reaper - B.O.C
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Since I cannot comprehend a goth girl having a lightsaber, I come to the conclusion that by lightsaber, you mean penis.

thats pretty good
has anyone ever had a time where something happened that was really ironic, il give and example: my sister(whos one of those people who dress scary and gothy but have totally different personalities) came outside when me and my friends were playing with her lightsaber and we kinda dented it. so she came out and muttered somthing and i said "what was that" and she said she just put a curse on me, i said "oooooh scary". the ironic thing is that the next day she broke her foot on a stair when she went to put another curse on me for pretty much braking her lightsaber. and though i felt sorry for her i thought it was pretty funny
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personally i don't really like southpark, southpark is more of a humor that takes no intelligence, to understand, i like family guy its much more unique than southpark IMO,family you actually have to think to get most of the jokes, the only reason people think southpark is so funny is because they say **** and **** about every 5 seconds....

... you think thats bad remember the time i got a fish helmet from muhammed

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I don't know too much about lefty guitar, but they do make lefty guitars. Try searching on guitar stores online sites like guitar center.

uh im pretty sure his problem was that he cant learn how to do all the chords and whatnot the left handed way not finding a lefty guitar
... ... ... ... i just shit myself
what do you think of the new episodes (season 12) of south park, such as tonsil trouble and major boobage. i think there pretty funny but not quite as funny as some of the old episodes.
wow i would totally go to a guitar store with one of those, put a really advanced song on it, pick up a guitar and pretend to play see what the people say
wow that scared the **** out of me
hmm i bet a prostitute used it as a "toy" and when you open it you will probably get aids or the jungle virus


-I. am. Ironman.

_ _ _
dun nah dun nah dun nah nah vote-for-me
wow that was possible the best thing ive ever seen
mine is :never play leapfrog with a unicorn.

whats yours?
indiana jones kingdom of the crystal skull 6.9... but seriously 8.5/10
heres a real thinker, would you rather be in a middle class-lower class family that was somewhat happy and in good health or would you rather be killed in an accident and get 15 million dollars for your wife(or husband) and kids from insurance to live on and be rich and happy, after they get over your death. me personally i would die and get my wife the money to be happy with.
which would you choose?
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(plays taps) Can I have your car?

your a douchebag Van The Darksyd...

can i have your guitar?
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Have you dick slapped him yet?

filthandfury wins +1
what a ****ing retard

EDIT: *Reported*
... ok thats kinda weird cause as soon as they see its gone they look foor it and they will see u have it
get them to see who can drink the most chloroform and that will keep them quiet
o lol cause we have the same project but i think the book is great and the song would be welcome to the jungle to describe the greasers, at least thats what im doing
is ur teacher names mr.noble by chance?
wangcasters are yukkie
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axl rose in an extremely talented musician and should be acknowledged for his achievements.

and i dont see anyone from the pit with his level of musicianship.. so f u c k off

yes i fully agree

... but seriously who would pay to go to a concert just to do this.

what does the pit think of it
lol wut?

lols i said lol WAT
hes awsometastic, what else is there to say
straight unless your you
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Team Rocket blast off to the speed of light.

meowth thats right!