Ok is there a way for me to test to see if it is the power tubes? Also is changing power tubes easy aka could I do it by myself?

EDIT: I'm probably gonna take it to a Mesa Boogie recommended repair service near my house, but if it is the power tubes I'm gonna order them ahead of time.
Hey guys, today at practice with my Mark V combo. I notice that it seemed like it was "lacking" in volume, that the amp was getting physically hot to the touch, and that I could even smell a little burning smell. I'm gonna trouble shoot with the amp more tomorrow, but could the tubes possibly be starting to go? I've had the amp for 4 years and haven't changed the tubes (I usually play a practice amp at home because the Mark V is way too loud). Could I have also have been maybe pushing it too hard?
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If you are looking to smooth tapping parts, I would not recommend parallel compression. Parallel compression would not compress all the signal and the louder notes would go through. It would boost lower notes but they would still be weaker. If a serial compressor is used, the loud notes would be compressed to lower volume.

Thank you! I did end up getting the Diamond Compressor. From doing my research it seems like everyone in this genre uses something different, so I think I could be fine with like any compressor pedal haha.
Hey guys,

I've been playing in an math rocky emo band lately (think Six Gallery, Hit Home, Rooftops, etc). A lot of the parts I play involve a lot of tapping and sometimes I feel that all the notes I hit don't really stand out in the mix, so I wanted to get a compressor. My budget is around $200 but I'm willing to spend a little more if it is worth it. I was looking at the Diamond Compressor and the Keeley 4 Knob Compressor. Out of those two, which would you guys recommend? Any other suggestions for pedals?

Here is some of the stuff that we have been doing, I can take this down if it is against the rules or something

Mike Hermans. Really tasty playing and great gear demos.

Matt Churchhill. More tasty playing.

Rob Scallon. Really unique playing and good songwriting.
If we are all self promoting, here is a new single off my band's new album
The guy was pretty good looking. If he actually had a personality he probably would have done well for himself.

They released this song in late 2013 but the album came out in 2014 so it's still considered 2014. Snowmine is fantastic I highly recommend them to anyone. Their first album is also very good.
I play a decent amount of post-rock here are some of my thoughts:

I would personally go with the El Capistan instead of the Timeline. I was looking at getting a Timeline last year and I liked the way the El Capistan sounded better.

I never liked the BlueSky and the Big Sky. I hate the sound of shimmer effects and I feel that although the Strymon has a lot of sounds, I would only end up using 1-2 of the them. I would look into the Wet Stereo Reverb personally.
I have been using a Boss DB-60 for years and it has never failed me.
My Boss TU-3 but if weren't speaking actual effects it has been my MXR Carbon Copy

From the studio a while back, I was experimenting with he RV-5 and TS-9 for different tracks.
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Thanks for the info schecter. I recently tried a rect-o-verb that apparently needed tubes replaced, and the cleans were quite sterile - even in comparison to a Fender SuperSonic 22. the SS totally blew it away.

Ahh I was never a fan of the Rectifiers' cleans. See if you can try out some Lonestars and Mark Vs hopefully they should sound a lot better.
In my opinion, the Lonestar and the Mark V have some of the best Mesa Boogie cleans. The Lonestar has more of than classic Fender clean vibe to it while the Mark V has a more modern Fender clean to it.

The cleans on the Mark V are pretty damn good. They won't be able to nail those Twin Reverb cleans 100% but you can get pretty damn close. When I used the "fat" clean setting in a recording from my old band most of my friends thought I was using a Fender Twin that was in the take that as you wish.
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I dunno if this is a real thing but my friend's dad says a drummer is "in the pocket" to mean that he is keeping perfect rhythm/tempo. We all started saying it too. I'm assuming that this might have been a saying back in the day? Do any of you ever say this? Ever heard it?

Yes I have heard of this term before. Thank you everyone for the suggestions I appreciate it.
Hey guys, I need to write a paper for my Interpersonal Communications about slang terms used among a social community. For my social community I was going to pick musicians.
Some slang terms that I currently have are "break up", "muddy", "sloppy", and "clean" (in terms of playing). What are some other common slang terms used by musicians (I'm blanking out at the moment)? Any help is appreciated.
Mesa Boogie Mark V. You were saying how you don't want an amp that breaks down a lot, Mesa Boogies are reliable as hell. I have had my Mark V for over 3 years and have never had any problems with it (knock on wood). Does a lot of things very well, and has the option to change between 10, 45, and 90 watts. Give it a look.
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Have you recently had new pickups installed? I had this same problem with my guitar cutting out after a guitar tech installed pickups and did a faulty job wiring my pickups. I brought my guitar to a different tech and he wired everything up correctly, now my guitar never cuts out.

