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Your priorities should be

1. Boobs
2. Pokemon
3. Food
4. Friends

Perfect, just the way I live my life. Glad to know somebody agrees with me.

Edit: and in response to Lt. Shinysides, I use boobs just to refer to the entire female species, as long as it keeps its mouth shut.
I agree with almost everything. One thing was off.

You said, "Money can't buy happiness" but the problem with that, is that in America, it can.
Do you want to know why? It's because money can buy a Waverunner™. And have you ever tried being sad on a Waverunner™? That's what I thought.

But seriously good points. This doesn't much apply to me because I already mostly live my life exactly like this, but I think that anybody else should read this and take it to heart.

~love Moritz
I learned alternate picking pretty late, but that's mostly because at the same time that I was learning guitar, I was also learning drums, so I couldn't really work too much on either. And I didn't need to, because that was my heavy Blink-182 and Green Day phase. But now I just about only alternative pick. =]
I've had some trouble with Ipods, mainly that little things break. (ex. screens crack, hold buttons stop working, etc.) but I do like the way they work and they've never stopped working for me, just some things have had issues. Also, I have a friend with a Zune and he loves it, I don't know much about it, but it seems like either way if you go for the new stuff you can't really go wrong.
well, I don't exactly go there often, and I have a much more local store. But I will miss going to Guitar Center with my friends to screw off and maybe grab something on the way out. Instrumental Music, here I come.
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Also, hip hop sucks.

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rap is gay

Bat Country comes to mind when driving

pretty much any Avenged Sevenfold sounds better when driving

I agree wholeheartedly, but old System Of A Down is really good if you get angry while driving.
I'm in the same band as ratmblink123 and we would like to enter a joint contribution from and the song is "The Classic Interlude". Ratmblink123 also would like to apologize for taking so long.
I'm not too happy about you guys bashing drummers, I'm a drummer in my band and I co-run it with the guitarist/vocalist, so hah!, I am a drummer in a position of power.
I love shecters, I'm a drummer mostly so you might not want to listen to me, but my bands lead guitarist has a shecter diamond series and it plays better than a Gibson (In my opinion) but cost us $700 instead of $1500
This song is a pile of crap! I hate it so much I want to eat the text, spit it out on a pile of dog crap and burn it! If this song was any worse, It would have to be screamo!

just kidding alex, I <3 u.

~love Moritz
The book is the single greatest piece of literature ever, that being said I haven't read all of it yet.
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that's cool, If you go here there is a video somewhere that we did for a project about the magna carta. and some other more silly videos too.
i see... sort of...
i used to use movie maker, but now my friend has one of the new macs and we use iMovie, and it's amazing!

but yeah i'm stumped, sorry dude.
what kind of computer do you have?

Have you tried condensing the files?
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well... i have my own short independant films its just i can't put them on youtube... *Cries*

why not?
read the rules, yes
haha, funny, but I don't think you're in that anywhere.
Here is a thread in which you can share your independent short films with all of UG.

There are only 4 rules:
1. Post only links to videos containing yourself.
2. All videos must be at least a little silly.
3. Try not to be too mean when commenting other people's work.
4. Weeeee!

Right, got it?

Ok, I'll start with one of my own videos:

Our Life: The Sitcom

Note: I play the dad in this video, most of my parts were camera work.