Try other drivers, some sound cards don't support WDM, at least mine doesn't support it.
What drivers are you using? DIrect out, wave out, wasapi...
Have you tried creating a new project with a 24bit depht from scratch? Or try installing Asio4All
Really cool song man. I just don't like the sound of the strings, specially between 2 and 2:20 region. If you want I could try mixing this song, PM me if you're interested.

Here you have my last song, it is not in its final form or shape but you can have a picture of it.

Check out the rest of the songs too if you want.
A nice pair of monitors may be good....
The best solution would be a raised floor. If you only want to isolate the amp you can get an amp stand and put between the stand and the amp some kind of absorver. Also remember that the frequencies that go through the building are mainly low frequencies due to their wavelenght, so try to keep the Low frequencies in your amp down.
You will need a power amp to power the speakers, and I also recommend an audio interface.
Instead of just selling pianos you could rent them. A piano is an expensive instrument and not everyone can affor to buy one, so you could rent them, in this way you could have a stable income and get future buyers.
You'll have to route the hardware outputs of you aux channel to a pair of outputs in you audio interface. I see that you have a fast track c600, so outputs 1 and 2 are your monitoring outputs so you can chose outputs 3 and 4, connect these to the inputs of your lexicon, the the outputs of the lexicon into the line inputs of the c600.
check out the ibanez rgd, any guitar will work with heavier strings, but if you can live without a tremolo get any fixed bridge guitar and you be good to go. Just watch for some intonation and action problems that may appear due to the heavier strings
it is a good solid state amp, usually ss amps are very reliable and you shouldn't find any problem with it. As you said just try all the knobs and all the ins/outs.
Have you checked the tuners? Sometimes they may be a little loose and cause the rattle.
Try the pod hd, the engl e530 and the 6505+ 112, they're all good. Just don't pitch shift the guitar, it will sound really bad. Get some thicker strings and down tune it, that's the way to go if you want to tune low.
Alumunium cone usually sound a little more harsh then paper cones, also they tend to last longer. Anyway, if your're trying the cabs just get the one you like better, just try to translate what you hear with a different head to the head you'll be using.
Try the mic with the built-in pres of the mixer and compare the results with your own pre. If you hear a significant improvement do it, otherwise, save your pre for studio use. Just a question, where will you be using the condenser mic?
Beyerdynamic DT-770
Audio Technica ATH-M50S

These are great headphones, all priced around 150€, you won't regret to buy any one of these.

If you use protools or logic, with the score feature, after you recorded with this you'd be able to see the score of what you've played.
While there's only one vocal track I usually pan it on the middle. When the harmony vocals appear I would poussibly pan one track 50%-75% to the right and the other 50%-75% to the left. But, as "This Kidd" said, if you could give some references it would help us.
Just try them, you may like those pickups, I've played that guitar and the pickups weren't that bad.
For me, any ernie ball is better than any gibson from the last years, so I'd say that it is a great trade, even better considering it is a family reserve model. Nevertheless, if you can, try the EB JP to see if it fits you're playing and if you like its tone.
Just get a good preamp, if you have a good interface you'll be able to record very good tones out of your bass. Just a question, what is your bass?

Edit: Forget the question, i've just seen it in your signature. With that bass I'm sure you can get results, just put some fresh strings on it.
I'm sure that the ENGL would suit your needs, although you can always check the Line6 POD HD Pro, from what I've heard it sounds very good. You'd just have to get a FR power amp and speakers or some Powered PA speakers/monitors for it.
what do you want to do with the soundcard?
Red Chesterfield or red L&M here.
I don't want to sound like an a**hole but the better solution would be to take it to a tech, unless you're very savvy on electronics.
No, I don't have skype. We can always talk through PM's
The mix isn't that bad, I've heard a lot of worse mixes. The song is cool, the rhythm guitars during the solo could have some work done, they sound boring and are very predictable. If you want, you can send me the audio stems and mix it.
It is very common, I've some friends that have already reached around 180 tracks, although the biggest number of tracks I've reached was around 20.
this may suit you, a friend of mine has these and they work very well and sound good:
In first place, whats your budget?
Good work! When you talk about the Polish scene are you refering to Behemoth? I just don't like the sweepage and solo part, to me it sounds like some old 80's power metal.

If you want go to my profile and check some of my stuff, I've uploaded some songs recently.
The build quality may be a little bit better on the prestige model, but I think that what you should look is that if you want a fixed bridge or a tremolo, because that's the main difference between those models.
I've never played a short scale bass and you me wonder something - don't you lose low end and string tension due to the shorter scale lenght?
This has potential, you could add some reverb to the vocals, they sound really dry to my ears. You also could add bass and drums to make it sound fuller and maybe some strings in the verses. Has someone has already said, I also think that the guitar is a little too loud in the mix.

Nevertheless this is a great tune, keep'em coming!
It has been a long time since I've uploaded a song, so I uploaded 3 songs into my profile.

Sands of Time - This is a metal song with some synths in it.

The Path of Sorrow - This one is a Hard Rock song.

Sun - Last but not least, this is a Jazz song with acoustic and electric guitars, bass, drums and piano.

If you want more details about the songs just listen to them.

Hope you guys enjoy these tunes!
Get the first one. 256mb on the GPU for photo and video editing is nothing, you would be able to do some stuff but the more demanding tasks would cause lag.
You can get a mix table where you would connect the POD and the microphones, the you would connect the "outs" of the table to the interface. Just remeber that if you go this way all the instruments will be on a single track.
A couple of weeks ago I played the Tele in a store while trying some pedals and it felt very well, with a pickup change it can be a great guitar.