Nah both of the guitars are stock but I'll adjust the pickups and see if that helps.

And to jpnyc maybe.
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Are you doing anything that might be wearing out the pickup switch, like kill-swtich tricks? Have you ever dropped these guitars and had them land on the plug? Do you often step on the cable and pop the plug out?

Kill switch tricks no. I haven't dropped these guitars and had them land on the plug. I have stepped on the cable and pulled the cable out if that is what you mean. The guy at the Guitar Center just tighten the input jacks and soldered some wire in my Schecter that was loose.
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It might be dust. Get a can of compressed air and use it to clean out the switches and jacks. Start keeping your guitars in cases if you don’t already.

Also, is all the gear you have tried them with your own?

Ok I'll give this a shot thanks.

And I have tried literally all of my gear as well as the other guitarist in my band's gear.
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So, the same guitars on different amps, using different leads, and different power sources the symptoms stay the same...

Yeah dude I wouldn't be posting here otherwise...just looking for some advice.
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Try a different power outlet.

Thats what I meant by power sources. I have tried different outlets throughout my house and my band's practice space.
Hey guys, recently I have had this weird problem with my gear. Whenever I play my guitars into my rig (or any amp really) they seem to randomly buzz and cut out. I have tried different cables, amps, pedals, and power sources but my two guitars still seem to cut out. I even took my Telecaster and my C-1 Classic to a Guitar Center to have them looked at and the guy said that he couldn't find anything wrong with them. Help?
Hey guys, recently I've been learning a lot of This Town Needs Guns songs. For me, fretting the notes isn't the problem for me it's the finger picking. Are there any good exercises that I can practice to help improve my overall finger picking technique?

What is a good asking price for a DL4 with the adapter? I'm asking $160 but no one is bitting.
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Dude, thank you! Means a lot that you checked it out. Honestly, those recordings are a timeline of all the gear I've gone though over the course of like... at least 5 years haha. On the most recent album I used only the El Cap and a Wet reverb in conjunction with Space Designer in Logic Pro and Soundtoys Echoboy. Sometimes I miced my amp and sometimes I went DI with amplitube. Maybe some chorus in Logic as well. Prior to that, it's a huge list of effects I used to own. If you're curious about the sounds on a specific recording, I can try to retrace my steps.

Ok awesome man. I'm trying to start recording some of my own stuff, but I honestly have no idea what I'm doing. Trying to record some stuff with Garage Band with my iRig adapter with my board and it just sounds God awful.
Hey John I was listening to Ember Wreath... very nicely done. What was your board setup for the recordings?
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Was he an engineer? Or a dude with stuff? Big difference. :p

I don't want to start dropping names but it was a decently well known studio in my area and the guy does have a degree in audio engineering. But it is apart of this local company that is more well know for making TV commercials and other forms of advertising.

EDIT: I was able to get really good sounding cleans out of my Mark Vs in the recordings it was the gainy tones he didn't like.
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If your engineer is getting better tones out of an 11 Rack than a Mark V, you need a new engineer.

Hhahaha I even connected the combo into a 4x12 Marshall cab for more balls. I might not have the greatest ear for tone but I thought it sounded good to me.
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Hey, I see that you have a Mark V (or the footswitch at least, lol) how do you like it? I was thinking of buying one, but I was wondering what everybody thought of them.

Deadly pedalboard by the way.

Hey thanks man. You were the guy that posted the thread about getting either the Mark IV or V correct? I have my love hate relationships with my Mark V (every 2 months I have a period where I feel like selling it off for a vintage Fender Twin or a MB Lonestar) but overall I know that if I sold it I would dearly miss it. The Fat clean is pretty nice sounding (very modern sounding as well) not as good as a Fender Twin but still very good IMO. You can totally get some killer post rock tones out of it. I barely touch channel 3 except for sometimes where I use the Mark IIC+ mode for a mid gainy pop punk kind of tone. Channel 2 is fantastic I pretty much only use the Crunch mode for a "JCM800 with a Mesa Boogie voice" kind of tone. It's a great feeling knowing that I could walk into just about any band situation with the Mark V and know that I would be covered tonewise.

