Stories about success are interesting and fill us with desire and hopes..
This story is not about success but it is about four addicts who cannot help themselves. It's about music addiction..

The band is about to release their debut record "RUN". Here are the first two singles "Sunrise" & "Running out"
hehe.. I had a few drinks that night, noticed the neck thing too, was a bit shocked when i saw the video didn't thought it would look that goofy at the time we were playing..
Hey Mates!
This is a video from our 9th show. The Singer and Drummer are both very experienced. I know that I look often silly on stage but I do my best not to look dull.

I'm looking for opinions on Performance, Stage Presence, Song Writing, etc.

would be very helpful! Thanks
@ W4RP1G: tell me some other options.

if you see me playing the guitar, it's not a big deal, you can't notice it. But if you hold it in your's really nasty
Hey guys. I got this ugly crack and don't know what to do. Should i Duct tape it or not? or is there any other solution?

I really like the vocals and feeling during the songs! Added you on soundcloud. Keep it up!
The ending theme:
Main melody from 0:44 - 1:14min

Played the GameBoy game when I was 11 years old. The ending theme fills me up with joy everythime I hear it and reminds me of old, simpler times.. I would be very grateful if someone could tab the main melody
Here ya go:
Feel free to like the page.. Don't worry I will like you or you're band's page back with my private profile so NO NEED to post stuff like "found you guys on UG so check out my stuff"
Hey mate! First of thanks for listening to my music I think you should definitely harmonize the lead synth! I like the guitar tone but drums could be a little louder (snare mainly). I think it has a good vibe, the ending is really sweet. The synth reminds me a little bit of some older Enter Shikari tones. I think you should think about adding some vocals and try writing some more songs.
Hey mate! let's start with Somewhere Out There: I like the 80es vibe of the song. Great synth tones. I can hear a Depeche Mode influence. I like how the intro of Imposter builds, but i think you could use a better snare sound. The vocals have some kind of a psychedelic feel to them. Liking the "dieses spiele können auch zwei spielen" line.
Hey mate. First off I like your tone and riffs, reminds me a lot of the Metallica tone, used on Load and Re-Load (love that tone!). The tune has a stoner rock feel to it and a nice flow. It's just great how the intro riff starts again at 2min. Would be pretty cool to add a rhythm guitar track to the solo part. Real drums would put everything to a new level. Greetings from Slovenia, keep it up!
First of all, I want to thank you to reviewing my music!

The first time I heard What's Worth? I noticed a little click-noise. I thought it was the guitar making fret noise, but after hearing the song with headphones I noticed it's the bass making the sound. Doesn't bother me at all, but you notice it. I really love the tone of the keyboard (so dream-like) and the little bass-fill licks (is that a muff-bass solo around 2:40? it's great!). Are you using percussion in the chorus? I can hear a mini-rhythm section. I think some cymbals at some parts would add a lot.
Watcher Watched is great! It reminds me of the 70es and could easily be a theme song; funky with psychedelic feel to it from the vocals. I like how the dynamic changes around 1:40min and starts again with the funky guitar intro. The drums could be a little bit louder, maybe it's just me. I like the reverse delay sounds at the end, you could even add some keyboards to the end. Otherwise..I really liked it! Greetings from Slovenia.
From the beginning the two guitar tracks sound good and give the song a very cool drive. Liking the riff at 2min and the clean ending, it sounds nice and changes the atmosphere; but it would be really nice to hear the first riffs again, before the song ends Drums don't sound bad, but it could use more bass guitar. I think it would work pretty cool with scream and sung vocals.

Hey mate. The vocals sounds almost like Zakk Wylde feat. Layne Staley. Really liking the chorus, the first solo and songwriting. not bad

don't get a distortion.. get a fuzz
hmm i like the DIY Echo Base pedals. but if you ask me

carbon copy < DD-7

try a memory man, or memory boy or a memory toy by electro harmonix
well I'm from Slovenia...when I started playing back in 2004 one pick was around 15-25cents (before the euro came) The price for one now is around 1€......for a piece of plastic..
Try to get a Dr. Boogie somewhere. Great pedal
If you got problems with pedalboard space...

I only got experience with the mixers and guitar pedals (keep away from the plastic pedals... ) and's not like they sound bad..they just break down on you. You will get the same thing for the half of the price.. but it will break down on you quicker then the real stuff.
it's about the MY WHOLE chain. not only about the dist/od pedals
Yes, it's true. But this answer doesn't help a lot
Hello everybody, just a quick question.

Tuner -> Phase 90 -> Dr. Boogiey distortion -> Blue box -> Octaver Chorus -> Delay -> amp

Now i'm getting a Fuzz Factory.where should i put it? I like the Phaser at the beginning (sound too much after the boogiey) and the the distortion sound getting a clean octave up from the octaver. What would be the most logical setup?

Thank you too everyone who wrote a critique!

Still will be doing C4C if someone else will reply.

