lock and key-rush
the immigrant song-zeppelin
i want to break free-queen
Suddenly the monkey
i was learning how to tune the guitar to itself, and i got a reference low E note. so it said to turn the tuning peg of the lowest string until i got the same sound. when it said lowest string i thought it was talking about the high e string cuz its like low.
ocelot juice out
until his eyes
a day in the life-beatles
hey joe-hendrix
Suddenly, a Giant!!!!,
tangerine-led zeppelin
the pear got
if you guys can't get this just skip me redo the previous one. so what is your favorite immortal song
good times bad times-led zeppelin
the call of the wintermoon

made of glass
on the run-pink floyd
rock your heart out-ac/dc
exploded! Then I
law school. Suddenly!
Quote by xX*Zeppelin*Xx
If you've seen that 70s show then you've also heard the Big Star song "In The Street", as it's the theme to the show! It's only a cover though.

Anyway, Big Star are one of my favourite bands of all time. They're ridiculously underrated and have played such a huge part in the development of Alternative and Indie music of the last 20 years. They were lightyears ahead of their time.

My favourite songs are 'The Ballad of El Goodo', 'I'm In Love with a Girl' and 'Kangaroo.'

I don't think they'll be appreciated around these parts though.

I didn't know that, I thought it was originally done by cheap trick cuz they sang the version used for the theme.
caress me down

yeah i only know thirteen, i would like to listen to more, which songs would you recommend(is the best)
The Post War Dream-pink floyd
you really got me-van halen
the combination of all these guys made them so unique(in a good way), they wouldn't sound the same with new people.
What? I like slash more than scott.
i don't want them to break up, but scott keeps hinting that.
drift away-dobie gray
who do you want as their new singer?
what do you think will happen, scott says thet're on their last tour, and slash says it isn't.
it sux, that they might be splitting up.
all my love-zeppelin
born in the usa-springsteen
i want to hold your hand-beatles
free as a bird-beatles
i want to break free-queen
hey hey what can i do-led zeppelin
a day in the life-beatles