I have been tracking an album in the studio with this band I have been filling in for (pop rock), but sadly the Mark V wasn't used a lot on it (some of the fact being that half of the album was recorded before I was even in the picture). The audio engineer I was working with didn't like how the Mark V gain tones sounded. He said it didn't sound warm enough and was ice picky at sound points. I messed around with some settings for a little bit but gave up cause I didn't want to waste anymore time (we have a fairly limited budget). I ended up using an Eleven Rack for some solos and overdubs paired with the BB Preamp and it sounded alright. Maybe the tubes are just going in my Mark V?
Update: I guess my friend already just bought it. He got some form of protection plan with it so he should be covered. Thanks for the help guys.
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Peavey Valveking 1x12 $199-$299
Peavey Classic 30 $299
Fender Blues Jr $279

I found all of these at GC's used site. The V22 is not a bad amp and it is one of the more reliable Bugera amps made, but these are worth a look also

Hey I appreciate the recommendations but none of those are in my area. My friend (as well as myself) want to be able to try them out before we buy.

And to the poster above me thanks for the heads up. My friend has a few overdrive pedals (Custom Badass OD and a TS-9) so he should be able to make it work.
I would have him go for the Classic 30 but there are none used in the area. I was trying to get him to get this Traynor YCV40 for $400 but he said it was too much out of his budget (he said like $300 max).
Hey guys, I'm helping my one friend find an amp and I came across a Bugera V22. The amp sounds pretty good from the demos I heard online and fits when he needs (a nice clean channel, channel switching, good with pedals, gigable, he plays pop rock so nothing very heavy). My only concern is how reliable is the V22? He was going to buy it used from Guitar Center for $250 and I just wanted some second opinions. I was probably going to go with him to check it out.

EDIT: Please stop recommending other stuff. Although I do appreciate it, I'm asking about the reliability of the Bugera V22.

Update: I guess my friend already just bought it. He got some form of protection plan with it so he should be covered. Thanks for the help guys.
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Holy crap man. I have a boss tuner, tubescreamer, el cap, carbon copy, and stereo wet!

Bias aside, that's a sweet board. Have you ever used a board without the power strip and stuff before? And if so, is it more convenient to have it all on the board? I'm just curious.

Nah the SKB is the only board I have ever owned. I really like how with the cover on its really protected and such, pretty easy to carry around. I have been considering picking up a mini Pedaltrain to mess around with.
As everyone is posting their boards, here is my half ass board.

The RV-5 and TS-9 were just chilling on the side. I was experimenting with them on different parts in the studio.
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I'll have to admit, I'm not exactly sure what sound I'm going for. Most of what I play is original material. I love post-rock, Minus the Bear, Scale the Summit, Russian Circles, Opeth, and post-hardcore apparently. (Just discovered Underoath last week, and enjoyed a full concert of theirs.)

The versatility potential of the V is what piqued my interest. I am willing to spend cash on buying another amp that will make me not want to buy another amp for a long time.

I would look more towards the Mark V then, the cleans are better than the IV (IMO). You might even want to check out the Lonestar. Dave from Minus the Bear uses a Lonestar and it's cleans are better than the V. It has a decent amount of gain on tap but you'll def need an overdrive pedal for the heavy stuff.
My Wet Stereo Reverb finally came in last week and I must say the El Cap + Wet Stereo is one hell of a combo
I don't know if you're willing to save up a bit more money, but I would defiantly recommend the Wet Stereo Reverb. I always loved TWDY's tones and I find that I can get their kind of vibe going really well with the Wet. You might even want to look into a used Boss RV-5, the modulate setting is really commonly heard on a lot of 3rd wave post rock music.
The combo is going to sound a little boxier than the head+cab. But if you connect the combo to the same cab to you were planning on using for the head, its going to sound the same.

I'm not too sure about the European prices of Mark IVs, but down the line you can convert the combo into a head if you really can buy headshells from Mesa.