anyone else?
no theyre just normal
Hey I was re stringing my guitar the other day but I only had 3 strings, low e, a, and d, so I put them on and left my other strings the same. When I brought my guitar up to tune the bridge is being pulled way to far forward. I know I can just fix this buy changing the tension springs in the back, but why is this happening? is it because my old strings are really streched so my guitar is used to it? I just have the guitar out of tune right now so the bridge is level
do you like the ec 1000? im looking at getting one
yeah its just kinda
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I was going to do one of these...mine would be so much better than this.

do the moms friend or the phone
this isnt funny
goddammit i said dont do this
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k, it's just I thought you were all like "lets go steal something we have no use for !!11!one"

I know a kid that stole a steak.... and he got caught
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Haha that's so funny. They were probably like 'I agree with your son, **** you lady'

I better not see a thread that says

My son said **** you to me
everyday is exactly the same, I love that song
Dont you find the EC1000 has too much inlay in the neck?
I like it around the body, but it's a bit too much on the neck. The thing I do like about the 1000 though is that it's a brighter white then the 500
I'm really torn between these guitars in white
I wanna get the white but the 1000has too much inlay I find, and I already have a black guitar
I could buy a different pair and install them, just the guitar I wanna buy comes with those 2. I dont need anything great so I'm sure it will be fine.
I heard the 60 is good though?
These Emg's can still get a decent clean right?

EMG-81 pickup in the bridge position and EMG-60 active pickup for the neck
jesus your guys school are strict, our teachers don;t even care and kids text in class all the time
no i figured it out, you can't create folders in media player thats the problem. I had to go to the arrow under library and click add music then it scanned for any music it didnt already have
hey I'm having a weird problem. A few songs of mine I clicked delete from library only but I still have the files in my music, how do I get them to create a file inside Windows Media Player?
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Kaslo BC ftw!



lol Kaslo I've been there, only like 400 people live there
I mean it works I just can't crank my amp up with the mic otherwise it starts to squeal
what about something to help improve sound on recordings? something to make acoustics sound better?
yeah thats what I was wondering, what does the converter box do?
I have a Shure 58 beta which obviously has the xlr end and i bought a quarter inch coverter so im running it though my Vox
okay I have 2 amps, one for my guitar and one for my vocals
I am trying to make my vocals heard while jamming with my band without buying a PA

I have a tube amp and I was talking to the guy at the store to make sure I could run my mic through the amp ( I have the mic cord to quarter inch thing) without damaging anything. He said it would work but I wouldnt be able to crank it because it would squeal, which I have had happen in the past. He said something about getting some kind of impedence thing that attaches to the cord which would make the frequencey work over my amp better, what is this?
Anyone live in Surrey?
I'm heeeeerrreeeee
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It just shows that you've been around the block a few times, you're a seasoned vet. Wear it with pride.

**** everyone stay off the road


kidding. good work man.
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It's Taco Time!

Yes, another thing to add to my list of things to say when someone asks for the time.

What time is it?
Do ittt man