Difficult but on a general note :

Dire Straits
Lynyrd Skynard
joshua radin
Eric Clapton
Pain of Salvation
Dashboard Confessional
Boyce Avenue
I, personally, must say 'Brothers in arms' by Dire Straits is the most emotional. Probs got a few others, butthat the one that comes to mind (:
Thats a bitch, fo' real :/

I bet you felt like going ape-****..

|And agreement with livewire, what a waste of taxpayers money, haha.
Angry - Ashes - Pain of Salvation
Suicidal - Second Love - Pain of Salvation
Happy - Happy - NeverShoutNever!
Partying - Disco Queen - Pain of Salvation
Lonely - (I haven't got one for this) hah
Driving - My United States of Whatever - Liam Lynch
Playing your air guitar - Layla - Eric Clapton (or) The Dark Eternal Night - Dream Theatre
In love - Wonderful tonght - Eric Clapton (main)
Seductive - Any song from 'The Dark Horse' album from Nickleback

Thats about it (:
SLASH is the most over-rated guitarist going..

Why not listen to great guitarist such as Peter Lingeeren OR Fredrick Akersson. whoa re afew of my hero's.
I personally love Rise Against, one of of my favourite bands..
some of their stuff are a little crap to be honest, not the perfect band, but then again after the old legends, who is perfect the perfect band..

but they surely are one of the best (:

Actually, I am going to see them in november, on the 22nd, in Cardiff (Y)

Master's Apprentices - Opeth

Mikael Åkerfeldt is a GOD!
mhmmm. . . I tough one.

haha. Probably Dashboard confessional songs. any of them.

but also Atreyu - Doomsday.

thats a great song to get your spirit lively. xD
My dream last night was about playing the song "the grand Conjuration - Opeth" on guitar with Mikael Akerfeldt and Per Wilberg.

I then stage dived and ended up falling and falling.

weirdly anough, thats all I can remember!

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Mine was about some ritual where you had to catch a mouse and rip its limbs off... but i refused to and instead i gave it a bath...

dude this is funny!

It had me laughing all night!
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When they say "ZOMG, I no who lieks u!!!"

I'd be like "Oh... ok... who exactly?"

They say: "I cant tellz u!"

Me: "oh. ok "

this is annoying!
I agree with killedbyaspork!

The cake is a lie.
The cake is a lie.
The cake is a lie.