My personal advice would be to move to somewhere in the 21st Century.
Lucy is comin'.

**** to the yeah, a bhuachailí!
Women an Men are different. By accepting these differences in general and realising that they don't necessarily apply in any given specific case, one is essentially aware and not a sexist.
The problem is and always will be ignorance and wilful ignorance on both sides.
That's salvia in an image, Ladies and Gentlemen.
Somebody whose name I can't connect with their UG username!
That looks more like coffee than a blunt...

What the **** kind of blunts are you rollin'?
You can roll joins and drink malt liquor, though...
What a fine example of the Irish.
Wow, that's pretty bent.
That said, I know they've reformed the first year maths options into three streams rather than two, so you're probably better off.
I'd imagine that the points will be notably higher if Math Sci. and Theoretical Physics have been amalgamated into it, though.
Just take Physics with Astronomy and Space-Science as your degree to start off if it's what you want. First year was pretty decent, and the points are hilariously low.
I'm in that course, and our user titles just gave me a laugh.
People on Boards talk a lot of shit, really.

Just do your homework, know your shtuff and chill out.

Nice to see Ireland brought up already.
Quote by laid-to-waste
If there's a higher power, he's got to be responsible for one of these religions, if not all.

Why? Why couldn't said higher power just not give a toss what some chunks of sentient meat on a ball of rock do with their time?
Surely something that created the universe has better things to concern itself with, assuming it is even capable of doing so...
Also, given how religions tend to be based about cultural values, it's also possible that a personal deity does exist but just doesn't interact with us in the way most people perceive.
Quote by laid-to-waste
I don't see where else these weird formations would come from.

Ignorance is of course the front runner in explaining the formulation of an intervening deity. Given the time frames of the foundation of today's prominent religions, as well as the level of widespread scientific knowledge during such times, it wouldn't really be at all surprising for it to be possible for a religion to just come from human attempts to explain phenomenon or comfort themselves.
Quote by laid-to-waste
And he chose both of the headings in the title, how is that not fence sitting?

Choosing both wouldn't be fence sitting, as he'd be on both sides of the fence. Fence sitting is not choosing either.
He also didn't actually choose both; he's a theist/deist/pantheist/etc. who accepts evolution. The choice does not concern itself with religious views; only stance on modern biology.
Methylenedioxymethamphetamine is something I've still to get around to.
Quote by laid-to-waste
Except there's no religion that supports your beliefs. Sorry but I can't stand people that sit on the fence.

Why does there have to be a religion?
This is such warped logic that it isn't even a formal fallacy.

He's also not actually fence sitting.
Fly Agaric reports are hilarious.

I'm never going near that shit.
Just tell her how you feel about that.
If she can't deal with a differing opinion, she can go suck a dick.
Holy shit, Travis has the OP?

Right now, I'll only give the flapjack recipe, because it's late and I'm tired. The recipes for mushies are somewhat more technical, and surely you all know how to make normal brownies, so just make them with the butter.

Anyway, these are all recommendations for one person's portion, so obviously just multiply the amounts by the number of people if there are more than one.
Also, to preface this, when you cook with Marijuana your kitchen will absolutely reek of it(Which can be the best or worst thing imaginable).

Next, we must consider dosage. Obviously, if you don't smoke much, it might be wise to avoid an heroic dose. For the average smoker, 1 gram of bud/hash should do a great job of getting you stoned. That said, if you have access to leafs/stems, they are better used here, and as a general rule, add 1.5x the amount of cannabis if it's just bits of plant.

The Butter:
First things first; making the butter. There are a variety of ways to go about it, but I'll only explain two here, those being the most basic and that which I deem to be the best option.
You will need:
-1/16 lb of butter.
-Your dose of marijuana.
Method 1(The basic way):
-Bring a saucepan 1/3 full of water to the boil and place a bowl on top of it. The steam will heat the bowl without causing it to break.
-Add the butter to the bowl and stir until it melts and turns somewhat clear.
-Add your marijuana and stir it into the butter.
-Stir for ~4 minutes.
-Good job, you've made butter.
-From here, you can transition straight into a recipe of your choice.
Method 2(The good way):
-Heat a saucepan 1/2 full of water. Do not bring it to the boil.
-Add your butter and marijuana and stir.
-Stir for approximately 10 minutes.
-Pour the contents of the saucepan into a ceramic container(water included) through a sieve*. It is best to choose a reasonably thin(Small diameter) vessel such as a mug.
-Place this ceramic container in the fridge.
-In the fridge, the butter will harden and form a layer on top of the water.
-You can now pick up your disk of butter and use it as the butter in a recipe.
*The sieve is often best replaced with some sort of cloth. An old clean T-Shirt will do. When you have poured it through the cloth, be sure to squeeze it to get as much of the butter out of the bits of weed as possible to make it as efficient as possible.

