Remember that missile silo that was for sale online? And there was a small movement to buy it in the name of UG.

But we didn't.

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Unfathomable circle-jerking.

Ah, yes.
I'm a really crappy character in Runescape. I have no money, no skills and all I do is talk to people I don't care about. Exactly the same as my real life, actually.
A Korean pop song about a guy who kills the girl he loves.
Snape grosses me out.
I absolutely adore Andrew Garfield.

Just wanted to say that.
I don't even know what to do about you. It feels like you're somehow enjoying all of this.

I think you like the way we all cater to your every whim now. I think you like the way we give you constant attention and cry over you and tell you how much we love you. What you don't know is that we're secretly starting to get fed up. I know it's wrong - it's really, really selfish and wrong - but we are. Every cut you make is a little less shocking. Every hospital visit is a little less horrifying and a little more inconvenient. Both Mum and Dad had important plans for today and you knew this but you still went ahead and CUT A ****ING CHUNK OUT OF YOUR ARM. WHAT THE ****. And then you sat and grinned at the looks on our faces when we saw it. **** you.

You say you don't want to be like this. You said the problem was Tiana, and then you said it was your teacher and then you said it was the workload and then you said it was all the arguing at home. We fixed all of those things! We're trying SO hard to make your life as easy and stress-free as possible, and we're making ourselves miserable in the process and you KNOW this but you still tell us nothing but lies. You'll say whatever you think will make us leave you alone. You've lied to your counsellor, the psychologist, the social worker, Mum, myself. Everyone. I'm really beginning to think you don't want to be helped.

And what scares me most is that I feel like I know exactly how this is going to end. For some reason, I have this certainty that you're going to do the absolute worst sometime soon and I have no idea how to stop it. I'm constantly watching for signs but you're such a good actress, you probably won't even give any.

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Gah, I'm sorry I said anything. I don't want to lose you. Take away my man card I don't even care. I know we have our problems but everyone does. I know you see your friends in relationships but they're still in that puppy love phase I promise. I know you've made up your mind. I'm so afraid for you to come back from this break. Every night I'm afraid I'm gonna fall asleep with tears in my eyes. I'm not telling you that working through things will be easy but it'll be worth it.

I really hope things work out for you guys.
You can disrespect me all you want. I don't care about you.
I feel embarassed whenever I buy lots of food, especially when the person serving me is female. I just greet them with, "It's not for me."
I let my sick friend get deported when she asked me for help.
TS, I think you should become a designer.

This year, we've done no design. All assignments have been on how we can change or improve the world. I mean it when I say you should consider it as a career option.
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I'm so confused now. That article is written like it's a joke.
They're doing it wrong.
I read about 3 chapters and gave up. I have no time for talking animals.
Wow, "hork-bajir" rings a bell. Were they bad, or were they really peaceful?

I don't know what I'd be. The first thing I thought of was "UNICORN" but they're not real. Probably a fly. Because they're small and fast and hard to see.
My Tumblr is

I really hate the website, though. It's filled with so much stupid crap, and all I get on my dashboard is pics of really, really skinny chicks, ugly fashion, and moving gifs of people cutting themselves.
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The reason Americans don't know much outside of America is because we don't need to. Why would we waste time learning about countries that go out of their way to try to be/look/act like us?

Believe me, that is the last thing I want.
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Ok guys, I usually restrain myself in threads like this because I have pretty strong views but..

- Kony is bad.
- This charity claims to be opposing him.

Who else opposes Kony? Yeah, the military.

Wait, the charity supports the military? Yes.

Who does Kony reportedly use in his army? Children.

What solutions can the military come up with? Um, Fighting.

So basically, by supporting this "Charity", You're encouraging the rapists and murderers in one army to go and murder some children in another army BECAUSE the man who told them to be in the army told them to be in the army.

Good work, Internet, I salute you.

Wait, No, Actually. This is preposterous - If you want to make a difference, find a charity who supports ETHICAL and NON-MILITARISTIC solutions to problems like this - Killing children won't fix the problem, and if you donate to support one side (Who are just as bad as the others..) then you're just going to make it worse.

If you disagree with me, I'm sorry - but please, at least read what I've said and constructively reply - because honestly, I think this is ridiculous.

No, you're fine.

It's great that the internet is flexing its activism muscles and rousing itself to care about these kids. It's absolutely splendid, actually, and if these experiments in caring (SOPA, Occupy) continue to go well, I see great things coming in the future.

But with Kony, everyone's supporting this one violent solution without really thinking about it. We need to come up with alternatives. I suppose that can only happen if there are a lot of people thinking about them, and for that to happen, there needs to be awareness and passion.

