By the way, it's just "You Really Got Me
i dont know-ozzy
good song by the way ill leave and i think your right
oh you really got me now-kinks
the london bridge is falling down-mother goose
banned bcause hate is a strong word
what the hell i plead unguilty but if you check back with me it be guitly

everkicked a dog

ever lit a fart
mastering the sweep its prettty sweet though i looked liked an asshole when i sucked at it
banned because its a good idea id wish i know how to do that
hell no

ever had made a fool of yourself near a large crowd
banned because i already have
banned for making me say damn she got me
banned because you made it so i have nothing to say
banned because your on every single thread im on for some reason
banned because you didnt tell me that
o3eb s4-p0p0-43lin(my attempt at spelling led zeppelin i swear to god)
opeh(not as funny)
mjettallica okld stuff (metallicas old stuff)
banned because 91 one is an odd number

anyone lit a fart and burned the carpet
im from cape coma its pretty boring we have 3 guitar stores
guitar center small
real guitars really small
brents nice but to damn far away
we have a gang problem not to many wiggers its actually not bad
6/10 created the thread
tell me if these had been used before

whats he differents between a bench and a black guy
a bench can support a family

whats worse than tying ten babies to 1 tree
tying 1 babie to 10 trees

whats the difference between clay and a jewish guy
clay doesnt scream when you put it in the oven
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I had, and I will have for probably the whole rest of my life because I'm a lesbian. Anyways, there's nothing wrong in having experiences with people of the same gender, I don't get why some people think homosexual experiences are disgusting.
no i dont think its disgusting i was trying to make it clear that im not gay so people didnt make asshle remarks
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Did you go to elementary school? The plural of "story" is "stories."

shutup the pit isnt made to for people to spell correctly
ride the lightning or presence
ride the lightning or presence
i know many animals that are total bitches and i know there are many others so i want to hear your crazy animal story

mine is my aunts cat has bit so hard shes drawn blood on many ocassions(fine i know its not thay crazy but still its all i have)
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no im eally not meant to write and most likely never will
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Hey man why don't you remember last night?
almost forgot
this isnt a gay bash by the way
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Awwww, I read the thread title and thought there was a Jimi Hendrix Experience tribute band consisting of all gays. This has been disappointing.

wow i wish it was a gay hendrix band but unfortanetly not
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Songs turning into gay inneundos? OK!

Enter A Man - Metallica
Best of Poo - Foo Fighters
make up more these mae me laugh
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He already has, just need to find out where he lives

i met him last night but i cant call him yet you know the 3 day rule
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Has no one on this site been to prison? I expected more posts like that.
same here
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what about when you've gone to turn around quickly and someone was standing close and your hand wacks there penis,nothing makes me feel more gay than that

i feel your pain
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Yeah your dad gave me a gay experiance

i bet he did
im wondering has anyone on ug ever had a gay experiance just wondering
p.s i have never had and never will
im currently working on a tab for ride the lightning and it SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
i want hear your storys about making the tab and storys about rejections
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O alright i was freaking fliping out like wtf? i never new there was a fret 0 lol
how long have youve been playng guitar (just wondering)
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yeah , its probly a typo

yeah stupid named nathaniel they already agreed it was a typo