Understanding really is everything.

Thanks for the link and for the reassurance.

Gonna try and do all of this tomorrow.
Yeah, I've got all the other parts I need. Solder.. strings... 200 capacitors and pots galore. Extra 22, 24 and 26 gauge wire in multiple colors and so on.

I'm no wiring virgin, but so far most of what I've wired has been just basic Strat stuff. This is my first time getting inside a Paul or doing anything involving blending or small value capacitors.

I actually have an old partscaster you might appreciate. It's the body of an old Squier I had from my childhood, back when the Affinity series was Alder. I don't think they are anymore. The neck is a GFS maple back and front, sanded to perfection on the back. The bridge, from an old strat my roomate had, with some added Wilkinson saddles and a solid steel sustain block from other guiars. Finally, two old ESP pickups from my second guitar that had half of the wax melt out when I left it in the car -_-. I had a 1meg tone and a 500k push-pull lying around, I think I shoved a .47uf cap on the tone. I took out the screws on the neck pup and wired the bridge backwards to the phase switch. Good times... damned thing is almost 12 years old now. Still screams. Good times..

It's just odd for me to see the inside of a guitar look so foreign after all of that.

So, was I correct in thinking that to bleed off the north coil you just take the coil-tap wire and instead, wire it to a volume knob?
I am actually having a bit of trouble trying to grasp the wiring for the neck pickup. I've decided I want to use the blend on the top coil, and then just reverse the polarity of the bridge to cut out some wiring/interference. I never really use the mid position in-phase anyway.

My problem comes in here. How would I blend away the signal of the top coil of the neck, while still keeping the separate tone controls for each pickup and the master volume. I cant visualize how that would look. I get that it's basically just treating the neck humbucker as two separate single coils. I just cant grasp putting the signals back together before the tone pot. It seems like I'd be wiring two pickups to the same tone knob.

Sorry for not realizing that I dont know how to do step 1 sooner.

Is it as simple as taking the wires that connect the two coils (the red and white on the Duncans) and attaching that to a volume pot that shunts to ground, and then taking the hot and wiring it to the tone and so on?
Thank you. I'll definitely give that a try as well. I found a pretty good deal on some shielding tape online.

That makes a lot of sense with the ground wires as well. Will definitely keep that in mind.

It's funny you mention the powerbar option with the buzzing issue. My old residence wasn't grounded, so I got special outlet covers and grounded them that way. When I moved, I kept them. I know very well the problem you mentioned there; even my series-wired humbuckers would buzz like crazy.

I'm going to stick with these pickups; I'm trying to make this thing scream with the stock pups. Funnily enough, this is the only guitar I own (out of my 15) that I don't know the brand or output of the pickups. I just know that I like them, and want to get the most out of them with some cheap mods. If I were to change them, however, I'd most likely get a P-rails for the neck with the same setup I asked about here, and a screaming hot set of GFS power rails in the bridge. That's just a bit out of my price range at the moment.
Yeah, I was going to experiment with the Kinman, Duncan and Simple wiring setups. I grabbed a ton of 1000pF and 3300pF caps (100 of each) and 25 100k resistors. Also, thanks to the lovely man in the video, I picked up a set of alligator clips like his, all for around $20.

I'll try your suggestion first. The only thing left on my mind now is just feedback from all the wiring going behind the pickups. That's a lot of wire passing back and forth behind the pups.

Do you have any experience with that sort of thing?

Again, thank you. I really appreciate all your help here.
Thank you so much for your quick and full responses. I just have one final question on the matter.

I want to keep the treble bleed on the master volume but I've read that because of how basic resistance works, that where the master volume has the cap to allow higher frequencies, other paths may have those same frequencies cut while following that path to ground. I actually saw a short video explaining the matter. Would this be affected by that? I don't actually know much of the math, but I came here to learn.

This explains the problem I'm concerned about.
Thanks again for all your help!
I'm sorry to say that, that diagram link is the best I've found. In quality and in trying to describe what I'm trying to accomplish.

