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I found an interesting little blog article about Christmas music that i think describes it pretty well. What do you guys actually think of christmas music? like it? hate it? what about pop artists constantly releasing xmas music?
thanks very much for the kind comments! i'll get to c4c's asap.
The acoustic is a Norman, they are a relatively small company local to quebec or at least canada i believe but they are great guitars for good prices.
Time After Time Acoustic/Vocal cover, would love some feedback, C4C
Hey, this was just us turning on a camera whilst practicing for a show, but anyways i would love some feedback. C4C
Here's a cover of price tag i did with a friend, I would really like some feedback.
really cool vibe to the song. like the layered vocals. the only thing i would say is that the vocals are so 'big' that they almost overpower the arpegiated guitar. maybe some sort of strings synth or drone or something in the background would fill it out better. other than that its awesome.
check out mine?
good song, the mixing seems to be a bit out, Guitars wanna come up and drums down, cymbals overly loud. Solid rythm track, will make a great song when everything is finished.
check out mine?
cool song, really well done. the biggest thing i would mention is mixing a bit, it felt a little like the drums were at the forefront and guitar/vocals in the background. maybe try bringing the acoustic to the front of the mix and the drums a little more in the background. other than mixing its an awesome song and really well played, i like your voice.
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really cool song. i like the chord progressions and great tones but maybe a little work mixing lead and rythm together, the rythm often seems to override the lead. As mentioned work on bass sound maybe. cool song.
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very andy mckee inspired it seems. Awesome piece, i've always really liked this style of acoustic guitar playing. Very close to flawless considering how hard pieces like this are. great stuff.
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really cool track, much more and better put together than i was expecting. the vibe is very soundtracky but it does that really well. I also really like the snare but i didnt like the hi hat sound in it, compared to everything else it sounded tackier (to me). great job.
check out mine?
good start, keep workin on it its got potential
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Cool song, the acoustic is recorded pretty well. I like the harmonies.
maybe a bit more energy in the vocals, but then again maybe you were going for a more laid back feel. I like it
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Cool cover, and i like the layering of all the instruments. Vocals seemed mixed way higher than the guitar in the beggining. I like when all the instruments come in, nice change. Maybe try and get the vocals to sit in with the more rather than way on top, try some EQ'ing
really good guitar sound. Good, solid vocals. I think they could work to front a band
Thanks for the comments guys. I'll admit it wasnt the best singing take, we had quite limited time to record and could have used a bit more time to figure it out.
I'll do all the crit backs now
cool song. good start at recording, now you know how to do it you can practice. As mentioned make sure everything is in tune, its of major importance for recording. Also i would suggest in the future try gettin a tighter drum track. Little fills every couple bars dont really serve the song. Good start, keep it up
Lol, maybe in the electric version i'll play a solo :P
Hey, would love some opinions on this original song!
So me and a friend recorded an original arrangement of David Guetta songs in totally different style. Would love to hear what you think
oops i forgot to check back here apparently.

you know ellen? thats awesome. yep we live in montreal, we met at school
any more crits?
there are some awesome covers in this thread
the can you feel the love tongiht cover is pretty awesome
a static lullaby's cover is awesome
lol that steel panther one has got to be one of the best
lol i love the i kissed a girl one. its the most enteraining lol.

a UG pop cover change the genre album would be pretty interesting lol
i dno how exaclty wind beneath my wings slipped past me lol... usually i'm aware of the big popular song
i've never heard of the song sonata artica covers but its pretty cool.
the Halestorm cover is awesome, although everytime i see their bandname i think its Alestorm the pirate metal band
hey guys

So i was surfing youtube and i found this really cool cover which takes a pop song and changes it up makes different and cool.

i really like the idea of re-arranging pop songs and playin em differently.
know any other good ones?
thanks, will do!