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Doug Aldrich - Whitesnake & Dio band


Doug is the man, very underrated.
at least your strings dont start rusting a day after you just put them on
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I swept my floor yesterday...
I'd have to say George Lynch on Under Lock & Key album, i love his tone

I also love Slash's tone from the albums Illusion albums but from the live songs on Lies i thought his tone sounded too bassy and you could really hear the V30 mid spike didnt sound to well on that track but Izzy's tone was really nice and smooth

Hendrix and SRV and Gilmour i love there tones.

EDIT: Jeff Beck.
They are great amps, I just dont understand why people use them for modern metal when they are vintage styled, that just boggles me...
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Oh **** off twat. So you're telling me songs like Forever Free, Hold On To My Heart, I Don't Need No Doctor and Scream Until You Like It don't have pop elements? Stop cluttering up the thread with shit, no one cares if they're glam or not.

Back on topic, I bought The Crimson Idol a year ago after hearing so much about it being a work of immense genius, but found it massively underwhelming. There are some cool ideas (The Great Misconseptions of Me in particular, the way the song is made up of all the others from the album as if to reflect on the past) and wonderful vocals by Blackie (The Gypsy Meets The Boy anyone?), but this whole album suffers from a horrible case of "Maiden-itis" in which the guitar-progressions stick to, for the most part, the E5 D5 C5 D5 E5 progression. The drumming however, oh lord the drumming.. this is some of the worst drumming I've heard on any album. The Fills every 10 seconds just completely ruins any rhythm the songs have going for them. I wouldn't mind so much if they were good fills, but these are just annoying little rolls on the rack toms. It's like the drummer (one of the two, anyway) WANTED to piss me off listening to this record. Massively over-rated album.

LOL kid learn your music before you try and start an argument.
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yeah dude the only one in that picture Stet who could pass for it, there was nothing glam about them mabye Johnny Rods hair.

Priest wore leather, had long hair, that doesn't make them glam.

They're music is heavy metal they didnt join the Glam Scene they existed as Sister in the late 70s.
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Favorite glam band EVER.


They are NOT a Glam Metal band, there was nothing Glam about them.

People like to get that confused.

W.A.S.P. is a Heavy Metal band.

Glam Metal is Poison pretty looking guys and had a poppy feel too the music.
I believe the loudest I heard was a Mesa that my buddy had before he got his Laboga, i think it was an F-50 but it was ****in loud for 50 watts put the marshall I had to shame volume wise.
Listen to the Old school Metal bands like Maiden, Priest, Accept, WASP, Black Sabbath stuff like that is very inspirational guitar wise for me, but then again thats my main style of music anyway lol

but if your into modern metal you shouldnt try and keep your influences only in the new Metal or everything will sound like other bands.
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i think his amp is just fine. the ht-5 is a pretty decent head

Why not just get an EC-1000 Deluxe? They make a version seymour duncan jb/'59 setup, and other ones with an EMG 81/85 setup. They for $850 new I believe

I was actually going to buy 1 they are really sexy guitars, but I already have LP style guitar and I want something with a trem, and damn V shape guitars are sexy.
i dont see why i need to upgrade my amp, i just got this and i like it alot, and when i do shows im just gonna mic it, i dont need headroom for cleans since i rarely even write songs with cleans, when the time comes im going to buy a bigger amp but this suits me perfect for now.
eh im not really into Mockingbird shapes that much, i love the RR style V's
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around $1000
i want to keep it about there or less, i dont mind buying used at all.
Ok so since I have my Blackstar Head with my Eminence Private Jack speaker I just love the growling tone I have and after I buy a few pedals I wanted im going to get a high end guitar for live use when I move and get a band.

Im lookin at ESP Jackson and BC Rich.

Im thinking of an ESP Alexi 600, Jackson RR3 (I belive the Japan model on ebay I seen), a RR24, BC Rich NJ V Deluxe, and the new BC Rich Iron Bird Pro.

I've played the ESP Alexi 600 that a buddy of mine had for sale it was an earlier model the white one with the Razor Blade inlays, I liked it but the neck seemed kind of thick, I've played a mid range RR i dont remember the model but it was used for like $499 so it could have been a 3, I liked the neck on it a lot better than my Les Paul.

I havent tried any of the high end BC Richs but ive heard they are great guitars from reviews.

I also dont like the fact the bc richs are mahogony since they are heavier and I want something Alder or Basswood so I can fly around on stage with, part of the reason I dont like my les paul.

Basically the style i play is from heavy metal (Priest, WASP, Maiden, Accept, Ozzy, Dio, Sabbath ) stuff like that to 80s Hair Metal and Hard Rock (Dokken, Whitesnake, Ratt, Scorpions, KISS, Warrant, Poison)

My favorite guitarist are Lynch, Doug Aldrich(W.S.), Chris Holmes(W.A.S.P.), Randy Rhoads, Warren Demartini, Alexi Laiho.

Just to give you an Idea, and I always want to keep the post short and simple but i end up with a wall of text haha sorry about that.

Also one of my FAVORITE necks i have ever played on was an ESP EC1000 thin U shaped neck. I have very big hands so thin necks are really comfortable
Is there a difference with sound or speaker installation other than you have to drop the speakers in from the front or load them from the rear?