My question is more about the "order of operations" being correct more than anything.

Maybe this might help.
I've done that same split before. This time around instead of just turning the coil on or off completely with a switch, I want to do a taper the signal with the pot part of the push-pull.

Secondly, I've never done or heard of having a volume pot (for the coil-split function) coming before a master volume. I'm wondering if having two volume controls for the same pickup will mess up the circuit as a whole.
So, I've got this Les Paul that has a dysfunctional volume knob. I've decided to just re-wire the whole thing while I'm in there.
Something like this.

The only difference I would have, would be some pot values and the push-pull function.

Please let me know if this should or could work.

Neck pickup (4 wire) to a 500k push-pull, using the pot as a volume for only the bottom coil, and the push-pull for phasing of the entire pickup. That then to a 500k tone pot. Then to the 3-way switch and finally to a 1meg master volume pot (with a treble bleed) and out to the jack.

Bridge pickup is going straight to the second 500k tone pot, then to the 3-way switch, which of course goes to the volume and then jack.

Could this work?
I strung it up, and noticed that the tone when all the way turned, cuts the sound.
I need help, I have a 4 wire humbucker and I was trying to treat it like two separate single coil pickups. In theory it makes perfect sense, but when I tried it, after 3 hours of wiring, It just buzzed and my volume did nothing.
It's just a single humbucker guitar with one volume and one tone, both DPDT push-pulls.

What I THOUGHT I did was:
Take the top coil and phase switch it with push-pull #1

Take the bottom coil and use the push pull as an on/off switch to just turn that coil off for a split.

If someone could please help me out with a diagram that would be amazing.
im sorry, thats what i meant! thanks a bunch!
So its Pickup to switch, then volume, then jack?
yeah, but that comment of yours confuses the hell out of me.. too many words.. im sorry man, one more try?
ok, so i just bought a travel guitar with one Volume pot and thats it. I want to turn it into a tone. and just have a switch for on/off.

how would that work? like would i solder the pup to the tone, then that to the switch?
ok, i thought so. thanks.
i like the way it picks up harmonics when i use a phase switch betweeen pickups. figured id give it a shot with a humbucker.
Hey need help with a simple wiring question. it seems easy enough, but i dont have a guitar in front of me right now.

it is possible to wire a 4 wire humbucker so that you can switch the phase of just one of the two coils right?
bushings, ive had bad luck with them.. i'll look for a wire a bit closer. thanks. if i cant get it fixed with minimal risk, ill just deal with it, or simply have an external ground.
ive tried the wire bit, it seems to only not buzz when the bridge or strings are involved. and i dont think its the amp since its done it on 3 amps so far. any other ideas?
my les paul is buzzing like mad. is there some secret grounding trick i dont know? theres no access to the bridge or tailpiece. any help would be great.

guitar stops buzzing if i touch the selector switch, output jack, or pickups.
good to know.
in one type better than another?
ok, that makes sense to me except for one part. ive always seen tone knobs wired where the right lug (with the lugs facing down) is where the cap goes to ground, and the middle is connected to the volume. is that wrong, or just another way to do it?
Quote by MonkeyLink07
the volume from the mid and the volume from the neck and bridge (the two volumes) go into the tone control, then from the same lug, run another wire to the jack.

ok, is that instead of, or in addition to the two "volume to output" wires? or am i just more confused than i think i am, heh

i really appreciate all of your time by the way
ok, it really is that simple then, thanks a bunch!


ok, i drew it all out and im not sure what "then from that same first lug, run it straight to your jack." means, i got lost with that comment. isnt the volume for the mid already sent to the output?
there will be two volumes, one for the neck and bridge, and one for the middle.

i guess just to simplify my question.

how do you wire a separate volume knob for the middle pup, and can it be connected to the same tone knob as the neck and bridge pickups?
3 pickups
3 way switch for neck and bridge - both attatched to a "master" volume
an independent volume for the middle pickup, if possible, attached to the master tone.

