Also try doing some basic rock out move's (ie the spinning, rocking your upper body forward and back Frusciante does this alot, lifting the guitar up during a solo ala Slash) in front of a mirror. Now this may sound weird, and yes it looks quite odd to other people should they see you, but the point is you can see what your doing to help build your stage presence.
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Nope. The highest investigation into Epi I've ever done is picking one up to see how crappy it was compared to my USAs.

The Elitists are a good deal used, but I'd never even consider a new one - way too much depreciation.

It'd be nice to be able to try some Tokais out, but I wouldn't replace my Historic with one sight unseen and they never come up on the used market here.

Tokai's have started going downhill as of late, still good but not great, I'd try and find an older Japanese made Burny I just bought one in Japan last November great guitars.
Well for my funk tone I use Treble-4 Mids-7 Bass-10 but I use a strat. As stated a tube swap will help the gain channel get a little more push. I also put in a new speaker which also helped with the overall sound.
32 is like a breathe of summer in the winters here. But anyway has anyone tried the pigtronix disnortion?
The M13 is actually a pretty good unit, tweak adjustments and saving presets is pretty easy. I prefer individual pedals though. How many FX do you normally use? If you get your OD/Dist from your amp and are just looking for a phaser or delay it might be best to just get individual pedals.
I use a light sandpaper on the back of all my necks. I don't like the glossy finish so I just sand it off. To me it makes it much smoother to play I find it much more comfortable in the hands as well.
My pedalboard is just a piece of wood with a second level in the back thats about a 1/2 inch up. I have a suit case that it fits perfectly in and I just put some foam in there when we gig. At the show I just pull the board out of the suitcase and set it down.
HNCD!! the B-52 sounded really nice when I played one the other day. I don't have a motorcycle but I do have an Auto Moto coolest vehicle i've ever owned look it upp.
Carvin makes some good guitars with all the options you can add it's great fun to make a guitar with them.

Also check out Becker Guitars they are pretty pricey but sound nice as hell.
The Blackstar ht-20 would work.
Decimator, I would look into the TC Nova Repeater, I like the Tube Screamer but i've been digging the BBE Green Screamer lately though.
Quote by 75vette&66stang
"Ibanez really is a good blues guitar at heart just like the gibsons do."
i kinda laughed and cried in both pain and humor.

Ibanez' Artcore series is actually pretty good for blues type stuff.
I sold HT-5 awhile back for the 20. Turn the volume on your channels to about 2 or three then use the master volume. It's what I do and my room mates next door cant hear when I'm playing it at night. Of course it would sound as good as it will when it's cranked but it's great for a nice practice setting in my book.
Quote by AcousticMirror
No dude im sighing because you don't understand that there are upgrades ur uncle can get. There are no upgrades there is no where else to go. Its the best ever.

Ahhh ok, see I thought we were still comparing it to my Strat. I do understand that though, in my first comment I said not all guitars need pickup swaps. I mentioned my uncles Les Paul because it obviously doesn't need one since the stock ones are already golden.
Quote by Imapinkboi
You smell. So does your joke.

What?? It was sarcasm, I'm not trolling. He asked to explain(which I did) then he said pretty much the same thing (expect he mentioned price of the pick-ups).
Quote by AcousticMirror
Sigh. Vintage les Paul pickups are the most after pickups of all time. It's where the term paf comes. Good condition original ones often fetch up to 5 grand. Your uncles pickups alone are probably worth more then your entire rig.

Why the sigh big guy?? I know that just about everything on my uncles guitar is better than mine. That was the joke, an America Strat from 2006 (the year alone makes mine worse) with a typical seymour duncan everything axe pick-ups will not sound as pleasing to the hear as those of a vintage Les Paul.
Quote by AcousticMirror
no explain the joke to me. i want to be sure you get it.

Really?? Ok, of course a vintage Les Paul with it's vintage pick-ups is going to sound better then my Strat even if it's American, and has different pick-ups.
Quote by AcousticMirror




We could split hairs and say it's subjective to the hears of the individual listener. No need to be blunt buddy I was making a joke.
Quote by AcousticMirror
but your little sister doesn't neeeeed a pickup upgradeeee.

and if she did you should put warpigs in there. teach her how to be tuff.

