My Bloody Valentine
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Specter At The Feast
The Black Angels - Indigo Meadow
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Push The Sky Away
Yes to Tom Waits and The Antlers. Also Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Kills.
My gear: Telecaster, Vox AD50VT, Boss ME-70
Can anyone tell me how to get the tone to The Black Ryders "Grass"?
Any of you know any of the following modern psych bands?

-Christian Bland & The Revelators
-The Black Angels
-The UFO Club
-Psychic Ills
-The Future Primitives
-The Very Wicked
-Wild Eastern Arches
-Dead Skeletons
-The Black Ryder
Have any of you ever gone? Sounds like the perfect festival for psychedelic lovers
"I dress in just jeans and a t-shirt and sometimes wristbands"
uhm...nickelback fan? Not judging, but that is how your clothes sound
Ballistic Blues are from South Africa. You should also check out Shadowclub, Pretty Blue Guns, The Very Wicked and Machineri from South Africa or Band Of Skulls, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club internationally
Haha yes I asked him for more pics, but I doubt I'll take it. Should probably save up for a new amp anyway
Cant seem to find a sattelite that looks like it
It does look similar to the Teisco Vegas 40, but not identical
The UFO Club
Velvet Underground should be the answer to all questions. Listen to "VU & Nico" and you will know the answer
I already know Local Natives. Still not really what I'm looking for, but thank you for the reply
Thank you very much!!

Can anyone help me figure out the chord progression to this? All I know is it starts on D and there's a Bmaj7 in there somewhere
Thanks for the reply! I can see how you think that, but it's still not what I'm looking for. I'm also very interested in the chord progression if someone can help me with that?

Can anyone recommend me some bands with a similar sound?
I live in the Cape Town/ Stellenbosch area in South Africa and the music scene is really exciting. A lot of Indie and Blues but also some very interesting stuff that I've never heard anything like before.
Check out:
Pretty Blue Guns
New Holland
Ashtray Electric
Ballistic Blues
Desmond & The Tutus
Quote by Iluvpowerchords

True, it's from "run run run". But The Velvet Underground are a HUGE influence on the Kills, so it's possible that they named that song (which apears on their debut, keep on your mean side) after the VU lyric? Anyway, they are both amazing bands.
I play in a band with my Vox AD50VT and I have no problem being heard
Dont do it, if they are already taking decisions without you and then not give you a choice of your own songs but forcing you to play theirs its a very bad start.
I'm really getting into indie music, but I'm also very fond of 60's bands, especially The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Can you recommend any indie bands who have obvious elements of those bands in their music?
Fall Out Boy - Infinity On High

"inb4 lots of people claiming they had good music taste when they were 12."

So true
I'm listening pretty in black for the first time now (uncertain times atm). I must say I'm a little dissapointed as I expected more songs with a retro/ surf vibe similar to love in a trashcan, but it might grow on me
Favourite song/ album? Any thoughts on them?
What are your favourite songs from the band Girls?
What are your favourite Girls songs?