thanks for your advice i'll give it a go
hey guys I was just wondering if anyone could tell me how to do artificial harmonics such as the ones in the intro to Birdland by Weather Report. i've just about got the hang of natural harmonics but no idea on artificial ones!

oh right thanks dude. sorry didn't reply sooner couldn't remember which thread i'd posted in!
what is classical guitar is it just the theory and technique or are there actually classical guitars? if so what are the differences between these and normal acoustics? thanks
hey guys looking for an acoustic guitar for under £100 just assomething to learn songs on really. thinking of getting this one......... any good?

ummm, not sure whether he's been mentioned on here before but Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen was pretty good on upright IMO.
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Everything in that is applicable to bass.

so do i just use the first four strings of the scales as the strings on my bass?
thanks guys thats been a lot of help.

i'll have a go at those
hi guys just wondering if there is something like this on the site but for bass?

Sticky: Music Theory FAQ Quide

or can you adapt any of it for bass?

if you could please help me it would be much appreciated

hey guys never been on this part of the forums before but i wanna try and learn how to play fingerstyle like people such as andy mckee. except his songs are so damn hard! have any of you got any suggestions as to some songs/artists that i could try to get me started?

yeah i've got to agree these are some damn good lyrics. a nice change from lots of the emo-sounding poems floating around on this forum
this is my first post on these forums, despite being a member for a few years, that being the case, please don't flame me if i have broken a rule in some way.

i've had a look around but i can't really find anything that can help me practice speed, or more like it, get speed in the first place. i've been playing for about a year and a 1/4 and can learn most basslines that i want to, apart from obviously difficult ones. these are where i need help.

i'm currently trying to learn continuum by jaco and i'm alright with the slow bits but when it comes to the faster soloey bits i get completely lost. no matter how many times i play through it it always sounds slow and clunky and can't seem to get faster at it.

could you guys please help me out it would be much appreciated