It is a bit hard for me to let go of a song I did chords for. I did one song that while in the approval queue a verbatim copy of the song came into the same queue before mine got approved. It astounds me a bit since usually I have a few minute differences (e.g. a sharp minor where others hear a different note). Well when it was in queue it got downvoted multiple times and then rejected as a duplicate (of the exact copy of the one I put in). Now while its feasible someone came up with the exact same lyrics and notes as mine at each step, its also feasible I could be struck by lightning.

There needs to be a better way to check versions and timestamps and when two things go into a queue it is compared against what is there. In this case I feel kind of cheated, granted we are all just placing chords on songs we didn't write so I should just let it go right? The thing is - it kind of wrecks the fun part about submitting these where others haven't and I'd like you to be aware of it. I'll continue doing the ones in queue that have multiple requests but for repeat contributers for requests you should make the process better.
I really love the tab requests feature and the opportunity to do a chord sheet for someone that is trying to play the song. I'd say the one thing about it that isn't fun is when you spend an hour doing one for someone and then it goes into the queue, doesn't get approved, then gets downvoted because on its way there someone else creates a different version. Maybe if once it were submitted you leave it open for other submissions for a few days for any other submissions.

If the submission has a few chord differences, has all the parts, and is original, let it in and let the community decide about it as its accepted. That way you don't loose the investment of time people spend trying to help. It is too easy to downvote in my opinion. I've had a few rejections and have to say, they make me kind of bitter that I wasted effort on them, and they make me less likely to sit down, listen and play through the song, map out the chords and submit. Anything you can do to fix that process would be appreciated.

When I look at older songs too I want to try a few different versions since sometimes you find one that would be rejected now but got through in the past, and it just sounds the best, or was complete where another one was not.
How about this version in chords?

Wait - do they know where they are? I predict nothing new happens.
Chappie - something about a robot that just learned about family, the soul, zef, love and hard knocks in life, it makes me sentimental. Die Antwoord too adds great music to the mix.

I have seen Emily play and its just damn spooky.  Though she may have engaved in that black book all that have used her name in vane.  Respect always lol lest emily come boom shakalaka sharp as knives, and better at strings.

So welcome.

To the machine:

I play Pink Floyd every day.  My favs are run like hell, have a cigar, many many more.  Someone recently suggested see Emily play and its been haunting me.  Many of my favorite songs are theirs.  One day I was just sitting there playing, then out of nowhere, my computer activated and played this.  I closed it.  And it came back.  I did a netstat -a I am savvy like that, nothing, no connects.  It just materialized and played itself.  I've been arguing and doubting higher powers lately but heard Les Miserables the bishop the other day (enough to transcribe those brilliant chords) and it made me reconsider, when you hear something, and say it sounds good,  is good and love walking beside you?  If it were, did you just fail to see it til now.  Forwards!

Here is the video - take a listen:
EndTheRapture51 what the hell Max, fight your way out of there!!!
Haters and critics have their issues...  Off and on, they have been superstars and kept giving.  This is original.  Savin Me was brilliant.  Photograph super awesome.  I'm sorry Nickleback that you were around when Kurt Cobaine died since it burnt a shadow.  You are our definite grunge sound.  When  a star goes out we want to blame everyone.  This rock group for three people.  They were brilliant in their time and could go toe to toe with anyone with heart.  Don't be the person to spit on our heroes of the past.  They may just be wrapping a cloak around their superpowers.  Angels entertain unawares.
nickolie2095 I was working part time at the five and dime.  My boss was Mr. McGee.  He told me several times that he didn't like my kind.  Cause I was a bit too leisurely.
beaglegod Well consider a moment if you.. 

1) Choose your fate.  Do let anyone ever tell you what you should like or not like.
2) Do you believe there is more outside yourself?  Mythic no?
3) If you are looking down.  Look up.
4) You are awesome.  You agree?  Accept it.
5) What have you done this week you feel really matters?  Do more.
6) Where are you headed?  Go where you want to.  Right now.
7) Have you thanked people around you yet?  You may have the best relationships not realizing yet.  Check it.
8) Challenge yourself.  If you dont feel it.  Pick the most difficult thing.  When all else is cold you need more Amps.  Put yourself in a crucible and work at it.  Be the star that escapes gravity.  Go supernova.  If you haven't done yet what is beyond you, you need to do that right now.

Carry on wayward son.
Renfield74 Yep bad idea.  Keep the classic, take care of it.  Fix it and care for it.  Don't ever let it go.  I gave away antique guitars.  They didn't carry it around like I did.  Felt sad.  I felt like I needed to go take that damn guitar back cause I loved it.  Don't ever let one of your instruments be adopted by someone who doesn't love and respect it like you did.  *peace*
I submitted Slayer - Repentless in chords with all solos:

Is this the fastest metal song?  Such a great song.  Wild video too: