EHX and Visual Sound are some of the worst tone suckers I've experienced but they sound awesome.

See this? Don't get this:

Instead try one of these. Just put all your pedals in it. That way you can even use it as a master on/off if you want:

$30 on sale at right now.
Green Screamer is probably my favorite Tubescreamer I've ever owned, though the Green Rhino is my only real GAS right now. HNPsD!
^ I'd want an amp with more headroom 'cause I need me some clean tones, but otherwise killer. Two phasers FTW. Also, I love any Ibanez lawsuit guitar. 9/10

Hagstrom Super Swede

Boss PH-1r
DIY Rat Clone
MI Audio Crunch Box
Super Hard On clone
Ibanez DE7
Line 6 DL4 (this1smyne modded)
Boss RV-5

Vox AC15C1

The Vicksburgs - Drive Faster
Thrice - Of Dust and Nations
For cheap find an Ibanez DE7.
AC15C1 needs to be your next amp, broseph.
"Pole corrosion."

This is all subject to personal taste, but here's what I'd do:

Whammy > Wah > Tuner > SD-1 > Hot Head > Muff > DD-7

The three dirt pedals are where you have some variation, if you'll be stacking them. You might also try Muff > SD-1 > Hot Head or whatever combination.
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played the CS-2 in depth yet? apparently it sucks balls.

I think it's the CS-3 that sucks.
Welcome to UG. The Nova Repeater is an amazing sounding delay. If you guys could make a way to give it a second preset (like Strymon and their "favorite" switch) my DL4 would be off the board so fast it would boggle minds.

Also, a Nova Drive is on my must-try list.

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Dude. SC/F is one of the best chorus pedals ever.
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Too subtle.
Exactly what makes it great.

Edit: Now go here:
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I just played a Rat for the first time in ages. I want one... A lot.

What kind of Rat was it? I've got a Rat clone (LM308, three-way switch and whatnot) and I really like it.

Though I want to get a Rat 2 to try, because I suspect I may actually like it better.
Sweet, I wondered when someone would take that fuzz.
I think everyone was just discounting dirt.
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Whats the difference between analog and digital?

Imagine it like this:

Digital Delay:


Whereas analog delay is more like this:


Digital delays are able to do an awful lot more than analog, though.
Are we going to do another round when this one ends?
Get one of these to scare them off with your epic toanz.

This guitar is my white whale.

(Invalid img)
Maxon OD808 is indeed an Ibanez TS10.
Maxon OD9 is, however, an Ibanez TS9.

Threadstarter, if you're looking for a Tubescreamer try the BBE Green Screamer (way better than any of the three Ibanez TS808/TS9/TS10 I owned) or the Way Huge Green Rhino (TS circuit with mid and bass control).

Also, an EQ pedal in the loop could work wonders.
Pfft, cables. I've been using cheap DiMarzio tweed cables for four years.
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Have you compared the RV5 to the RV3? They're quite a bit different.

I have not, although I pretty much only just use the RV-5 for the modulate mode. I think the RV-3 sounds pretty cool, though.
I'd post a picture of my board but it'd be a cell phone pic that would make you cry out DEAR GOD MY EYES.

PH-1r > Rat clone > Crunch Box > SHO clone > DE7 > DL4 > RV-5

Not exactly corksniffer-approved but I couldn't be happier with it. Still trying to find someone selling a dirt-cheap Whammy Wah and I want to add a gnarly fuzz yet.
FWIW this was recorded with a Telecaster in Drop A, a Turbo Rat, and an AC30. Let no one say the AC series can't bring teh br00tz:
cheeekens summed it up better than I could, although I want to add a couple of things (I own a C1):

Clean headroom is pretty tough to come by at gig levels unmic'd but you'll get a lot more out of it on the Top Boost channel than the Normal channel, I've found.

Also, I've had great results running dirt pedals into it, though a lot of people say the AC series don't really take Muffs well. But it ADORES Rat-type pedals and I really like my Crunch Box into it as well.
^ For the Blues Junior/Deville thread? I managed not to.

Edit: Although I did try to answer seriously. That hasn't prevented the Moste High UG Moderation Teame from warning me in the past, however.
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Hmm no. They are the same amp exept the Blues Jr is 15w so quieter. They are the same family of amps, Jr, Deluxe and Deville.

Blues Jr.: EL84
Blues Deville/Deluxe/Hot Rod: 6L6

Not the same.
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Box has landed. Though I think it's time for a new box...

Holy crap. Scout's honor, it did not look like that when I sent it out.
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I think I want a AC30. Any good b00tique clones so I can be original?

A handwired AC30.

Or Valvetech Hayseed or almost the entire series of Morgan amps. Dr. Z Maz is pretty hip right now but a buddy and I tried an AC15C1 versus a whole bunch of them this last weekend and thought the AC15 beat them all. *shrug*

Edit: link'd.
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things the Harmony Central Mystery Box Thread have said about my Louder-

"I really liked the unlabeled one knob pedal; wanted to keep it, but I didn't have anything to swap for it... but it sounded awesome. I might have to get one of those little bad boys eventually"

1 knob pedal was amazing, but nothing of same value to swap."

so proud right now

I might or might not have recently had a chance to play with your one-knob pedal as well, and I might or might not have thought it sounded totally legit and thought the bright purple LED was really hawt.

I might or might not have had anything to swap (or not swap) for it, either.
After it finishes, see if anyone wants out, replace them, and send it around again. Maybe next time I'll have something cool to put in.
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into this:

into this:

into this:

(Invalid img)

into this:

Is doing it for me.

80s rig FTW.
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I could only retract that statement if I had actually made it.

I said distortion pedals suck in front of a clean amp, and I actually meant they sucked at reproducing a distorted tube amp (except for some tube-based distortion pedals), which is normal since they're not tube amps. And that's as far as I know, so you might disagree with me on that statement based on your alleged superior knowledge of pedals, which is fine by me.

These guys using Boss and Danelectro distortion pedals disagree with you.
Ancient Greek.

The post-rock thread guys' sigs drive me crazy.