Yeah but to be fair no one really NEEDS new pickups. I think my Uncle's 69 Les Paul with it's stalk pups sounds better then my Strat with a JB jr, and little 59 in it.
Get the Bootzilla!! It's Bootsy Collins bass wah the thing is a beast. I would also recommend looking into the Boss ME-20b it's a multiple effects unit but it's got a wah and some other fun effects to play around with.
Yeah you'll have to add in a few effects I believe but as far as gain your in the clear. The HT-20 also has the ISF knob which can make you amp sound more american or British depending on where you have it set. So you could make it sound like a British combo if you desire.
Well I just got an HT-20, I sold my HT-5 because you can still play the 20 at decently low volumes and get good tone. As suggested you'll probably want to go the head and cab route. I bought to combo and i'm thinking a speaker swap is in order. I've yet to run it with my full pedal board but I used it at with band today with about 5 pedals and it sounded good. The effects loop is a big plus in my book, and the two channels are nice. The cleans are ok, nothing to fancy but they were good for some funk jams. The OD channel can get quite heavy if you eq it right I guess, thats not my field though so don't quote me on that.
Quote by Van Noord
You're right. I don't like being rude but CB and AM are total antagonistic squares with a history of condescending behavior. That's the they aren't prevalent on other amp forums. But it seems to slide around here because there are so many novice and genuinely nice people that post here.

But that's enough for now, it's Friday night and I've got a gig. Gotta grab my Soldano and go!

Dude come on now, you've been here for a while you should know AM excels getting under people's skin. Most of the time he's got some solid points, and just make's them in very blunt ways.

Now I do disagree with AM on the fact that the amp sounds like shit. As tone is subjective, some people really dig punk rock tones I hate them. Does that mean there tone sucks? No it's just not my style, so the HT-5 maybe a hybrid amp yeah but it gets good tones that people enjoy.
NPD Tomorrow!! No idea what I'm getting but I an extra $140 at work today so I'm gonna go buy some random pedal.... any suggestions??
GK Backline 600?
Quote by friji
I have. I own a clone of the original, its kinda hard to explain but its pretty f**kin' awesome.
Does the upper octavey stuff pretty well in the neck pick-up and playing on the 12th fret area. It can get pretty messy sounding if you wack the gain/sustain up and the tone button/footswitch realy wakes the pedal up.
Easilly my favourite pedal on my board.

Sweet, sounds like it might be what I'm lookin for. I'll go and check out that Devi Ever Rocket as well. I've been looking for a fuzz for a while just didn't really know where to start.
Hey has anyone tried the Fender Blender?? It looks pretty cool, for a fuzz/octavio type pedal.
They are great little practice amps. I use them at my work (guitar teacher) because they have effects build in and I don't have to have pedals out in about if im just teaching a kid a song that needs some OD and echo. Now most of the setting just sound terrible (the crunch is quite unpleasing to my ears) but it's good for PRACTICE.

I think your biggest mistake in making this thread was try to defend this amp as gig worthy. In your room you can hear threw the bad tones just because your the only one listening. But on stage or with a band others will hear it, and those bad tones will get noticed. You don't have to be a guitar player to know a good tone from a bad.
Pigtronix and Moog both make some cool pedals. They are a little are to hard to work with but once you get the hang of them they are quite handy.
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No, I'm afraid not. I used to be in a band, but we had to end it before finishing the album.

$300 for a delay like that would be a steal. I would probably get the Philosopher King at the same time.

Ahhh dude the King is SICK!!! Sadly shortly after I got y Philosophers Tone they came out with the King and dont have the money for one yet. I have played them and like all Pigtronix pedals it's solid and very fun to mess around with.

I was also looking into the Mothership pedal but I just don't know if I'd use it enough to actually buy.

EDIT: To simply ben, no the band does not have to be that big. Our recordings suck really bad (were hitting the studio soon) but they saw we had a good amount of shows and had played outside our home state a few times, and that worked for them.
Quote by AngryGoldfish
I have decided that the next delay pedal I'm going to get is not a Empress, not a Strymon, but a Pigtronix.

