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You guys would do well to sit down, shut the **** up and listen to what Catharsis has to say.


Because he's the guy making money recording bands, not you.
Why? Because he knows what he's talking about.

Seriously you guys.

Quit posting on this ****ty forum and ship me your 5150 II already,

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Calm down and quit being a condescending prick, your methods and tone(muddy wet farts ^) isnt for everyone.

No, just for people smart enough not to buy a ****ty JCM 900.

5150 through a 1977 Gibson SG (with ****ty stock pickups and the neck has been broken in two places throughout it's life) and Line 6 Toneport UX2.

What was this I heard about some smartass little **** calling the 5150 muddy?

EDIT: This is using 'Catharsis method'. Which coincidentally is recording properly.
Another dimwitted piece of **** nobody guitarist buying another ****ty line 6 amp.

Just whipped this up on the 2nd, thought it sounded cool and it's fun as HELL to play on 1.25x speed, but here you guys go, I'll crit if you crit mine!



Lead Channel, Pregain on 6, Low 8, Mid 6, High 8.5, Post 0.5 (>_< apartment), Presence 8.1

Think it sounds pretty good as far as webcam mics/bedroom volumes without an attenuator go. Mainly made this to show off a little bit :P

Let me know what you think, UGers!

¯\(°_o)/¯ How do shred?
Only one amp you will EVER need.

That would be the Peavey 5150.

Endless amounts of gain, and that middy metal ****ing bark for MILES.. What I did when I first got my 5150, I said to my buddy; Hey, Mike.. Watch this. I can turn all of the knobs randomly and still get a good tone.

I still can.
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You know nothing about electro-magnetism do you?

He tries.
Let me know what you guys think!

Worked pretty hard on this, the girlfriends' doing keys, me on all guitars.

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I'm thinking of ordering this guitar but I have no way of trying out one. Anyone else messed with caparison guitars? How do they stack up against anything else? I'm also in America so I'm guessing I'll have to pay a huge shipping price?

Where's the pickup selector? O_o
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I can walk through Guitar Center and get bored in 5 minutes. I dunno about you guys, but I get tired of seeing 38 different Les Pauls and a whole wall of Strats.

I wish they would carry something interesting for once...

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Get a Hotrod XD amp, or whatever they're called, I played one at GC the other day and it ****ing blew me AWAY.
Evolution Neck, F spaced
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An instrumental guitar piece about a Crucifiction.

I CAN play this, I've been playing for about 2-3 years. Comment, please.

"I CAN play this"

Would you like a medal? This ****ing sucks, BIGtime. Not to mention you didn't show any absolute proof that you could. You're just another 13 year old tabbing out really fast random notes and posting them on forums looking for some sort of accreditation to accommodate your lack of skill doing the only thing you THINK you're good at.

Die, you ****ing fail at guitar/muzakz.
Bump for good measure, critted you guys back
Pretty damn good man, definately have potential. Try to work on the guitar tone a little bit, and some of the music phrasing/direction. Other than that, it's definately pretty good, I'd like to hear it over more backing tracks, reminds me of old school Zelda/Castlevania games. Good job!
Sounds DAMN good man, I really like the atmospheric feel to it! Vocals are fine, they fit perfectly with the type of music/song you wrote. Good job, keep it up!
Love your vibrato, and your phrasing, but good lord man for this track lay off the delay! Otherwise it's pretty damn skillful
Updated! Added a little shred, ****ed with production, and added a bit of drums!

Really, really, really enjoyed Schmutzige Musik. Badass, catchy, fun track to do a lead/shred/funk riff over.

Not too repetetive at all for what it is, either.

Headlights won't load for me
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people who complain about shredding 'cause they can't

+1, stfu everybody who bitches about people who shred.
Bump, technically it's tomorrow ;D
Perhaps a new guitar, might even throw in my Ibanez RG3EXFM1 in with the amp. Kind of looking for a kelly, or something of the sort. What do you have?
Preferring to trade it, gimme an offer!
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up for a $2000 amp with the word boner on it

**** YES XD
Would you perhaps be interested in an Ibanez RG3EXFM1 + Peavey Vypyr 30W for the Kelly? Let me know bud

Crit for crit? Really enjoyed working on this one, I think it's really catchy =D

Made it SEMI repetitive because it builds the audience up live.

All tracks done by me
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Have any of you tried the tempest blackjack? It looks like a kewl guitar but I'm not too sure about its neck and fret sizes. Could any of you tell me how its neck is?

Well it's a decent guita-


*looks at signature*

*proceeds to stab in the face over and over with an Ibanez headstock*
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First one that pops to mind when given the words "Girl" and "Guitar".

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Yea, they're superior to guitars.

+1 to you

-1 to ugly chick even trying to play a man's instrument
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Toneport, seeing as you have that Crate for an amp..
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ive had quite a few over the years.

about a two months ago my GF was being paranoid and got Plan-B but she forgot to take and when it came time for her period to come around she was a little over a week late. i was shaking in my space boots. but like three weeks ago we were out of condoms and she was like whatever f*ck it i have Plan-B. so we just had mass unprotected sex the whole night.

**** the bullshit sex isn't even worth it without a condom.

Just get Plan-B