Necessary Ingredients:
~1/16 lbs of butter.
~80g of honey.
Rolled oats(More on the quantity later).

Optional Ingredients:
Chocolate. You can put chunks in, or melt it on top.

How to Cook them:
-Bring a saucepan 1/3 full of water to the boil and place a bowl on top of it. The steam will heat the bowl without causing it to break.
-Put the butter in the bowl and stir until it melts.
-Add the honey and stir until you have a homogeneous mixture.
-Now, add your rolled oats. Add them slowly and mix thoroughly each time you add more. You should aim to have as little of the honey-butter goop at the bottom as possible, so the oats are thoroughly covered and not swimming in it.
-At this point, you can add chocolate chips, raisins, cinnamon, whatever... be creative.
-Now, place in a waxed baking tray(Line it in alu-foil if yours is filthy) and place in the oven at ~180°C until they turn a golden brown.(It's really easy to tell).
-Take them out and let them cool on a baking tray if you have one. Melt chocolate on top if you want.

General Stuff About Flapjacks:
If you've used a lot of cannabis, especially leaves and stems, you may notice that the flavour can be quite overpowering. This isn't necessarily bad, but if you've made your butter the first way, they won't be the tastiest flapjacks in the world.
Also, they're f***ing fantastic with ice-cream.

Quote by CodySG
[...] I'm just so weary of making edibles

Spare a gram(Or slightly more. ) and make them flapjacks. Shit'll **** you up.

Edits: Multiple spelling mistakes.
I don't still post here, but that may change...
Also, if anybody is interested in some recipes for Marijuana or Mushrooms, I can post a few.
Quote by Gibson06
we know, dude.

Holy shit, I'm in your sig!

How old if that thing?
I'd definitely take it a lot easier than those doses, but that's just me.
1g of mush and a hit of acid could work if you were used to both.

Also, timing would be something to think about, given the massive differences in trip lengths.
Yeah, that's why I was thinking they'd perhaps work in low doses.
I prefer low doses of both anyway, but it seems like they could add up nicely... Potentially...
Yeah, unless he was clearly identified on camera, it's unlikely that anything will happen.
That said, theft of Robo-gels is something that could be taken seriously depending on legislation and the size(or lack thereof) of that manager's dick.

Also, anybody have any experience with combinations of LSD and psilocybin? Specifically (reasonably)low doses with a reasonable time interval between ingestion.
Considering their nature, acid with a bit of a shroom buzz could be a very awesome thing, but I don't know.
Holy shit.

Pretty epic OP.
Personally, Brave New World is better, but I'd advise 1984 first.
STS9, Explosions in the Sky and Primus?
Goddamn, I want to go so badly...
Somebody will figure out how to actually divide by zero.

Maybe we'll realise that we're all total shit-heads before we get so far.
Wasn't my doing, but a friend of mine ate 120g of raw sausages.
He was high.

One interesting time, I got two mini pizzas and put a quarter pounder burger between them. I highly recommend this.
It's perfectly fine if the kid's a total wanker.
Do assignments when you get them.
Study just a little.

If it's something you really enjoy studying, you'll be fine.
Flowa Power here.

Funny game.
First, given that it gives 63kg, I'd imagine his weight is 63g.

Weight = mass(acceleration)
Here, the acceleration is the acceleration is the acceleration of the man relative to the scales. This would be gravity - acceleration of plane.
Rearrange to get: w/a = m

The scales must exert a normal force on the man to prevent him from being in freefall.
This normal force is equal to his mass times the acceleration the scale is preventing(Gravity - acceleration of plane).
The normal force is given(63g), and you can calculate his acceleration.

Both of those ways are basically the same, but I gave both in case one is not intuitive or I've not explained it well.