It has almost everything I want from a delay. It doesn't quite sound as prestine as the Empress, but it has the reverse I want, the subdivisions I want, and the tweak-ability.

It's going to take me a long time to save up for one, but I'm up for the challenge.

Are you in an active band?? Send them a link to your music and let them know your interested in their pedals. I did and got the Echolution for $300, I got my Philosophers Tone for $100.
You don't need a 4x12 for gigging. I have a 4x10 combo and it gets annoying hauling around this big box all the time. The other guitar player in my band has a 1x12 combo with a 1x12 extension and I can hear him just fine when we practice(we dont mic our amps when we practice).
Quote by jhalterman
So can you both play fluently either way? Makes me wonder if learning to play lefty would affect my playing righty at all (for the better).

My left handed playing isn't "Fluent" but when I do play lefty its not like another world to me. I'm much better at right handed playing.
^^ Well 3 for this amp is still pretty loud. I have played at 3 to practice on I just rolled back to volume on the guitar a bit. It doesn't sound the greatest though.
Quote by bartnijman
haha lol

first of all, i'm not english, i'm dutch, and i think i speak english very well.

second, if you read the opening thread of the gg&a, you'll see (if i remember it right) that it says how your thread should look like. and 'if i dont mention it, it means that it isnt an issue' (or something like that): what kind of bullshit is that? let me give you an example:

'yeah, hey dudes, i'm looking for a good amp. i play metal. thanks.'

well, there you go: this is a good thread, like you said so: he said he is looking for something, and doesnt mention anything, so that means he doesnt care about used/new, the budget, your nearest big city etc.

and if you read my first post, you would have seen that i did give you advice.


There is a big difference between an amp and a pedal. Amps can vary in a lot more ways then pedals. He asked for a good compression pedal so tell him a few good pedals if he doesn't like no biggie.

OT: The Pigtronix Philosophers King is one of my favorite pedals in my board. It's pretty big and costs a pretty penny but it's great. Go threw Pigtronix and you'll save some money to.
Quote by Lucky13!
I must say, I am lefthanded but I play the gutar righthanded, even though there were some difficulties in the beginning it also has its advantages and getting gear is very easy... It was one of the best decisions I have ever made

Haha I knew I wasn't the only one!! I too am left-handed but when I got my first guitar it was right-handed. Rather than flip it around and learn like Hendrix I just learned to play with my right hand instead.
Quote by SLonergan
I was just messing around man

I just thought it was funny because of the way you typed it, it was like "Oh, you think you're gonna **** with me? Well I'm gonna give you FREE MONEY! SUCK ON THAT!"

Its always good to create good relationships with workers at GC and other music stores.

Damn you emoticons!!!
Quote by SLonergan
Damn, you sure showed him! Now he's gonna get commission for all those pedals instead of just a pack of strings!

Man, I'm sure glad I'm not that guy.

You missed the point. The guy still works there I still chat with him when I walk in. Only now he know's that I like to buy random pedals and will ask if I want to some if they get a new one in. Did get him some commission sure maybe help'd him keep his job a bit longer. But when I go in there now he doesn't think I'm just some broke college and treats me like all the other employee's.
HNAD!!! I love my deville, the more drive tone is good for really dirty funk solo's like Eddie Hazel. Still getting a tube screamer or something like that will help.
I've only really had one bad experience at GC, and it wasn't that bad. First off I was on my way back from the airport as I had just picked up my Mother. I asked her if it was okay if I swung into GC quick to pick up a new set of strings she says yes and comes in with me. The conversation went like this.

GC: Can I help you
Me: Yeah I'll take the Ernie Ball super slinky
GC: Alright sure, (turns to my mom) ok ma'am that will be (however much the strings cost).
Me: Actually I'm paying for it.
GC: HA ok so when you need strings you pay for it when you need a new pedal or amp bring your portable ATM from bank Mom.

Just to prove the guy wrong I also bought a Cry Baby, BBE Green Screamer, and a Delta Lab Delay. Like I said not that bad, it was mainly cause he was new. Most of the employee's at the closest GC know me and are pretty cool