Probs not. I initially looked into it to see if taking it would help with my issue, but seeing how it's the exact opposite ill just end up staying away.

Really what I need to do is go to the doctor and get it confirmed. Just can't make myself do it
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Makes sense. I was just wondering because you do super heavy weighted pullups, but relatively light rows. I'll get maybe 6-8 reps with 45# on pullups, but keep form on 225# rows.

I started a cycle of Ipamorelin today. Going to add in Mod GRF 1-29 as well.

GL. I've considered using GHRP-6, but have read it can cause issues with people who have gyno. Since im about 90% positive I already have gyno, I don't want even puffer nips than I already have haha
Double dicks
double vaginas

What's next, double buttholes?
Sure if you're into rednecks, fat chicks, or 20 yr old single mothers
And I Told Them I Invented Times New Roman in my ass
And here I am thinking my 90# pullup for one rep was good.

I like attention when I've done something that's worthy of attention
This design looks ****ing stupid imo, but still only first picture we've seen so far so maybe there's still some hope
Ive had a few people tell me I look like my dad, but I think I look more of my mom. We have similar facial features, which is why a lot of people probably think I'm gay now that I think of it.

My brother is going to look exactly like my dad though, poor bastard, and my sister is literally the spitting image of Deborah Woll, who looks nothing like my mom.

(And no she is not available, she is 15 and I'll kill all of you)
Where and were
^ naw naw naw.

Deca straight into the eyes, dbol straight up the butt.

Guaranteed 50 lbs solid muscle mass bro get zyzz status
Oh yeah Hank Hill as well
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Legitimate question, why would any ever need an almost $800 chair? The thing better have a pop out toaster and disposable hooker
Human chairs
Squats and oats

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reps for jesus

Holy Swoliness
Baby I already treat every week like it's my last
Is op preparing his anus?
UK. Don't go no mo tho
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It's called reddit

It's an oval
And here I thought it was Christmas
I could go for some nachos and woodchuck right now (Even tho it's breakfast time).

I just got my diet back in decent shape the past couple weeks. Limited my fast food back down to one meal a week, and like I thought, I was over on my calories most days with my meals. Still sitting around 165 lbs thankfully. If it wasn't for all this running I'm doing now I'd prob be up 175 and still pushing.

Downside is I'm back to a diet of nothing but oats and eggs, bison and steak. Erryday
As long as your name isn't like Anus Dingledork should be no problem
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so fail and wrong

this is a golden age of TV, highest quality ever

No order cuz I cant put them in one

Thomas Shelby (Peaky Blinders)
Bubbles (Trailer Park Boys)
Mike Ehrmantraut (BrBa)
Walter White (BrBa)
Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock)
Tyrion (Game of Thrones)
Rust Cohle (True Detective)
Daredevil (Daredevil)
Frank Underwood (House of Cards)
Finn and Jake (Adventure Time)
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my mum hates Mcconcouhgy. But he's done a great job since The Lincoln Lawyer. I mean Dallas Buyers Club and Mud were both stellar. And then Interstellar was stellar. man's great

And Magic Mike yo.

And true detective, he was glorious in that
This girl last night was hitting on me while i was working and we got on the subject of movies. She asked me what my fav of last year was and i told her Interstellar, and she said she hated it.

So yeah, not liking Interstellar is a dealbreaker.
I know it's from last year, but I kinda forgot about Hail the Sun's debut (Wake). Remembered liking it a lot but didn't start listening to it again until here recently. It really is a great album, I think those guys are going to go a long way
Smoking is really the only one I can think of currently
Both are good when they're not shitposting, which seems like every single post nowadays
Hell yea ma****a this beat is urka
Mouth breathers are the absolute worst
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Revan was the first character with that kind of mask though.

Eh it's not really that big of a deal. Sith wear masks and shiz all the time. sure it sorta looks like Revan's, but most star wars movie watchers wont even know who that is.
Daredevil is ****ing amazing. Haven't seen the others in thread title, they don't really interest me.

Think I only have two eps of DD left. I really like the cast choice for all the characters. No one seems out of place and the violence is top notch