Indie Fire: Well yes, the guitars got octave down and the bass is octave up with a sub octave at some parts. We got already 9 other songs written, we only need to get the time to record them, so there will be more sooner or latter.
Rise and shine...I really like the Lead tone and the break before the verse. The vocals have such a 70es feel (just my opinion, not a bad thing) almost like Ozzy. The build up at 1:05min is very good..but i think it a bit overlong before the chorus and the main riff comes in again. Was hopping for a solo at 3:10min but then still got a pretty cool one at the end. Liking the playing. Sound is good..I only would make the bass a little more audible on this song. Operation: Deduction: Great intro with, the lead is awesome. dark sounding verse, but it lights up pretty quick..damn, i really dig the vocals...I really was thinking it was Ozzy in the chorus. I Like how the drums build uf the secound verse. alot better the the first song. On Her own: Punk rock feel.I noticed some parts like 1:31-1:33min..It sound like the drummer would miss the beat. I think this sound really needs a big lead part

Thank you for checking out my music Greetings from Slovenia.
Bad: The intro sounds raw but when the vocals come in it lights up. i usually don't like female singers (don't know why ) but her voice is really, really good. like she is singing right into my ear. are you using acoustic bass? it's a sweet bass line. some percussion would fit really well. the solo part fits very well.
Exclusion : i like the intro and how everything builds up. 3:23 is my favorite part
Ghost's intro sounds so serious.. like somethings about to happen..that's a good thing. after the 4. minute it gets really dramatic..i like the atmosphere which is created with the guitars. Closer: most chilling song yet. i like how you added the piano.the chorus is really beautiful and heartfelt
i enjoy the two rhythms that the guitars play in What Lies Beneath and how they work. great chord progression. I love how she sings sound really like she means it. "tell me you love me..". best lead here, like you phrasing. I liked the vocals the most in A New Day after the 45. second. and again some piano in the background. Enjoying this tune the most!

Thank you, for your time and checking out my music greetings from Slovenia.
hello mate Which is Your Way: It has this new-wave-80es synth sound. I dig it. could even use more layers of synth..the bass and drums sound cool and i really liked the modulation solo. The tone of your voice is interesting would liked to hear more of it at the end of the song.

I wanna see you: the drums remind me of nine inch nails. dreamy vocals, like some sort of chino moreno..what effects do you use? try even some more modulation. 1:21 is a very cool stuff going around. i really enjoyed the guitar and instrumental parts at the end...maybe make it a fade-out?

Really liking the voice! Good build from verse to chorus. Diggin' the guitar, the lead tone is awesome. It has everything a good song needs to have; structure, progression, soul etc. etc. Really liking the part from 1:10 until the end of the Chorus. Haunting vocals before the solo starts. The production drags a little bit on the song. Drums could sound more dynamic (more definition on bass and snare drum). Otherwise two thumbs up.

Very chilling tune. I think you should add some percussion (whatever you think is right). I think it would fit the music very well. Even if you would put a sample of the ocean in the would sound really nice. It's got such a beach vibe. Would love to hear the track when it's done. It works well for a song idea, try figuring out some other instrument arrangements.

The reverb vocals sound very Psychedelic. Chilling acoustic..I like how the bells come in and bring their own melody to it. Didn't really noticed that I was already listening to the whole thing at first. The wave samples make the songs come together really nicely. She's a Sailor/Drone ~maybe add some drum rolls at 1minute and on..that would be really cool. Very laid back music. Liking the feel of it. Could be a bit longer.

Hello mates. Just recorder a 3 song demo with my band on our own. 4 Microphones for drums, Bass recorded direct, Guitar with Vox AC30 and 2 mics. Mixed in Nuendo 4.
Hypnotize, Orders, Down the Road- Would love C4C.

I must say i really enjoyed it. The part at 1:55min and on is really great. Your playing has a lot of depth, you can feel that.

I was in the same situation. Give him a chance, show him what do you want, what your goals are, what your favorite bands/singers are. Work together for a while and time will tell..
I think my Hughes & kettner dead for good.

Come on UG. Anyone know enything about Kustom amps?
Hey folks. My Hughes & Kettner Edition Blue 60R broke down after almost 3 years of playing. So I need to get a new amp. My budget is pretty small, so I was thinking about this amp:

I like the fact that I get 100 watts and 2x12" speakers. (playing live with two bands) I'm pretty sure that the distortion is not that good. But I get my main tone from my pedals and as long the clean channel is alright, I'm happy with it.

So what to you think about it?
Boss MD2 Mega Distortion is a really bad pedal for the money you pay. I know it, I owned one. Sounds very un-natural..
Open your eyes
Down to My Last
Rise Today
Ties That Bind
One By One

and check out the Kashmir cover.
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^ I believe the Dr. Boogie is a Dual rec in a pedal IIRC.
Bingo! And the "Ice Cream Delay" is a Echo Base
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Never seen any of those. Who does the white and blue pedal? I'm assuming it's a fuzz.

Yeah, you're right Blue Box clone

Here we go! Pretty simple..but i love it