I'm Norwegian. Take a guess.
You have to manually set the tempo in cubase using a tempo track.
A two-notes torpedo live filled with your favourite impulses used together with your bugera would give you awesome tone.
Wrong forum, this is supposed to be in GG&A. Anyways, what sort of stuff do you play?
RG1527 BEADGBE. I love my sevens.
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Better call Saul

This. /Thread
Just get yourself some studiomonitors and use your HD500 as an audio-interface. That way you can record as well as not have shit tone.
I myself use a G90 from Line 6. Fantastic unit and I would reccomend one.
This is me onstage.
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Thanks guys xD will I be able to become a good guitarist without a teacher?

Well, you could be able to aspire to a decent level but you'd be making a lot more progress with a teacher to guide you along the way. A teacher would be able to point out bad habits and such in your technique which will help you a lot. Trust me, bad technique once completely implemented in your playing is hell to fix.
I've seen this term on the back of a few mix-consoles. Exactly what is this function and what does it do? Does it have something to do with connecting the DAW and the mixer so they can work together or does it do something else? Here's an example of what I mean. If you look at the back-panel of the mixer down in the lower right corner it has something called a syslink console-expander. Thanks for any help you guys might be able to give me and have a nice day!
On a serious note, yes, I do think the driving age in America should be raised to 18. Just to piss everyone off.
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It's stereo amp, and I don't think it's tube. However, for a stereo amp, it is very good. Don't plug guitar into it; just use it as hi-fi if it works.

Haven't seen that one in ages.

OT: You could always try to open it up and use a vacuum-cleaner. However, take precautions as there are parts in an amp that can kill you. Also, you could try wiping the dusty surfaces with a cloth or something.
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Make multi-track recordings of yrself on audacity, its a lot more rewarding and you'll have a much better working knowledge of theory and production.

At least reccomend that the guy gets himself a copy of Reaper instead of that incredibly shit software that's basically a wannabe DAW.
I'd love to study medicine so when people come into the hospital I can go "Hello! I'm The Doctor!"

On a serious note, I've no idea what I'd like to do. A career in music with my band would be lovely but there are so many bloody options.
I've met John Petrucci and my band shares a rehearsal-space with 1349 which means I've met Frost and Archaeon a couple of times.
Hai gaiz! Today I got myself a cab for my Framus Cobra. It's a Framus Dragon 4x12 and it sounds absolutely ****ing sweet! Clip here, and I'd like to apologize for the shoddy playing :P Have a good one people!
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Sweeping? Tremelo picking? You should be able to pull off those techniques on any guitar you pick up with equal ability, even an acoustic. Anyone who needs a special guitar to pull off certain techniques is most likely not worth shit as a guitarist to begin with. Anyone who's an experienced guitarist should be able to get the basic feel for any guitar simply by holding examination. Other qualities/advantages of the instrument can still be tested with other techniques and other genres aside from shredding metal.

For the record, I AM a metal guitarist, and also utilize the above techniques. And guess what my main workhorse is: Fender Mexican Strat, stock with the exception of the bridge pickup (for obvious reasons).

And yes, I still believe one should make an attempt to limit oneself if they want to avoid looking/sounding like an annoying twat. I certainly do, and I annoy a lot less people by doing so.

If you play metal, save it for your circlejerk sessions with your other metalhead assbuddies. Show consideration to others around you when you're in a guitar shop. As much as you want to think otherwise, the general public has a very low tolerance for metal, and often regard it as shit music.

Yes, but that's bluegrass, something that 90% of people can at least tolerate. I'm talking about metal, which a majority of people can not tolerate.

Yes, YOUR main workhorse is a fender mexican strat, I however, prefer other guitars for my playing-style. You see, I like guitars that makes it comfortable for me to play. If I am to buy a new instrument I am entitled to try it out to see if I like it in terms of tone and playability no matter what you think. Also, it's not like I go to the guitar-store to crank a marshall stack to 11 while I'm play-testing the guitar I'd like to try.

If I, for instance, play tech-death (which I don't, but this is a hypotethical idea). Should I not be allowed to play tech-death to see if I like the way the guitar sounds and feels for that particular genre? It's not like people go "Oh, I play tech-death. I will now see if this guitar pulls it off and makes it comfortable to play tech-death by playing jazz/bluegrass/whatever on it!". Have some common sense dude. Also, thank you for saying that I'm not worth shit as a guitarist to begin with.
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This is funny, because I'm the complete inverse. Instead of trying not to sound bad, I actually intentionally limit myself on what I play and try to take into consideration that there are other people in that store who not only don't give a fuck about your skill, but also DON'T want to here it.

In other words, what I do here is:

•Avoid high speed tremolo picking, because that's just annoying wankery, unless you have a backing track or rhythm progression,

•Avoid sweep arpeggios, because that's often the ultimate indication sign that you're a complete douche who wants to show off,

•Put a limit on heavy riffs I play, because face it: the only people aside from you who enjoy metal (if you play metal) are a few employees, and douchebag teenagers. Playing nonstop chug and speed metal riffs is another big indicator you're a giant douche,

•Last but not least, I glance around occasionally to make sure no one is getting annoyed with me, and if there's someone nearby I'll often ask "I'm sorry am I disturbing you at all?" and occasionally offer to move.

People often tell me that this is all completely unnessacary, and I should just "not care what people think" and that I'm also a customer trying out equipment. But guess what else: those other people, are also customers shopping for equipment, and would most likely prefer not to be annoyed having to hear your shit they don't care about while shopping for what they want.