im not sure how to add a separate volume knob for a pickup, or if its possible to use the master tone for the separate volume.
Quote by avka0628
heres a follow-up question on the 3 way switch thing.
would it work if i had a 3 way switch and 3 pickups to do this.

neck selection on the switch - neck + mid
both pups selection on the switch - all 3 pups
bridge selection on the switch - mid + bridge

would it be as simple as to just attach two leads from the mid pup?

my end goal is to somehow figure a way to wire that 3 pup and 3 way switch diagram, with the mid pup having its own volume knob. im not entirely sure its possible.

any help would be much appreciated

now that i know this is possible, how would it be wired to its own volume pot? im new at wiring. would i just attach the hot wire to the pot and then link that to the jack? i dont know how to wire both the pickup w/ 2 leads to the switch and the indepedent vol for that pup.

and would there be a way to link it to the master tone knob?
help would be great
heres a follow-up question on the 3 way switch thing.
would it work if i had a 3 way switch and 3 pickups to do this.

neck selection on the switch - neck + mid
both pups selection on the switch - all 3 pups
bridge selection on the switch - mid + bridge

would it be as simple as to just attach two leads from the mid pup?

my end goal is to somehow figure a way to wire that 3 pup and 3 way switch diagram, with the mid pup having its own volume knob. im not entirely sure its possible.

any help would be much appreciated
i want to eventually switch the 5 way switch with a 3 way. is it still possible to have the knob setup with a tele style switch?
me and my dad were working on a strat project, he tried to wire in a second volume for the mid pup. what we got was basically two volume knobs that did the same thing.

any help with getting an independent volume knob for my mid pup?

would it just be a "blender"?
i get fret buzz only at two places on the neck, the 5th fret and the 14th fret.

does that then mean that the 6th and 15th need to be sanded down?
im sorry, i meant, the bridge itself is adjustable. its about $80 at, and ok, thanks. i havent gotten the parts yet, i figured id ask people who knew before i went and spent over $500 on a project that i couldnt finish without a workshop.
actually, i found a compound radius tune o matic bridge, and a les paul body that fits a strat sized bolt on neck. im more worried about the scale length than anything else
i know the les paul and the strat scales are slightly different, or at least that the les paul has 22 frets and a strat has 21.

i want to put a strat neck on a les paul body. would it work?

i once put a strat neck on an ltd 24 fret guitar and i had to move the bridge.
i know i shouldnt, im just experimenting on a cheapie guitar with different tensions.

if i raised the 10 to an 8 would i also have to move the 50 to a 46 or so so that the neck didnt warp?
this is a string tension question involving buzz

i want to lighten the high e string so i can bend up to the octave on my 21 fret guitar. i can do it with 8s or 9s but then i get a buzz from the strings being too loose.

if i lightened the e to an 8 on a set of 10s, i would have to lighten the low E as well so as not to mess with the tension?
ok, yeah. that helped, thank you. im thinking about getting that squier hello kitty guitar, but refinishing it and putting in a nice split humbucker w/push pull. its got no guard. but its cheap and sounds good especially for the price. i love modding guitars!! :P
i want to get a single pickup (bridge) guitar but i want the pup to sound more like its the mid pup instead of a hotter bridge pup. i like the tone of the mid or neck better for solos and whatnot.

would putting in a 4k-6k pup instead of a 10k-14k do that for me?
darn, forgot one thing. i dont know how to use a push pull as a spst switch or a simple on/off. i know just about everything else you can do with one though heh.

i even know how to blend in the pup, heh, i feel a little stupid asking, but how would this be done? a simple on off to use as a bypass switch?
just one other question, i want to make a bypass so that the neck pup can be on at all times if i flip an spst (or use a push pull)

i think it was attaching a lead from where the pup is soldered to the selector to the switch, then to the volume, is that right?

any help at all would be great.