So far, IC have done a stellar job at garnering that awareness. Thank you, IC. But we're going to have to ditch the rest of their plan for something less bloody.
They did this quite a while ago, actually. Like, 5+ years. I remember putting it in a high school assignment and my teacher gave me bad marks because she didn't believe it.
Well, I'm a Liberal voter so I'm enjoying it. :P Although, when people post images of Tony Abbott looking like that, I'm tempted to change sides.
How nicely they treat others.
Digimon, Sailor Moon and Cardcaptors > Pokemon and DBZ.
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This thread has made me realize I hate when users I like argue with users I like.

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IF you don't mind me asking, how did you guys meet? You're in Australia...he's...not.

Xiaoxi and I met via UG. We've met in real life, too, though. I won't go into any nauseating specifics because Dann_blood's really don't want to know.

Also, Xiaoxi, you're actually the most embarassing person EVER.
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Psh if only you knew.. Laura? More like...Whore-a!

Hello. :P

My boyfriend and I are holding off because I'm just not ready. We're in a long distance relationship and I don't want to start having sex until we're able to actually live together. It's nothing to do with my religion.

This thread has made me dislike a lot of people.
Ugh, they really need to stop bragging about their trivial, unimpressive achievements. It's embarrassing, and so are their stupid YouTube announcements.
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What is a TS anyway?

Kidding or serious? It means "Thread Starter". :P It's how people address the original poster when they can't be bothered writing the actual username.
Don't get it, or you'll become a hopeless, unproductive addict like me. I voted 'no' because I want to spare you the same fate.
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Why don't you just paint. Like, with real paints. It's more satisfying.

Because that's just your opinion and real paints can't achieve certain effects. Digital painting is also cheaper in the long run.
I view marriage as a cage that I'll eventually have to walk into in order to keep my boyfriend in my life.

Sometimes, I look forward to all the good times we'll have, but most of the time, I'm aware that, after a year or so, those good times will be rare and short-lived. And divorce simply isn't an option, so marriage is something I regard with fear.
Sort of. If I try for a long time to tell myself I like it, then I do.

My boss is nice, my coworkers are alright, and I like the location. The hours aren't too bad, either. I work at a printing/copying place that does stuff for law firms.

It sounds really easy, but I'm very forgetful and I have trouble paying attention to things I'm not passionate about, so I'm turning out to be a very slow learner. Which in turn leads to me feeling sick and nervous the whole time I'm at work.

Once I get good at it, I think I'll enjoy it a lot more.
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You're not just being stubborn, but selfish.

Let me explain.

If you don't get the vaccine, and contract meningitis, then whatever happens to you is your own damn fault. If you contract it and pass it onto someone else because you were to stubborn then whatever happens to them is on your head.

Also nice hypocrisy by damning people that don't look after their bodies, while at the very same time, getting angry over a campus asking you for a mandatory essential vaccine to protect yourself and others around you.

I'm confused by a lot of this thread. I thought the whole point of vaccines was to make it so you couldn't contract things, or at least, to make it much harder for you to contract things.

If he doesn't get it, how will it endanger everyone else if they have? Or do vaccines not work that way?
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Look, unlike most people on here, I recognize that you're not stupid, you just have opinions that conflict harshly with most of The Pit. On multiple occasions you've proven to have a decent understanding of what you talk about, just from a much different perspective than most people, so it comes off as insanely outlandish to them, myself often included. But not stupid.

This shit does not help though. If you honestly laugh at people for getting vaccinated, they may not be as wrong as I thought. I'm not trying to convince you to get the vaccine, because if there's one thing undeniable about you, stubborn as a mule isn't a fitting phrase because it would be an insult to all mules. But don't be an ass about it at least.

I've never even seen you before but, based on this post, I really like you.
I recently experienced that.

Some bitch who acted like my friend tried to steal my job without me knowing. It was a crappy job, so I allowed her to get away with it. Now, she's miserable and has asked me to help her with it. Haha, no, you loser.
Lots. The majority of us are decent (according to my criteria), but apathetic, and therefore unwilling do stop the few who are rotten. I believe this apathy is something that can be overcome, however, by some means we haven't yet thought of. The state the world will then begin to improve more rapidly.
The quiz says I attract "loving" people. In reality, I attract really creepy, socially awkward people who have no friends, with the exception of the completely wonderful man I'm with now.
I read this awesome manga once called "Planetes".

In it, they've been living on the moon for a while, and they dress and have jobs like on Earth and stuff, but it's all indoors. It seems like a nice existence, so I'd do that. They're able to go back to Earth whenever they want, though, so I'd only do it when the whole thing was advanced enough for that.
The amount of hostility in this thread towards them is disgusting. I don't care if it achieves anything or not; I'm just happy there are still people who are willing to get off their computers and actually go out and get angry. It gives me hope. I can't believe you people actually WANT them to fail.