I was looking at buying this cab and its front loaded. I like it cuz its bigger and looks sturdier than there other one I was looking at.

I personally would go with Avatar but this does cut the cost down which I dont make very much money at my work.

Im also planning on using an Eminence Private Jack I have and a Governor for this cab hoping to get a bit more highs and upper mids with the Governor.

I wasnt sure which forum to post this in between the Gear Building and Guitar Accessories I thought this was more apropriate with the question.
i've recently changed the way I put my thumb behind the neck and do it like you are with my thumb pointing to the headstock, this is much more comfortable for me when im playing do to my really long fingers, i notice my fingers are much more accurate that way
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running something marked positive to ground won't necessarily ruin anything.. but there aren't any positive terminals being grounded here anyway

if your amp has a 16 ohm tap, then wire your speakers in series like the top picture shows

yeah it has a 16 ohm jack so thats how im going to wire the cab in series
For the series picture?

I was taught you cant run positive to ground, and the wire would just burn up?

reason for this is I bought an Eminence Private Jack in 8ohms, and i want to wire it up with an 8ohm Eminence Govenor for a 2x12 cab since my amps lowest impedance is 8 ohms i have to wire it in series for a 16 ohm load
You should check out Blackie Lawless of WASP hes an amazing writer and has the most unique voice I ever heard.
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you want something like a green back maybe? or a g12h-65 pre-rola?
the eminence wizards are good. I think you're looking for a scumback though.

well actually found out that Chris used JMP Cabs with Celestions so if they were 1970s cabs they had to be Greenbacks or G12h 65's, i heard that Lynch used greenbacks in the early dokken days i dont remember what Randy used

from Eminence's clips im liking the Private Jack and the Wizard the best, and the Tonespotter is suppose to be similar to a g12h 65 but its really hard to tell on those clips and im really worried about buying a speaker because i cant really try them out

i have $90 to buy a speaker and thats why im going with Eminence because they are in my budget if i go the Greenback style route and ive heard nothing but good reviews on Eminence
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have you emailed eminence? any time I contacted them they always gave me really detailed answers. would be worth doing (even if you get answers here).

never crossed my mind, I'll try it and see what they say.
Hey could use some help here, i got a blackstar head and a cab made out of a 1x12 and im looking at buying an Eminence Red Coat but i have no clue what to buy...

Basically im looking for that old school Hot Rodded 80s Plexi tone similar to Rhoads, Lynch, Chris Holmes.

could someone point me in the right direction? is a greenback sound what im looking for?

edit: i just want that similar tone i know i cant get exact
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Why not just change the pickup?

hah I know right? idk i might, i just dont know if its worth it since its just a bronze series, its an ok guitar though i like playing it just cuz it looks cool lol
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I say get your pedals first, you still have your LP to play, so why not just play it, get your pedals, and then after that, think about investing in a new guitar

The idea of getting a new guitar gives me GAS haha but if i do im gonna save for something nice
So i had a BC Rich Bronze Warlock for a backup from my LP and the bridge pickup sounds almost dead and I checked the wiring its fine.

Should I buy a new guitar or should i stick with my plan of buying the Zoom Mr Scary pedal and a MXR 10 band eq?

and then just buy the other stuff later.
i might have to go with a Vet30 it sounds really good and from being played through a marshall it helps me out because my blackstar has a marshall tone to it

the ET-65 sounds really good too from clips ugh cant make my mind up now
well before i seen these, i was looking at v30s Eminence Tonespotters and Govenors but from the clips i liked the tonespotter
I might buy the G12-65 clone or a Vet 30 not sure yet what will suit a Blackstar for an 80s hair metal tone, one of my favorites is Chris Holmes from WASP and he had old celestions in his cab which im sure they have to be the g12 65, the cab was a 70s jmp cab
Are these speakers any good?

how do they compare to Celestions there site says they are replacements and superior to Celestions which is talking a big game.

Are they worth buying or are they just as cheap as the price tag?
damn i should have thought of that when i was at radio shack, im gonna make a trip up there again to see if they have something like that
Im trying to record with my Blackstar HT 5 emulated speaker/headphone output.

Idk if other amps have something like this or not so i got a few questions...

How can I record and hear what im playing at the same time?
I can record if i plug into the microphone input on the back of my computer but since its the mic jack i cant hear the amp, I can plug it into the blue jack in the back thats next to the speaker jack on the computer and i can play the amp through the cumputer speakers, can i record through this?

Do i need a mixer board to do this?

Im using cool edit pro
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His early tones were stock but he was definitely using modded Marshalls around that time. If you want to come close, set up your Blackstar for a Marshall type tone with a decent amount of gain, slightly less than what you'll want overall and use a TS to boost it that little bit extra. Use a G12H30 loaded cab. V30s might work as well.

you know at first i wasnt going to go with a V30 because its a typical speaker that a lot of ppl use but i can see why.

I heard thje Super V12 is like a v30 but a little warmer and fuller? not to sure

i wish youtube had more videos so i could hear what the difference in a gh12 and a v30 is