What if I'm buying a guitar to play metal with? Are you saying I shouldn't be testing wether or not the guitar is suited to my playing style? What if I'm looking for a guitar that makes sweeping and tremolo-picking comfortable for me? Should I not be allowed to sweep, tremolo-pick or play heavy riffs because you think it makes me look douchey? I'll tell you one thing, dude. Your post makes you look douchey. If you don't enjoy metal, tremolo-picking or sweeping, keep your whining to yourself. Have a nice day.
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In the OP you made it sound like you've had it a while and are doing an annual tube swap on it, and tha tup until now you haven't changed the type of tube that the previous owner sold it to you with, you just kept putting KT77's in it.

Oh. I'm terribly sorry for the misunderstanding. English isn't my first language, you see. I've only had the amp for a couple of weeks and I'd like to change it back to "factory-spec", if you will. But I've got my answer and the mods may lock this thread now. Have a nice day, everyone
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You should rebias or at least check the bias every time you change tubes. Those have external bias probe points and adjuster don't they? If so there is no excuse not to.
It reads that you are changing tubes every year. Why? What sort of shit tubes are you running that only last a year?

I've only had this amp for a couple of weeks... The previous owner have driven his tubes pretty hard so right now the tubes are pretty shut, seeing as my amp has started making a shitload of noise and started sounding pretty harsh, even with minimum amount of gain, treble and presence.
Hello UG. Unfortunately, it's the time of the year where I have to swap tubes in my Framus Cobra (it's an FJA-modded 2nd revision Cobra). I'd like to go from KT77s to EL34s, will I have to rebias my amp? The reason I'm asking is because I've read online that KT77s are a direct replacement for EL34s and the previous owner of the amp put KT77s in it. Have a nice day! (ps, I've only had the amp for a couple of weeks )
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I know a lot of people disagree with me.....but to me, the EVH Guitars (Wolfgang or whatever) are ugly as sin. They just seem so visually unbalanced.

I agree with you.

Were there any Mesa Boogie gear?
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Less talk more cats.

I second this notion.
This thread is now about cats.

I love cats.
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To be honest, calling out the 'troll' is one of the worst things you can do. Just ignore them. Simple as that. As a general rule, don't anything anyone says in the Pit too seriously.
I assume you posted this deleted thread in the Pit? That'll why people 'trolled' you. It's the wrong sub-forum.

Also, I joked about my eyeballs bleeding because of you're frankly awful grammar.

Yes, but try to present it clearly and politely. Don't be a dick, basically.

Well. You're not really one to talk about other people having awful grammar.

Unfortunately, I've never really had anything funny happen to me in a guitar shop. I just walk in, buy whatever the hell I would like to buy and then walk out.
Problem found and solved. The trem-springs in the back of the guitar were ringing and causing that annoying little noise so I took care of it with a piece of toilet-paper :P Thanks for all the help guys!
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i think that's feedback, are you using a shit load of gain?

or you'r just not muting all the string completely...

My gain is at 4 on my line 6 POD HD500s recto-model. I mute my strings by holding down my index-finger across all my 7-strings and I'm just hitting my low B and E string in that clip, except when I go to that F#5. I'll try reducing the gain even more to see if that solves my problem.

Edit: It didn't....
Nope. As I tried explaining, this is a ringing noise. I am able to hear the difference between static and ringing :P
There is this sort of ringing after the guitar-chord that sort of sounds like harmonics. Which shouldn't really be there. I'm muting all my strings correctly, I think.
I'm currently having a little problem with my guitar. It makes this annoying noise whenever I'm doing some sort of guitar-chord stab. Clip:

And the question is, what sort of noise is this and how can I fix it? The guitar in question is an Ibanez S7420 equipped with the John Petrucci-pickup set from Dimarzio. Any advice what so ever would be greatly appreciated.
For the settings on the two delay pedals he had one set to about 400ms and the other to about 640ms. Just sayin'
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My god how I want that dual rec...
Get the POD HD500, I highly reccomend it. here's a clip (The pod hd pro and hd500 have the same circuits, besides the obvious floorboard and rackmounted-difference) and here's a clip of it going head to head against the fractal audio axe fx
I reccomend REAPER if you need a free DAW. To be quite honest, Audacity doesn't quite cut it when you want to record and it doesn't have the proper tools, in my opinion to do anything but compile tracks.
Micing the bottom-part of the snare gives you the sound of the wires underneath the drum-skin.
I'd reccomend you to get an audio interface and a shure sm57.
Primary Genre: Some odd sort of symphonic melodeath

Guitar: Ibanez S420 (EADGBE) and Ibanez S7420(BEADGBE), both stock

Rig: At the moment, all I'm using a POD HD500 into my audio interface.

Desired Rig: I'd swap out the POD HD500 with a Mesa boogie triple rec with a dunlop standard crybaby, a maxon 808 with an ISP decimator and a boss DD-7 in the amps fx-loop. Preferably, I'd have some sort of rack to go with that so I could program channel-swapping with effects so I wouldn't have to tap-dance around my pedalboard.
For my guitars, I'd like another Ibanez 7 and put Dimarzio crunchlab7 and liquifire7s in them both.
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Why would you buy a tube amp then use a distortion pedal on it? I used to have the same distortion pedal and after I got used to the ht-5 I never used it again and sold it because the overdrive on the ht-5 just dominates. But whatever floats your boat I guess. This is why you run an overdrive in front of an already overdriven amp. It's called boosting and gives you a shitload of preamp-gain.