Ask her for some recommendations.
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Won't they eventually run out of colors?

No. They'll make up colors before they stop making pokemans.
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you can get them on your back also
cut off your back too

i heared that clearasil does nothing

Yeah, Clearasil does nothing, but I use it nonetheless.
Does change in diet really have that much of an effect on it?
I know I'm a day late, but I would like to join. I'm 14, 5 foot 6, and 120 lbs. I want to gain some weight in muscle, and just be all around healthier. Exercise more, eat healthier etc etc.

I've been doing some lifting lately, and doing some more cardio stuff. I'll get pics as soon as I can.
I did the same thing to my knee. It sucked, but I did what you've been doing.
Or you could just wrap it up and wash it, but make sure it's wrapped well.
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"Isnt this were..." Best ever ending to an album. An e-cookie to whoever tells me what album ends with those words.

The Wall.

Edit: Probably beaten to it.
Once you get sucked into The Pit, there's no way out.
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Am I the only person who kind of wishes the threat of zombies existed? Wouldn't that just make life so awesome? You would just be sitting at home on a lazy Sunday, with a bottle of J2O in your hand, when a siren would go off. You'd quickly race to a cuboard, take out a fully loaded rifle, then climb up on your roof and shoot some F'ING ZOMBIES!

Yeah and having read the Zombie Survival Guide, I should be good to go.
I prefer jamming with nine year olds.
Suicide is a permanent solution for a temporary problem.
Just whip it out. Works every time for me.
Rap AND metal?
I have a dog and a lizard.
Brunettes. But you need to add black hair/green eyes.
How 'bout them parties...
I'd probably be a little jealous too. Screw her hard, then dump her, if you don't trust her.
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You're never going to get a serious answer for "What Do I Call My Band?" on The Pit. Use your own imagination.

And I'm gonna sound like a jerk, but try the band name thread.
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the way i see it,
- i support the war, but fine, let's leave, since everyone's complaining. you'll see what happens to Iraq then.
- the government should have no involvement in healthcare.
- illegal immigrants should be shot on sight.
- global warming is, at best, still a theory.
- anti-american environmentalists need to gtfo, and we need to start drilling more in america. also, we should start working on nuclear power and other alternative methods of energy.
- special interest projects should all be cut, and so should the size of the government, by at least 80% i'd say.
- social security and medicare should not exist. all they do is steal money from people and give it to the government.
- public schooling should not exist.
- america needs to stop printing out so much money, and the federal reserve should not exist.

frottage for president?
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Steve Vai is gay
Buckethead is gay
Slash is gay
Dave Mustaine is gay

Mets suck
Yankees suck
Kripton sucks

I hate it when people use gay as an insult.
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Matt Bellamy and Arif Mirabdolbaghi

This guy knows what he's talking about.
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no body over the age of 12 like pokehoweverthe****youspellit.

I like pokemons...
Anything by Linkin Park

eh? eh?

Edit: God damnit i always get beaten to it.

or Helga.
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can believe no-ones said it

1 sex
2 drugs
3 rock and roll.

That's what I was gonna say...
Some friends and I want to go see this.
I like the name "search bar"

Edit: Damn, beaten to it.
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Well I need proof of OPs epic hair before I give out any of my personal social tactics.

Your questioning his epic hair?!?

Anyways, I'm the same way. I'd rather be quiet and have that air of mystery than talk all the time and make a fool of myself. But if you want to talk more, confidence helps.
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I hate when someone does something someone else doesn't like, so he says "Don't be gay".

To me, that's the equivalent of saying "Don't be white" or "Don't be mexican", etc.

From what I've seen, madcap knows a lot about, well, life in general.
I agree with him.
i hate you.
Buying guitars off the internet is a bad idea.
put them down your pants

edit: rub icy hot on them...
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Synyster Gates?

i play blues.
Kill him in his sleep...

Or maybe you could just get a louder amp.
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Hoopeston, Illinois cant be much smaller than your town. The ONLY other guitarist in my town plays blues and I play metal.

You should learn blues. It's amazing.
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id ask UG.

yeah me too
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1. Have fun.

This guy knows how to live a good life.

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get into photography
paint something
go outside and relax
go on a picnic
watch movies
or stay on ug

this guy actually has some good ideas...

just add masturbating to the list.